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Coronavirus for Floxies

Dear <<First Name>>,

The coronavirus, the pandemic that's sweeping across the world, killing thousands and moving quickly, is in my area.

Yup. It's spreading quickly across Upstate NY's Capital Region. Am I scared? Of course. Am I taking action? Yep.

When it comes to being floxed, many floxies are immunocompromised. Many have permanent damage to organs or entire organ systems. Many have developed autoimmune disorders after being floxed that also puts them at risk. Of course as a floxie I am at risk of dying from this thing and that's scary.

It's also upsetting to see people claim that it's all a hoax or that they "don't care" because it "doesn't affect them." Even if you are not floxed or you are not at a high risk, you are still at risk of carrying the virus to a loved one who may not be as well off. For example, my mom has multiple chronic illnesses, one of which includes Type 1 Diabetes. My grandmother also has Diabetes (Type 2) and Dementia. Passing COVID-19 to either of those people could mean the ends of their lives. It's nothing to shrug off.

I think panicking is necessary - or maybe not panicking, but at least planning effectively. In order to plan for this, I have elected to work from home starting next week and we have cancelled our in-person Kickstarter launch party.

I think having an epic pandemic sweep the Earth is very similar to getting floxed. Here are a few similarities:

1. A look at the medical system: After getting floxed, it was easier for me to see where the medical field can improve. With this virus, it's the same.

2. Worrying about money: This virus may be the reason many people lose days of work aka lose income, and potentially lose their jobs. Many floxies lost their jobs upon getting floxed.

3. Staying at home: Although keeping others from getting sick is not the same as staying at home because you can't walk, I remember laying in bed for months on end. Not fun.

We're still questioning whether we should move forward with a Kickstarter launch on March 30th, but we will definitely keep you guys in the loop. We don't want to add something else onto everyone's plate right now and we want to make sure everyone is healthy/safe.

For now, here are some herbalism tips for getting through this crazy time:

Natural anti-virals:
+ oregano oil
+ garlic (the active antiviral component is "allicin," which you can only activate from raw garlic cloves. Crush and wait 15 minutes before eating for full benefits) - This is worse than taking a shot of whiskey and it makes your skin smell like garlic, too.
+ wooly lamb's ear

Natural immune boosters:
+ echinacea (herb pharm has really good tinctures)
+ goldenseal
+ horseradish
+ elderberry
+ zinc

Have a great weekend and stay safe!


Floxie, Director, and Producer of 'Floxed'
#nonewfloxies #floxeddoc

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