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True Valentine's Day Spirit

Dear <<First Name>>,

Happy Valentine's Day, all - or not. According to some statistics, more suicides occur on Valentine's Day than any other holiday. Some call it "Singles Awareness Day." Whether you are single or in a relationship on this day, I hope you can avoid feeling this weird Valentine's Day blues. A "stupid" holiday shouldn't bring you down - or is it stupid at all?

Friends, I was raised Catholic. I don't talk about it a lot because it's mostly irrelevant to my life today unless I run into someone who also wore a uniform and went to Catholic school for at least 10 years - in which case we go over how we are essentially siblings because we were raised the same. I have nothing against Catholicism although I admit that I do not practice it today. However, I do know a lot about it and it is close to my heart. Reading The Bible 5 times from front to back and going to Mass just about every day of your childhood and teen years does that to a person.

Valentine's Day is a Catholic holiday. I know this because when I was getting confirmed,* I chose Valentine as my confirmation name.** So, yes, St. Valentine was a saint and Valentine's Day is his holiday. The story behind St. Valentine is why I chose the name and why I adore him (he is most definitely my favorite saint).

Here it goes: Once upon a time, marriage was illegal - that is, marriage between anyone at all regardless of who you are. I'm not sure why it was illegal, but it was something that the government had decided. Valentine was a priest and he thought this new law was stupid (I agree), so he decided to marry people anyway. He believed that if people wanted to get married, they should be able to, and he could provide that service. When the government found out, they killed him by cutting off his head.

I thought that was pretty cool. Not only did he also made a blind person see again (if you don't believe me, type this into google right now), but he fought for what he believed in even if he had to risk his own life to do so. At the ripe young age of 16, I promised myself that I would walk in the footsteps of Saint Valentine. I would fight for what I believe in, for what is right, even if that puts me in harm's way.

This documentary is a big deal. It has taken a lot of my own hard-earned money and time, plus a bit of my sanity, but this is what I believe in. I am to Floxed like what Valentine was to marriage. I think that it's very important. It's something to fight for.

Thankfully, making documentaries isn't illegal and people don't get beheaded anymore - at least not legally in the USA, so making this film isn't as much of a risk.

However, I want to bring the true meaning of Valentine's Day back into the holiday. This is a holiday for activism. It's a holiday for doing what is right, for fighting for what you believe in. Don't let it be "Single's Awareness Day...." and if you are single, head on over to Hooter's. I heard that they're giving out free wings for those of you without significant others.

Have a great weekend!


Floxie, Director, and Producer of 'Floxed'
#nonewfloxies #floxeddoc

*Confirmation is a Catholic Sacrament (basically like a very important life event - Baptisms and Weddings are also Sacraments) in which you "confirm" your faith after months of study with some other similarly-aged friends from your parish (aka your "home church")
**When you get confirmed, you get a second middle name. It must be a Christian name, normally after a saint. Mine is Valentine, after Saint Valentine, but I pronounce it "Valenteen."
P.S. This is not a Hooter's ad - someone just told me this over lunch and I am ALL ABOUT free food.

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