A Letter from the Director

Dear Supporters,

I cannot believe that it is now over three years since I took over from Arnold Page as Director of Chile for Christ. When Arnold was ready to step down a number of people joined the team and Arnold’s workload was shared out. I took on the job of holding things together, which to be quite honest was outside my comfort zone. However, times are changing and it is time I took another step further outside my comfort zone and, with God’s help, I will. Consequently, I am writing not only this introduction but the whole newsletter. In the eyes of our grandchildren I probably qualify as being too old to be trusted with anything more than pen and paper, so it may not look as trendy as Danielle’s! This has been a year of turmoil for all of us and my first newsletter will outline some of the changes that are taking place with our partners in Chile and within our own team.

Even in these difficult times may you know the Peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ and his healing touch if you have experienced the loss of anyone close to you during this pandemic.

Pob bendith,
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Changes in the management team of Chile for Christ

First of all I would like to thank Danielle using a Welsh phrase “Diolch o’r Galon” which means “Thanks from the heart”. Danielle has worked wonderfully as our communications officer and also produced the newsletters. Danielle is our resident Spanish speaker, which is extremely useful as a number of our contacts do not speak English. But Jehovah Jireh has wonderfully provided Emily who is at university studying Spanish. A few years ago we made a small donation to enable Emily to take a year in Chile working with Project Trust. Perhaps she will be able to offer a contribution to the next newsletter to tell you something about her time in Chile. We had done the same for Danielle many years earlier and she subsequently joined us. We welcome Emily as Danielle steps down to concentrate on her new post as a teacher. (I know from personal experience how hard the first few years in teaching are, and the problems must be far greater in the current climate). We welcome Danielle to any of our meeting which she is able to attend as even without constantly thinking about the work of the charity we are happy to have her responses to our discussions.

Geraldine, our faithful minutes’ secretary, has been wishing to stand down for two years now. She has patiently continued but now her granddaughter, Abi, is able to join us and is willing to take over that role. Welcome, Abi and Diolch o’r Galon, Geraldine. Geraldine will continue alongside Abi until Geraldine’s birthday next March.
Emily and Abi

So, still including our sleeping partner Danielle and our snoozing partner Geraldine we have, Danielle, Geraldine, Philip (treasurer), Keith (Assistant treasurer), Simon (website manager), Abi (new secretary), Emily (Spanish speaker) and myself, Brenda.

Please pray for the team and specifically that we may know God’s leading.

News from Ronny Pulgar (Punta Arenas)

Sadly, Pastor Ronny Pulgar and his whole family have had Covid-19. It would appear that the majority of them have recovered although Betty, Ronny’s wife, is having to care for her elderly father, who is part of the family. Since Betty has to dress in PPE when she is attending to her father I am unsure as to how well he is. It is necessary for Betty to buy her own PPE so we are sending £50 from our funds to support that.
As you can see above, the church in Punta Arenas has moved on-line with many Zoom meetings. The photos show a whole Sunday Service meeting with Pastor Ronny in the white Priest’s collar, part of the children’s bible study, and a women’s meeting. Safeguarding prevents us seeing the whole meeting but please note the use of mobile phones rather than computers. I am pleased to report that, because of a generous donation from one of our supporters, we are able to send £100 to buy bibles for this group.
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News from Rodrigo (Osorno)

Rodrigo is the son-in-law of Pastor Miguel who is the minister of the church in Jardin del Sol in a region of Osorno. Communication comes through Rodrigo and he has sent to us a brochure about a retirement/retreat  home that Pastor Miguel is hoping to build. The home will be quite close to Osorno so Miguel and Ana can move freely to and from the retreat home. There will be two guest rooms, so 4 or 5 guests can come at the same time for a rest and retreat to be served by Miguel and Ana. The guests will be retired clergy and those nearing retirement and the idea is to recognise and thank them for their years of service to God.

Since I visited Chile with Arnold Page both Rodrigo and Pastor Miguel and Ana have moved. Pastor Miguel and Ana now live in a flat above the church meeting rooms along with their daughter and grandson. Rodrigo and his wife have moved out from central Osorno to a new home. These are shown below. I have no report of the Covid-19 situation in Osorno and I believe that it is not possible for Pastor Miguel to meet with members of his church congregation.

Good News from Valparaíso

Our dear friend, Paula, who lives in Valparaíso, has helped us so much with communication with Pastor Canipane. The pastor’s church and home was destroyed by fire and the local authority has built a new home for him. Over a year ago Chile for Christ received donations to help re-build the church. One particular donation was specifically as a gift for Pastor Canipane himself. Sadly our poor treasurer has been battling with the international banking systems of transferring money for over a year.  We are delighted to announce that the personal gift to Pastor Canipane has been received by him. Now the money for the rebuilding of the church can be sent. Praise God for overcoming the forces that were working against us.

News from the Bergmanns

The work of Gerd Bergmann in Pichilemu has changed, first because of the political unrest and then Covid-19. Gerd and family were called back to Germany and their ministry is being conducted from there on-line. They are doing remarkably well supporting Pastors in Calama, Santiago, Pichilemu, Concepción, Rancagua, Temuco, Chillan and Vina Del Mar. Their living costs are much higher in Germany so life is difficult for them. Their house in Pichilemu will not be sold because post-covid it is hoped that Gerd will be able to have a travelling ministry while remaining based in Germany. Unfortunately this means that we do not have anyone “on the ground” in Chile who can alert us to changing situations in Chile. It is all too easy to assume that “no news is good news”.

Possible Expansion of our Work

Through Danielle, our previous communications officer, we have contact now with a missionary family who are working through Latin Link who may be our new “man on the ground”. We hope to be able to offer some help to this family and join in with their work in Temuco. There will be more news in the New Year.

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Arnold Page - Author

Since Arnold Page retired from his work as Director of Chile for Christ, he has become a prolific author. He has made a wonderful offer of a donation of a percentage of the revenue from the sale of his books to Chile for Christ. We thank him for his kind offer. Perhaps you would like to look at and see whether you would like to buy one of his books for yourself or as a present for someone.
For Your Prayers
We give thanks for:
  • The recovery of Ronny Pulgar and his family from Covid-19
  • The continuation of church services and ministry to children, young people and women’s groups via Zoom during the pandemic
  • The prayers and financial contributions of the supporters of Chile for Christ.
  • The work that Danielle has done for Chile for Christ during the previous 3 Years
  • The two younger people, Abi and Emily, who have recently joined the Chile for Christ team
Please continue to uphold in prayer:
  • Gerd and Rosi Bergmann and family, now back in Germany, that their on-line ministry will continue to expand in many areas of Chile and support and strengthen the faith and witness of many more Chilean pastors
  • That the support base of Chile for Christ will grow
  • For God’s guidance in the plans to build a retreat centre for retiring pastors near Osorno
  • That all the people in Chile supported by Chile for Christ will grow in their faith and witness as they share the good news of God’s redeeming love in Jesus.
  • That Danielle will find her new post as a teacher enjoyable and satisfying.
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