Summer has come... and so has GDPR, new brothers and sisters and much more!

Summer time has finally arrived here in Britain after so much snow during the winter, whereas in Chile the weather is going the opposite direction and moving from Autumn into Winter.

When I think of summer I think of beautiful blossom blooming, fresh fruit on our trees, and the sun coming out and showing us parts of nature that we may not notice at other times of the year. It's truly wonderful seeing what our God has created and how very complex our world is.

In this newsletter we start with some exciting news of new life as we have received information that 23 people in the church in Osorno have been baptised and become our brothers and sisters through Christ. This is a huge blessing and so exciting for us to hear. 

Our 23 new brothers and sisters with those who baptised them from the Filadelfia Church in Osorno.

A letter from the director...

In the November Newsletter I introduced myself to you as the new director of Chile for Christ and I have decided that I should write something for each newsletter. I am very much aware that Arnold, in his position as director, wrote the newsletters, but when the new management team started it was agreed that this would not be part of my role. Danielle was appointed as the communications officer and she has two roles, one of which is to compile the newsletter. So, in each newsletter, I will report to you the latest plans for Chile for Christ whilst leaving Danielle to bring news to you about the recent work with our brothers and sisters who live in Chile.

It has taken most of the year since Arnold retired for the management team to become established in their roles and this has not been without difficulties. The average age of the members of the team has been much reduced since our new members are much younger. This gives us a longer “shelf life” so that the work of the charity can continue. I am pleased to report that all the legal transfers have now been completed. We have successfully managed to continue our support of those initiatives started by Arnold and we are extremely appreciative of the financial gifts that you have made so that we can keep this work going.

Our technology manager has been working on fulfilling our legal duty with regard to the new Data Protection requirements. Many of you receive the newsletter because, at some stage, you were kind enough to take an interest in the work of Chile for Christ. We thank you for your interest, for praying for the work of the charity and for any financial donations that you have made. We hope that you will continue to take an interest in the work that we do, but in order to continue to send information to you we must get your consent. You can give this easily by clicking the button below. Without consent we will, sadly, be unable to continue to send you our news. You can find more details in our Privacy Policy on the Chile for Christ website.

Keep me on this list

At our last Management meeting we have discussed  three more areas in which we may be able to offer support. We are investigating the possibility of supporting some Church planting work in the area of Vaparaiso, an evangelist who will be working in the area of Antofagasta, and looking at a project involving Street Children. I hope to be able to give you details of the results of our investigations by writing about them in the next newsletter.

Lastly, I would like to bring your attention to our need for one or two more people to join our Management Team. Our dear sister Geraldine agreed to stay on as our secretary for a year when the new team took over from Arnold. In January of this year Geraldine's husband was involved, as a pedestrian, in a very serious road traffic accident. We need to find someone to replace Geraldine as secretary so that she can concentrate on caring for her husband. Can you help?

And now I close this letter praying that the Spirit will guide us as we work with our brothers and sisters in Chile. In 1 Cor 15 Paul writes:

The person with the Spirit makes judgments about all things, but such a person is not subject to merely human judgments

I pray that the Chile for Christ team will be led by the Spirit in the judgments that are made.

May God bless you all.


Updates on Gerd and Rosie

Working hard to get the piping connected

The digger working to connect the sewage system
It's been an exciting couple of months with Gerd and Rosie as they have been working on the Pastors' flat and the school classroom. Back at the beginning of 2018, Gerd informed us that the sewage system needed to be fixed and water was not connected to the classroom so they had a lot of work to do.

In the last month we have been told the wonderful news that the Pastors' flat has had its bathroom repaired and now they are able to receive more Pastors to stay. The connection of the sewage system is also now in place so they will now be able to have seminars in the classroom with working bathrooms!

Baptisms and Health

We had the exciting news of our new brothers and sisters from the Filadelfia Church, supported by Pastor Miguel Perez. It looked like an amazing day as 23 people gave their life to Jesus. We pray that their faith will continue to grow as they live their life as part of the Christian family.

In the midst of this great news we have been in discussions with Pastor Miguel as he has been trying to get an appointment for an operation for a couple of months. He finally had his operation last Monday and returned home on Friday, where he is now recovering. 

Children are the future

It was exciting to hear about Ronny Pulgar's work in his church in Punta Arenas. They are looking at strengthening their Sunday School programme to ensure the children are confident in their faith.

Emily preparing for her fundraising evening.                A buzzing night with a South American theme
We recently made contact with Emily, an 18 year old who is heading to Chile for a year abroad with Project Trust. We are very excited to see her go to Chile and look forward to hearing about her adventures there. She will be based in the Capital, Santiago, and will be working at a school there as an English Teaching Assistant.

Twenty-First Century Nutrition and Family Health

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Please pray for our 23 new brothers and sisters in the church in Osorno, that their faith will be strong as they start a new journey in their life. 

Pray for Pastor Miguel Perez who will be supporting these new believers as they start this new life.

Pray for Gerd and Rosie as they continue to do work on the classroom and flat to make it what it needs to be for their ministries.

Pray for Pastor Miguel's health as he recovers from his operation.

Pray for Emily as she prepares to leave her family for a year to spend time in Chile.

Pray for new contacts in Chile for Chile for Christ to support.

Pray for the Chile for Christ team as we continue to grow in our roles as a new team.

Pray for the children in Ronny Pulgar's church as they develop their Sunday School to reach them further. 
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