A season of harvest

As Harvest in amongst us it is so exciting to see what God is doing in Chile, and how he is using the people we support overseas to build His communities and grow His family. We've had great news from so many of the people we support and we are thrilled to know that they are being blessed and encouraged by God in each of their ministries. We are grateful that we can share their news with you and ensure that you know that the work we support is helping to grow God's ministries in Chile.
A message from the director
What a wonderful summer we have had in the UK and many of us will have enjoyed the unusually warm weather. However, whether this weather is a result of Global Warming or not, we have seen our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world suffering climate change, leaving many in crisis situations. One house group in the church that I attend is studying a new Bible course. The first session went back to Genesis where God declared that His creation was Good and, after man was created, the creation was Very Good. What a great sadness to see what man has done to this wonderful creation.
The team of Chile for Christ are aware of the needs in all parts of the world but the work of the charity is committed to helping people in Chile and bringing the Gospel to them. In this newsletter you will hear about our activities that have taken place since the last newsletter.
I mentioned in the last newsletter that Rosalie Langley-Judd felt called to work in Chile and I had the privilege of being part of an email group of supporters when she spent two and a half weeks testing her calling. She continues to seek guidance and we continue to pray for her.
My greatest joy this summer was meeting with Gerd and Rosi Bergmann when they were on leave in the UK. They have been sent to Chile by YWAM in Germany and have set up a Biblical Institute for Transformational Leadership. Courses are planned and delivered to Chilean pastors who, in turn, deliver the material to others when they get back to their own areas. Also, as part of the residential accommodation there is a flat available for pastors who are in need of rest away from their duties. Chile for Christ makes a regular contribution to support a pastor needing this facility but, from the generosity of your donations we were able to contribute to the improvement of the sewerage system. When we met with Gerd it was a delight to hear him explain and discuss with my husband the technical details and, from my part, I knew that it had been money well spent.

I pray that the Chile for Christ team will continue to spend your kind donations wisely and thank you for your support.

May God bless you all.
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San Andrés church in Arica, Chile, have had an event called 'Embracing Nations' where they have been doing outreach work to the immigrants who have been entering the country. It is exciting to see them reach out to these people who are now living in Chile and tell them of God's love for them whilst in a country that is not their own.

A day in the life of Tia Emily

We are supporting Emily who is currently a Project Trust gap year student in Santiago. She arrived there in August and is working with children in a local school. Emily 's Project Trust partner has currently come back to the UK for a month so she is on her own.

Here is a short extract from her blog. See link below.

"The day starts early (for me!) at 6am when my alarm goes off and I stumble out of bed. At the moment it is still dark when I wake up and leave the house but it is gradually getting lighter.

At around 7am we leave the house and walk to the micro stop which is about 10 minutes from the house. We then catch the 307 which rarely comes on time so we are often waiting for quite a while, I have to jump around because it is still so cold in the mornings as we are so high up.

The school, although in the same commune that I am living in, Quilicura, is in a very deprived area and the contrast even between where I am living and the area of the school is quite startling. 

We generally arrive to school at about 7:30am and make our way into the staff room where other teachers are beginning to make their breakfasts. The school is funded by a catholic charity called Belen Educa so every day is started with prayers in form groups, this alongside the more usual registration duties which take place between 7:55 and 8:25.

At 8:25 classes begin and each class is 45 minutes long, which, when there is usually at least 15 minutes of madness at the start of each lesson, is not much time at all! The average class at the school has between 40 to 46 students, so they are huge. There are three  classes per year and the students in the school range from 3 years old to 18 or older. 

Lunch is at 12:45 to 1:30 and all the teachers eat together in their own canteen, lunch is the main meal of the day in Chile so a proper meal is given to every person who works in the school. After lunch there are three more 45 minute lessons and then the students leave at 3:45."

To read more of Emily's blog in Chile, click here!

The Pavement Project

Chile for Christ have just started supporting a new project in Chile called 'The Pavement Project' which trains people to use the 'Green Bag App'. 

This is a tool that helps counsel children and young people to build their confidence and change the way they think of themselves. We excited to know that they are building a presence in Chile and that they have partnered with 8 schools and churches in 5 different cities.

You can find out more about this worldwide project on the Lifewords website.
From the church in Osorno...

We've had some exciting news from Rodrigo and Miguel Perez and their plans for this next year. 
  • They have a Women's Conference coming up on Saturday 8th December to deliver training for person-to-person evangelism. We are very excited about this and will be sure to hear more about how it goes. 
  • They are starting new missionary work in Puerto Montt. They will be building a new chapel with construction work due to start in March 2019.
  • They have a vision for a new retirement centre created for 120 people. They are also hoping that this space will be available for all churches that need its services, ready for conferences and retreats for young people, married couples and leaders. 
  • In April 2019, they will be taking 12 young people on a missionary trip to Paraguay and Brazil to visit churches that they have planted in the past.
It is very exciting to hear about all the plans they have for this coming year and it will be great to see the process throughout the year to see what happens. 

New books from Arnold Page

Arnold Page was our director here at Chile For Christ up until last year and he has some amazing work to read. If you buy from his website:, then 10% of the proceeds come to Chile For Christ.


Z: The Final Generation

What does the future hold for Generation Z, the current crop of children and young people? Nothing less than the most exciting event in history! In this controversial and powerfully argued book, researcher and Bible teacher Arnold V Page contends that Z, the final letter of the alphabet, will also be the final generation that grows to adulthood before Jesus Christ returns to establish justice, peace and righteousness throughout the earth.

Z: Answers for the Final Generation

How can the Bible possibly be true when it tells us that the world is only six thousand years old? Does the fossil record support the Bible’s account of creation or the theory of evolution? Was Jesus mistaken when he said that he would return within the lifetime of his hearers? Will there be a day of judgement after we die, and on what basis? And is there really going to be another Earth?

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  • Emily, as she continues on her project in Santiago without her Project Trust partner. Pray also for her partner Imogen for her circumstances.
  • The Pavement Project as it starts to roll out in Chile and that they continue to make connections with schools and churches that can help children and young people. 
  • Fedrico's ministry in Arica, that the ministry there continues to grow and that more people come to know Jesus. 
  • Miguel Perez and the young people in his church as they start preparing and fundraising for their mission trip to Paraguay and Brazil next year. 
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