A Letter from the Director

Prior to one of our Management meetings I was reading from Isaiah and this caused me to question whether the new management team should be trying to continue the work of Chile for Christ in the same way that the team worked under Arnold. I came to the conclusion that we need to focus on the Trust Deed of the Charity even if that means we approach our work in a slightly different way. So, as a result we are attempting to distribute three newsletters each year.

I am very aware that we need to expand the team and I hope that, before long, there will be some advertisements for new posts. In particular we would like to find someone who has some time and the skills to search the Chilean media so that we are alerted to any problems that are affecting the people in Chile. Clearly this would need to be someone who could read Spanish and we cannot ask Danielle to do any more than she does at present.

Another need is for a fundraiser as we cannot do much more than we do at present until we can increase our income.

We have started 2019 with some personal challenges for a number of the members of the management team but with God's help we are overcoming the difficulties. More of a problem has been knowing how to answer some of the requests that we have received. It would appear that a number of people whom we support are now reaching out to start ministries in Argentina and we have received requests to help in some cases. However, the Trust Deed for the charity mentions specifically that we are to work for those in Chile and we have had to decline these requests.

We were able to respond positively to one request to help a young pastor, his wife and his two young children. We were able to help finance a trip to Argentina to attend a three week training course for him then to return to Chile in a much better position to pastor his congregation. We worked to do this through the ministry of Gerd and Rosi Bergmann who sent us a photograph of the small family with the Bergmanns.

And now I close thanking you for your support.

May God bless you all.

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Work in Arica

We were excited to hear from our link with Federico who is the pastor of a church in Arica. They are currently looking at building an office for their pastor so that he can work there more regularly. Unfortunately the money they saved for this had to be spent on securing the windows of the classroom after it was broken into. We are looking at supporting them and specifically for the pastor's office project and would appreciate anything you can give towards it..

(Picture: The new room for the church)


Construction projects

We were thrilled to hear from Pastor Canipane in Valparaíso in the last few months. Through the support of Chile For Christ, they have been able to build a new house and move into it. They are continuing to build walls for the church and we are excited to see it coming along.

The construction of the wall came to a halt when the house was being built and only now have they been able to return to this project and it is great to see that it is coming together.

To see more about this project on our website. Click Here
Recently we supported a youth pastor and his family to go on a Transforming Leadership Encounter conference in Argentina. They work for YoungLife in Chile, working specifically with young people in and out of the church. They really wanted the time to go to the conference, receive training and retreat, recuperate and prepare for their next step in their ministry when they returned. They were very grateful that Chile for Christ was able to support them in attending this conference and give them the space to allow God to work in their lives and their spirits. We hope to hear from them again soon.

(Picture: Gabriel with his wife Daniela)
Pictured above is a snippet from CMS Mission News.
It's so good for us to hear news from Chile and hear about the ministries that Christians are involved with all over the country. 

News from Gerd and Rosi

We love hearing from Gerd and Rosi. They always have ongoing projects that support pastors and people in ministry. However, they also come across many challenges in making sure they can do these things. Recently they told us that the house they have for the pastors to visit has some areas where it leaks during the winter weather. As they are heading into Autumn and Winter these next few months, this something they urgently need to work on.

Gerd says "Our balcony fills up with water if the rain comes with wind, which it does. That water then finds its way to the inner wall of our living room below. So the solution will be to put windows in which would keep all the dust out as well as the rain. That is the easy project as part of waterproofing! The more difficult and challenging part is to put cladding on our entire north front and on one side, 2 storeys and 20m long. The winter rain comes with strong winds that push the water through every nook and cranny and although we try sealing with silicone, every year it fails." The estimated cost for this work is over £2,500 so your support would be very much valued.

(Picture: Rosi outside the house in summer)

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  • Continue to pray for Gerd and Rosi as they prepare their house for the winter. 
  • Pray for Gabriel and Daniela as they continue their work with YoungLife in Chile. 
  • Pray for Pastor Canipane as they continue building work on their church in Valparaiso.
  • Pray for the San Andres church in Arica, that they can secure the funding to build the office for their Pastor.
  • The Chile For Christ team as we look for new recruits to join our team in Media and Communication.
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