Sent to State Family, Grand Knights, Financial Secretaries, and Directors (if a Form 365 is on file with Supreme).
Forms Due
Forms 185 (Report of Officers)
  • Was due July 1.
  • A Form 185 is required even if there are no changes from the previous year.
  • Supreme has not received a Form 185 from these councils (click here for list of councils) as of 9.24.2022
  • Send to
  • Send a copy of the Form 185 to our State Administrator Robert Boudreaux at so he can update the state directory.
  • Training Video for preparing Form 185
  • Blank Form 185 

Forms 365 (Report of Service Program Personnel)
  • Was due July 1.
  • A Form 365 is required even if there are no changes from the previous year.
  • Supreme has not received a Form 365 from these councils (click here for list of councils) as of 9.24.2022
  • Send to
  • Training Video for preparing Form 365
  • Blank Form 365

Form 1295 (Semi-Annual Audit)
  • Was due August 15
  • Failure to submit two consecutive audits will result in the council losings its bond if money goes missing due to the wrongdoing of the Treasurer or Financial Secretary. Supreme provides $5,000 of protection at no cost to the council, but the bond is forfeited and lost if the council does not due two consecutive audits.
  • Supreme has not received a Form 1295 from these councils (click here for list of councils) as of 9.24.2022
  • Send
  • Training Video for preparing Form 1295
  • Blank Form 1295

Form 10784 (Fraternal Program Report)
Form 11077 (Fraternal Benefits Seminar Form)
Other Supreme Forms
Calendar of Events
State Council's Youth Contest Deadlines (Soccer Challenge, Essay Contest, etc.)
State Per Capita is due October 1, 2022.
  • Per Capita statements were emailed to each Financial Secretary on July 15, 2022.
  • Contact State Secretary Vince Whittington at if you have any questions.
State Deputy Award Criteria for 2022 - 2023
  • The State Deputy Award focuses on the activities that are important to the Louisiana State Council and Louisiana Knights and focuses on the requirements needed to earn Star Council.
  • The criteria for the State Deputy Award can be found here.
Youth Expansion Program (YEP Fund)
  • Our Louisiana KC college scholarships, Louisiana youth programs, Louisiana youth awards, Louisiana youth contests, our support of two Louisiana seminaries, our support of our two Louisiana seminarian KC councils, and support of Louisiana Right to Life programs are 100% supported by the council's donations to the YEP Fund.
  • Make your council's check payable to “Louisiana State Council” and also put “YEP” and the council number on the check.
  • Mail donations to:

    State Secretary Vince Whittington 
    13644 Timberridge Avenue 
    Baton Rouge, LA 70817-3441 

    Questions? Email Vince Whittington at

  • Click here for the council's quota.
Seminarian Mission Fund and Raffle
  • All proceeds are donated to Louisiana’s two seminaries to help pay the costs for the seminarians to perform their overseas mission work.
  • Questions? Contact Vernon Ducote at
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State Communications Director

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