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A message from State Deputy George Martin.


Please be aware and inform your Council’s members that the Ladies’ Auxiliaries are not a part of the Knights of Columbus.   

Ladies Auxiliaries are not authorized to use or do any of the following:
  • They are not to use or share your Council’s Tax ID number;
  • They are not to use or share your Council’s gaming License; 
  • They are not to use or share your Council’s liability insurance; and
  • They are not to use any part of the Knights of Columbus’ brand name in any contracts or accounts.
These requirements are per the Supreme Council. These rules apply to all Ladies’ Auxiliaries. 

Recent issues with Ladies Auxiliaries have brought these issues to light. These requirements must be implemented as soon as possible per the instructions of the Supreme Council.

Please share this information with your members. 


George Martin 
State Deputy of Louisiana

Ladies’ Auxiliaries
Quoted from the Officers’ Desk Reference (December 2018).

The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization comprising husbands, fathers, and sons who strive to live lives of service and virtue, always remaining faithful to Jesus Christ and His Church. As a family organization, we welcome the good works performed by women's auxiliaries, and are deeply grateful to our members' wives, mothers, and daughters who support us. They enhance the Order by contributing the “feminine genius” to many of our events and activities, reflecting the kindness and gentleness of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the words of St. John Paul II, “[t]hrough the insight which is so much a part of your womanhood you enrich the world's understanding and help to make human relations more honest and authentic.”  (“Letter to Women”)

There has been a long and fruitful partnership between the Knights of Columbus and auxiliaries. The first Daughters of Isabella were founded in 1897 in New Haven as an auxiliary to the Rev. John Russell Council of the Knights of Columbus; the Catholic Daughters of the Americas were started by member Knights in 1903; and the Columbiettes were begun in 1939 by J. Francis McIntyre, a New York Knights of Columbus chaplain and later Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles. Today, the Knights of Columbus continues to enjoy strong relations with its partners in service to the Church.

The Constitution and Laws of the Knights of Columbus are silent on the subject of auxiliaries. Nothing in the Laws of the Order confers upon a State Deputy or any other officer of the Knights of Columbus authority or jurisdiction over auxiliaries.  That is because women's auxiliaries are independent organizations whose members are not Knights of Columbus. They are autonomous groups responsible for their own governance.

An auxiliary may not use the council's EIN number (the tax identification number).

Nationally organized auxiliaries often conduct events to support churches, schools, Right to Life, and more. When an auxiliary exercises exclusive control over an activity that does not directly support a Knights of Columbus council, it does so in its own name, independently of the Order.

Women seeking to form partnerships with local KofC councils might be encouraged to join one of the following women’s groups:
  • Daughters of Isabella at
  • Catholic Daughters of the Americas at
  • Columbiettes at
Alternatively, they may consider speaking with the local pastor about forming a parish-based association.

The Officers' Desk Reference provides practical guidance for Fraternal Leaders on various matters, such as: legal, financial, political, discipline, budgets, and much more.  Don't guess at the answers. Consult the Officers Desk Reference. Available at Officers Online.
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Vivat Jesus!

Mark Carver
State Communications Director

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