Tucker Times Vol 18                  February 2019

our new discipleship class
   February as always, goes so fast! We feel we have made a lot of progress in this short month. We have been continuing with the Sunday services here in the village (much thanks to Alex and Nathalie for hosting). There we often have 12-16 kids and around 10 adults. Please pray for our friends pictured above. Wanie, Zoe and Lindsay are working through our One2One discipleship class. Sunday, Wanie was baptised in the Holy Spirit! 
   In February we also enjoyed a short get away to one of the farms just outside Greyton. We were blessed with a free weekend stay at 
Hemelsbreed Guest cottage. Hemelsbreed means "wide heavens",  and it was heavenly to listen to the quiet and watch the baboons! I posted more pictures of the beautiful mountain view and lovely quiet cottage on FaceBook. Just send me a friend request if you would like to see more pictures!
   We were so blessed recently by an extra financial gift from one person so that we are getting packed for a three week trip to the Bush! Many of you may remember that we had a visit from our fiends in Maun, Botswana in January. Then we discussed a trip to visit their ministry (Word to Africa) and friends from our 2016 trip. Since the cost of driving would have been about the same as flying, Thad thought..."If I had $____ I would just by a airline ticket". Not even two days later someone messaged us that they were donating that same amount! Well, it took us a bit to get organised but we are excited for the trip that will include working in five remote villages! So look for all the details in our March newsletter!
   It is the beginning of the fruit harvest here. We have been given apples and pears from various people who work on the farms. It is a very important time for people here, as it is seasonal work that is so crucial for most of the village laborers. 
    I have enjoyed starting back with the reading kids at LR Schmidt.
I now have five kids. I am meeting with them two days a week for an hour. One of them is a neighbour boy who Thad and I are quite fond of already. We know his family but he always seems to prefer to be at our house more than his own. He came two hours early for church last week! 
    Thad has been helping friends with a building addition to their house. They have block walls and he will put the roof on. He also put a list together and helped get quotes for the repairs to the building that teaches drop out students. He has offered to do the labor for free when the supplies are approved and purchased. 
   Elie is doing ok with school. We are amazed that the 5th grade year is almost over! I am making plans now for her 6th grade curriculum; since it could take three months to mail them to us! Also hoping to find them used from other homeschoolers because new they would add up to about half of our monthly budget!!! 
   We are also looking into other rentals in the village. We like our little house here but are paying too much in rent. We have a few houses we have looked at but nothing definite yet. We hope to have a clear direction in that regard when we get back from our trip and our contract is up in May.
1. Pray for the church gathering that will be meeting without us while we travel.

2. Please continue to pray for our family at home.

3. Pray for our finances especially as we plan to look for other housing and Elie's school books.

4. Pray for us as we travel to Botswana (safety, for the home here, protection from malaria and ministry).

5. Praise the Lord for faithful people who listen to God's leading! 

6.Praise the Lord for a house sitter to watch our home!


  Thad's Thoughts

 What if you had no guarantee of financial security? You know, if every thing you have worked so hard to achieve didn't exist. What if when you awoke tomorrow morning you were at $0 balance in your account, your vehicle is non-existent, your four wheelers, tools, guns, nice furnishings that are nestled throughout your home weren't there...Your home itself has also shrank from 2,000 sq ft to 200. If this isn't enough, your ability to find a good paying job and get all these things is also non-existent. Someone in your skill set only makes 280 Rand a day ($19.87). You are one of the fortunate ones, as a skilled craftsman with such high pay! Others work unskilled jobs making only 130 Rand a day ($9.20). Would you still interpret scripture verses the same? Could you believe a western missionary that comes proclaiming Matthew 11:30 (my yoke is easy and my burden is light)! I believe you would need a clear understanding of our Lord's heart. 2 Cor 12:9 "My grace is sufficient for thee." Grace is a place, the power of Christ, you experience.

     Sara's Sayings

   I thought it would be appropriate to remember God's love this month. I do pray that all of you have someone in your life you could enjoy Valentine's Day with. But I know that isn't always the case. 
I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. Some of you are far away from me but we can still feel your love and support. My husband is truly a blessing from God and my kids are all awesome! But for those of you who may have experienced a recent loss, break up or live your life single, I want to remind you that God truly is there for us and loves us more than we can imagine! While the words seem so Cliche' JESUS LOVES YOU!
     Our banking issues have improved some! I was able to get into my Wells Fargo account again! So now I can use the online services but when they ask for a pass code they have to send it to Bekah! Oh well it makes me so grateful for my daughter! Thanks girl!! 
   I have started on my taxes so my first year doing them out of country is a bit stressful. But I have done them in the past so just send up a few prayers!   
   We do have some major financial issues coming up quickly. I mentioned Elie's school books which if I have to purchase and ship will be a lot of our monthly budget. Secondly, if we are moving to a new house I imagine we will have to pay first, last and a deposit. We are unsure about other expenses we may have since this house is furnished and we don't know if the next will be.
   Also just so you know, if you are one of the financial supporters you are part of a small percentage! Just under 14% of our newsletter readers are financial supporters! So please pray about joining our team, even a small monthly donation helps the work here so much! You are also welcome to share our story with others! If your church has a missions budget or you know other people who love God and want to see this work continue share what we do with them and please pass on my contact info!
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     Elianna's Escapades

  Well last month Elie had escapades with snakes and still again this month! This was a photo from the circus that came to Caledon. Elie was one of the first in line to hold it and she enjoyed the rest of the show just as much. She also loved the trapeze act. It was a daddy daughter date and was very affordable.
   She has had a few play dates. One family has twin girls and they live out of town on a lovely farm.  Another neighbour girl has two tiny kittens she has been happy to play with. She also has enjoyed joining the art class in Greyton on Tuesdays. 
   How ever her research report this month was to be on her home and she refused to do South Africa. "My forever home Alaska" was completed last week. So don't worry those of you who miss her she is still there in her heart!
   Mail seems to be moving a bit smoother and the last package came in about a month and a half. We also received a big package from Thad's mom which was so sweet and appreciated! In addition we received packages to our door from Amazon! Where we previously had to have them sent to Hermanus via our mentor we ordered Thad some new shoes and the currier delivered them by van to the village! It still cost a lot in shipping and custom fees but when we always paid more for shipping to Alaska we are use to that already.Most things we can find here but apparently no one has big feet!
Thad Tucker
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Greyton, Western Cape, South Africa 7233
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