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CDCI Connects, Issue 19. April 2022: From awareness to ACCEPTANCE.
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April has been designated Autism Acceptance month. If that sounds different than you’re used to, that’s because in 2011, the Autism Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) changed their framing of the month from Awareness to Acceptance. In March 2021, the Autism Society of America joined that frame and urged the media to formally shift reference of Autism Awareness month to Autism Acceptance month.

'Autism Acceptance means simply that – acceptance, even embracing, of autistics and autism, making us welcome in the world. It’s about recognising that we are members of the human community, and just as deserving of basic human rights, even while acknowledging that our humanness is expressed differently.' – Altogether Autism

The discussion remains ongoing.

The UVM Autism Collaborative, informed by their Steering Committee of autistics, family members, caregivers, researchers, students and health care professionals, encourages everyone to continue the discussion with open hearts and minds.

--Meghan Amthor, UVM Autism Collaborative

New podcast episode: Ariana Cano and Bridget "Bird Diva" Butler

What will it take to make getting outside more accessible?

On the latest episode of our podcast, Ariana Cano, from The Nature Conservancy of Vermont, talks with Bridget "Bird Diva" Butler. 

Butler specializes in "slow birding", or approaching birding in a way that prioritizes slowing down. They talk about how Butler's slow birding ideas touch on disability, race, and access to and love for Vermont's wild places.

"Like something as simple as bathrooms: oh my gosh! I thought this place would be fine because it had a building and all of that. But it wasn't: the doorways were too narrow, and the path from the parking to the main trail? There was like, a big muddy dip! And I thought, 'There's no way that someone using a wheelchair could really navigate this.' It just kind of blew my mind."

Watch the full interview

CDCI @ UVM's 1st annual Research Resource Fair

A bald, masked, white man in his early forties sits behind a table loaded with exhibits as a research fair goes on around him. He smiles wryly at the camera.

This week, the CDCI had the opportunity to join 23 other research-based units from the University of Vermont in UVM's first annual Research Resource Fair. The event showcased the ways in which UVM research makes a difference in local and national dialogs. It also provided visitors with information about how to get involved with ongoing and emerging research on campus.

Thank you to everyone who braved the April snow to come find out more about CDCI's research program! 

UPCOMING EVENTS a plain icon of a calendar


Larner College of Medicine Comedy Night, featuring Tina Friml

FRIDAY APRIL 22 @ 8PM EST (UVM campus)

Larner College of Medicine 
Featuring Tina Friml, a stand-up comedian and self-advocate from Vermont

Brain Club: Transitions to Parenting (The Stuff Nobody Talks About)

SUNDAY APRIL 24 @ 5 PM EST (virtual)
All Brains Belong VT
With Laura Lewis, PhD, and a community panel.

Diversity with Dignity Global Roundtable: Intersectionality & Neurodiversity

WEDNESDAY APRIL 27 @ 11 AM EST (virtual)
Diversity with Dignity
With Wes Wade, clinical counselor.

Brain Club: Is Your Workplace Inclusive of All Brains?

SUNDAY MAY 1 @ 5 PM EST (virtual)
All Brains Belong VT
Neuroinclusive employment tips for employers and employees.

Adaptive Yoga

SATURDAY APRIL 23 & 30 @ 9:30 AM EST (UVM campus)
UVM Department of Rehabilitation & Movement Science
With Emily Fujioka of Sangha Studio, in Williston VT.

Equity in Education Affecting Signing Deaf Children, and Equity Literacy As A Solution

WEDNESDAY APRIL 27 @ 4 PM EST (virtual)
With John Pirone, lecturer, UVM College of Education and Social Sciences

Adventure Day 2022: for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind (DHHDB) Students in Vermont

WEDNESDAY MAY 20, 9:30 AM - 3 PM EST (Williamstown VT)
UVM Medical Center Early Hearing Detection & Intervention


An Afternoon of Remembrance for Deborah Baker-Lisi

Sunday, April 24, 2-4pm ESTAn icon of a heart, sketched with broad orange marker strokes.

This Sunday, the Vermont Center for Independent Living and Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights are hosting an afternoon of remembrance for Deborah Baker-Lisi, at the Vermont Center for Independent Living, in Montpelier VT.  

You can also attend virtually at this link:

A lifelong advocate for people with disabilities. Her warmth, passion, and laughter filled our spirits with joy and hope.

Autism Acceptance Month with the Vermont Assistive Technology Program (VATP)

In the latest newsletter from the Vermont Assistive Technology Program (VATP), they focus on Autism Awareness Month, with a discussion of identity language, terminology, and assistive technology. 
"This month we will share information about autism, assistive technology that folks with autism might use, and other autistic community resources.  The depth and breadth of this topic is astounding, so I will do my very best to make this a concise newsletter while concentrating on a few items from the AT4all inventory, but please feel free to reach out if you would like to dig deeper!"
Read the full issue

Peer Mentors @ Think College Vermont 

A white woman in her late twenties, with shoulder-length, loose blonde hair and dark eyes,in profile, staring out an unseen window, chin in hand.
To celebrate Think College Turns 10!, Stirling Peebles has been interviewing Think College Vermont alumni and peer mentors. Peer mentors such as Devon Mills. 

"I feel privileged to have served as one of the original mentors at UVM’s Think College program. As a new cohort of employees, mentors and students we established this legacy together and I am immensely proud to have been a part of that. I am living in Norwalk, CT and have worked
for over five years at Family & Children’s Agency, where I am currently the Manager of our Adoption Department."
More about Think College Vermont
Show poster: an oversized microphone on a stage framed by red curtains, in front of a brick wall. Inset, a photo of a white woman in her late twenties, with loose auburn hair and bangs, her head tilted to one side as she smiles winsomely. Text: Larner Med presents... Comedy Night. Special Performance: Tina Friml. April 22, 8pm, Brennan's Pub, Davis Center.
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