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This message has been blessed and encoded with the Highest Light frequencies for your Highest benefit. 

Intriguingly Special You,

I have this terrible habit.
It's pretty embarrassing, actually.

Give me your voicemail - give me an open-ended recording, and I will talk your ear off.

Or talk until the cows come home. Or whatever over-played cliche you want to use.

I just...can't, stop. 
There are SO many things I want to tell you about.

I'm talking to the Higher Realms all damn day and there's SO much to know and to say and to share. 

It's a lot of "We Love you, it's okay, you got this, keep going." Sure.

But there's also so much more.

Like where people really "go" when they "go?"

What the F*** is happening in this new decade (cuz so far, it's a bit of a shitshow ;))?

What does it take to prepare for a Golden Age?

How can you be masterful in navigating this Earth plane - with the frequencies, your emotional body, your psychic body, other beings, etc?

How can you live in greater prosperity?


And I want to tell you about everything I know about all these things and share with you every tip and tool the HLT (my Highest Light Team) has shown me.

So instead of leaving this all on your voicemail - cuz it would be a lot and I would be stuck in that purgatory of deleting the message and then rerecording it and somehow never getting it all in - I decided to say YES to some awesome speaker summits that are coming up this month and next month.

The first one has such a Divine name and made me say YES immediately:

"The Butterfly Effect: Transformation through Energy Healing & Spirituality."

I'm a super-fan of the BodyTalk modality as you may know and I've been spiritually waking up since 2008, so this was a big no-brainer for me.

In my interview, I give an Oracle reading, share a special message from my heart and the HLT to you, talk windfalls of money and why meditation & BodyTalk is the jam.

You can sign-up to listen to my interview and marinate in the messages of 20 other experts in spirituality and energy healing too here

And now onto your Sacred Sunday message for the week:

"You must know how Loved you are and how Divine you truly are.

And we will forevermore be beaming this to you at any and all times because it is the deepest truth that we wish for you to not only know but to feel in every cell of your being-ness.

It is from this Love that all things come to you. It is from this understanding of this Divine Love that you can supersede the vibration of anything unsavory to you and step instead into the delicious Source-filled perspective that is the very essence of Love.

We want you understanding more fully how dynamic and Loved you and this life you are living are.

How, no matter how you change and shift and flow, our Love for you does not waver.

No matter the scenic routes off of your true path you may choose to take, no matter how often you do not do it - whatever "it" is - in a way you deem to be "perfect" - no matter - our Love for you remains."

-From the Daily Guide: Love Now: Your Daily Dose of Love & Miracles


Today, we meditate at 11:11am Pacific to support the embodiment of your Higher Self into your current body.

To do this, please set your timer for 11-22 minutes.
Focus on your breath, and as you do imagine that your Higher Self is flowing in through your crown and into your body. 

I look forward to meditating with you soon!

In Divine Love,

(& The Highest Light Team)

If you'd like support in living your Spirit-Led, Love-fueled, enlightened life, below are three ways I can help:

1)  Listen to my interview on the The Butterfly Effect: Transformation through Energy Healing & Spirituality for sacred Spirit-Led, Love-fueled living inspiration.

2) In part 1 of our How to Thrive as an Empath in a 5G/5D World we were given the 4-1-1 on misaligned frequencies, why 5G is happening during 5D and how to navigate negative psychic energies, including 5G! See what our participants are saying: 

So much good info! Thank you! Sending lots of Love and gratitude to you and the HLT. -K

Thank you so very much for this, Kristian!!! That was so amazing, enlightening, and helpful!!! -E

Thank you for doing this workshop, it was such good info. I can't wait to do the ritual! I also referred someone to the workshop - I hope she joins us! -J

Get part 1 of the workshop here and join us LIVE or via recording for part 2 on Thursday at 11:11amPacific. In part 2 you'll receive a spiritual healing and Aura protection as well as a Q&A period with me on Zoom (submit Qs if you can't be with us LIVE). Have Qs? Reply here. Xo

3) Be inspired! Read how I failed at making my New Years dreams a reality...repeatedly, and how you can get the support you need in 2020 and beyond on Sivana East

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