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This message has been blessed and encoded with the Highest Light frequencies for your Highest benefit. 

Lavishly Beautiful You,

I spent most of Thursday crying, and at first I had no idea why.

I told my husband, "I'm so sad and I don't know why." He was concerned because I usually know exactly WTF is going on with my emotions.

Clearly the full moon lunar eclipse was hitting me early and had something important to gift to me.

Although my red, raw eyes and splotchy face were not that gift. #goodlord #noselfiesonThursday

First up, I had to see if this was even mine to feel. This is always a good idea for us empaths/highly sensitive beings/Advanced Souls.

Had I absorbed something that wasn't mine?

Yep, I had.

The pain and suffering from the collective consciousness around recent world events was in my field and I needed to release it.

The great thing about this is - when I release it (same goes for you!), it supports even more beings in the collective in releasing pain too.

So I used my tools from our Empowerment Guide to clear it and clean up the pain.

(Big gratitude to my husband who lovingly held space for me while I worked my tools and felt all my feels.)

If you follow astrology at all, you know that this week's configuration in the cosmos has been supporting this - big endings are opening the doorway to a Higher Path, a new beginning into your and my preparation for the Golden Age. 

It's the next chapter for your Soul and for the collective Soul.

After I cleared and released, it was time for action.

I began to ask over and over again - "How can I serve you Love?" 

Then I was immediately shown an action to take - one was to sing and dance in my living room to music by one of my favorite artists, Trevor Hall (You can't rush your healing, Green Mountain State respectively).

Next, I sat in meditation for an hour or so, my eyes opening only to write down wisdom coming through for our 5G/5D Thrive workshop on Thursday. (BTWs You're going to receive massive strengthening of your wei qi  - the protective layering over your physical/emotional/mental/psychic bodies as we open in preparation for the Golden Age!)

I went deep into prayer, deep into my healing blessings for the lands/waters/all living beings in my Love Territory and to the areas that are being most adversely affected right now, namely - Australia, Puerto Rico and Iran. (More for them in the meditation below too.)

I anchored into my role here in this body - to live in Divine Service to Love, to God/Goddess, to The Divine. 

And this is the opening that exists for you and for all awakened beings.

It's such a potent time, ripe with possibility and opportunity.

And the opportunity is this - who will you and I serve, and how will we allow all that occurs to serve us?

Free will choices make all the difference!

In each and every moment, will you choose Love, The Divine, Mother/Father God, Mother Earth...or will you choose money or scarcity, achievement or worry and fear, or striving for recognition, or envy and lust.

Will you shut down when life pains you or will you let what comes to you be the Divine messenger it wishes to be?

Once you know who you serve then what you choose next for your life becomes easy.

You know what classes to take, you know what music to listen to, you know what programs to watch, you know how to show up in your relationships, you know how to dress, you know what/how to make purchases, you know how to run your business/work life, you know what mentors can support you in going to your next level.

And you will know our Sacred Sunday message to be so stunningly true (which I was guided to share with you before I even wrote this email!):


"You are an eternal being on an eternal journey and all that unfolds for you is unfolding for you to guide you to the next most magnificent unfolding and the next, and that if you can and will stay centered in the present moment of all things, you will experience a richness of this life that is impossible to experience when you are projecting into the future or ruminating in the past.

And if you will do the above and understand it fully you will be guided, ever so naturally, to that which serves you and that which therefore serves all.

Notice we did not say, "That which you will identify as only good things happening," we said that which serves you.

And so, dear ones you must remember that all that comes to you is coming to you to serve you, you must simply allow it to.

It is coming in to allow you to see what you have not been able to see before and to understand that which you have not been able to understand until now.

And we so desire that you cease making it any more difficult than it needs to be by telling stories that limit you.

And you are limited when you believe that only that which feels good serves you; and if you will expand into your curiosity you will see, very clearly we might add, that all that is before you may serve you if you will simply allow it."

-From the Oracle: Live Like You're on Vacation


Today, we meditate at 11:11am Pacific. We meditate for Peace for Iran, Puerto Rico & Australia.

To do this, please set your timer for 11 minutes and do the following:

Chant: I Love You, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you on repeat to Iran, Puerto Rico and Australia. 

This is the ancient Hawaiian healing chant of Hoʻoponopono (HP)

With your eyes closed, visualize each area and imagine that one round of HP is going to Iran (I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you), then the next round to Puerto Rico, then the next round to Australia.  

Doing so neutralizes psychic disturbances and allows the energy to return to alignment with the Highest Divine Will. And then from there, whatever serves the Highest Good can and will take place.

You may chant out loud or silently to yourself - honor whatever feels best to you. 

From there, set your timer for another 11 minutes
, this time setting the intention that Iran, Puerto Rico and Australia experience Peace and then silently meditate for 11 minutes.

If you're called, please share about your experience doing this in our free Rising UP for Love FB group. I'll be over there too after the meditation. Xo

I look forward to meditating with you soon!

In Divine Love,

(& The Highest Light Team)

If you'd like support in living your Spirit-Led, Love-fueled, enlightened life, below are three ways I can help:

1)  Confession: I totally thought the timing of my How To Thrive As An Empath in a 5G/5D World workshop was waaay off. But my Highest Light Team said that this coming Thursday, January 16 was the day for us to gather and uplevel our frequencies. 

Now, I see why. Our world is in it. The pollution both with EMFs and psychically is astounding. There's truly no better time to be in community and ritual to uplevel your physical body, including your immune system, wei qi and your home and transportation.

Spirit is seriously, always, right on. It usually doesn't make sense at the time, but once we are more in it or on the other side of it we can see clearly. I'm so excited to share with you and all willing hearts called for this upleveling on Thursday

Expect to feel grounded and fully in your body, experience healing from applying the rituals and guidance, receive an upleveling in your energy and vitality - as well as Miraculous healings we cannot even imagine yet! 

Sign-up here for How to Thrive As An Empath in a 5G/5D World.*

2) To get some New Year/New Decade love, listen to my Welcome to 2020! Here's what's what podcast episode 11. Click here for 20 minutes of high-vibes.

3) Follow me on Instagram to receive daily bursts of Love, Sacred Spirituality reminders and peer into my world (I share personal photos and happenings on my IG stories too). 

*This just in: We'll also have a tree planted in Australia with our partner One Tree Planted for every participant who joins us for our 5G/5D Thrive Workshop! Xo


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