Dear Parents & Caregivers
In order to keep moving forward and to ensure we are offering an environment that we feel best prepares our girls for the real world, it is imperative that we adopt a culture where we are continually inquiring into our practice as leaders, teachers and learners. Through using an inquiry habit of mind has led us to recently review our current pastoral practices. Through asking ourselves a powerful ‘why do we do the things we do?’ we then started to unpack the ‘how can we do things better?’

Gathering voice from all stakeholders, staff, parents and students has helped us to shape our next steps. From early on, it was clear that as a school community we believe it imperative for us to know our girls as culturally located young woman and that in order for every girl to feel connected, she needs to have strong positive relationships with at least one significant adult within the school. We also believe this connection needs to extend beyond the girl to include parents and Whanau/Aiga. 

Our girls thrive on opportunities to work with and alongside others of all ages; they also value our current House system as a way of strengthening relationships. With all of these factors in mind, we have set out to create a pastoral structure that reflects the things we value most. Our current thinking is to create small groups, possibly 12-14 students from across all year groups and from the same House. Each group would be led by a mentor/learning coach which would remain with them for the time which they are at school. 

Over time we would hope to see a raft of positive benefits such as increased attendance, an increase in pro social behaviours, increased motivation, improved academic outcomes and girls becoming increasingly articulate about their learning. 

Catherine Bentley


Monday 4 September - Friday 8 September
Tournament Week

Thursday 28 September
House Choir Festival

Friday 29 September
Sports Assembly
End of Term 3

Monday 16 October
Term 4 Commences

Friday 20 October
Hawke's Bay Anniversary

Monday 23 October
Labour Day

Tuesday 31 October
Year 13 Graduation Dinner

Thursday 2 November
Senior Prizegiving

Friday 3 November
Senior Sign Out Day

Thursday 9 November
NCEA Begins


CONTACT DETAILS                              

If you have had any changes to your contact details (address, phone, email or emergency contact details) please contact the School Office so we are able to update our records. It is particularly important for the School Office to have current contact details in case of an emergency.

Friday 26 January - Friday 13 April

Tuesday 6 February
Waitangi Day

Friday 30 March
Good Friday

Monday 2 April
Easter Monday

Tuesday 3 April
Easter Tuesday

Monday 30 April - Friday 6 July

Monday 4 June
Queen's Birthday

Monday 23 July - Friday 28 September

Monday 3 September
Teacher Only Day

Monday 15 October - Monday 10 December

Friday 19 October
Hawke's Bay Anniversary

Monday 22 October
Labour Day


Congratulations to Kate Rowland who won the High Overall Girls title at both the Eketahuna Club School Shoot and the Central Hawke's Bay School Shoot. 



Junior Gold Akina Award
Congratulations to Year 10 student, Panekire Waiariki who has been awarded her Junior Gold Akina Award. Our Akina Awards are based on our school code. All students are rewarded for displaying these behaviours. The four strands of our code of conduct are:
  • Be Respectful
  • Strive to Succeed                                                      
  • Show Resilience
  • Be Honest



During the last weekend of the holidays the Oversew Fashion Awards were held in Carterton.
This event was a sustainable fashion competition which was all about upcycling, minimizing waste and reducing landfill. The three judges were well-known NZ designers, including the founder and designer of Starfish.
Three Year 11 and 12 students from Fabric Design made it through to the finals which involved upcycling used clothes into an outfit fit for the catwalk.
The three girls who made it through to the finals were:
Chare van der Merwe
Kym Sedcole
Gypsy Saker
These girls did extremely well to make it through to the finals as there were only 43 entries that did – out of 76 entries. There were entries from not only New Zealand but overseas as well. The girls were competing against adults as well as tertiary design students.
The girls began by op shopping for garments which they could use to create their entry. They then created their garments which according to the judges would have not looked out of place being worn by very trendy international celebrities. 

Gypsy Saker
Gypsy’s entry was named ‘Woven Magic’ where she made great use of old scavenged t-shirts and black pants which led to her creating a unique fitted long plaited dress.

Chare van der Merwe
Chare’s entry was named ‘Sugar and Spice’ and was inspired by the technique of quilting. Chare took different fabrics from four blouses and a pair of dress pants, piecing them together into a quirky flared skirt and side-laced halter-top.

Kym Sedcole
Kym’s entry was named 'The Rose Garden’ where she cleverly transformed two dresses and men’s bowling shorts into a wrap top with a draping sleeve and skirt with a flowing train. This was embellished with embroidered vines and handmade 3D roses.

EDIBLE FASHION                                                                                      


Congratulations Kate Rowland who won the Secondary School Designer section and the Avant Garde Award for Edible Fashion held during the school holidays. Kate's creation was called 'Tane Taniwhai' and was made of black and red licorice, home brew tubing filled with black and white water to represent good and evil, and strengthened straws. It is now currently on display in the Hastings Community Arts Centre.
What a fantastic achievement Kate!



Congratulations to Mrs Follett and her team who competed in the Dance NZ Made Regional Competition on Monday 7 August 2017 in Napier.

Olivia Burney, Libby Bush, Louise Jamieson, Caroline Jones, Brooke McCracken, Abigail McEvoy, Courtney McLeod, Thea Morton, Libby Pryce, Jaime Treweek, Chare van der Merwe, Karmi van der Merwe, Nina Wilbrow, Devon Willis, and Lucy Youngquest were runners-up in the ‘Open’ section, only half a point behind Taradale High School. The girls performed a stunning contemporary item titled, 'This is our Time', based on the Women's March, a worldwide protest held in January this year. The march advocated such issues as women's rights, racial equality and human rights.

The team have secured a place to compete at the National competition in Palmerston North on Saturday 23 September.

Congratulations girls!


Last month we highlighted Diksha Sandhu who won the Spanish Year 10 Speech Competition organised by the Hawke's Bay branch of the New Zealand Language Teachers Association (NZALT) on Friday 30 June.

Here is Diksha's account of the competition:

Hola. My name is Diksha Sandhu and I recently competed in a speech competition. Last term on 30 June, myself, Ariana Matheson and Hemani Mall travelled to Napier Boys’ High School to compete in the Year 10 Hawke’s Bay Speech Competition.
We had been preparing for this event for several weeks. As the competition day crept nearer, the harder we worked. Competition day arrived. Ariana competed in both French and Spanish while Hemani competed in French and I competed in Spanish. Judging for Spanish was someone we all knew, Senora Powdrell. After presenting our speeches, we were rewarded with a morning tea to give the judges time to calculate the marks. This also gave us a chance to interact with students from competing schools. Anxiously, we all waited for the results. To my surprise, I was lucky enough to win 1st place in Spanish.
We went back to school knowing that this was an experience we’d never forget. We would like to thank Madame Bancks for giving us the opportunity to compete, giving up her time to help us prepare our speeches, and accompanying us all the way to Napier and back. We greatly appreciated her support throughout it all.
The competition not only helped me develop my skills in Spanish, but also my self-confidence. I would recommend this to anyone who is presented with the opportunity to do so. The hard work is definitely worth it in the end.

Diksha Sandhu


On Wednesday 2 August, the Hastings Girls’ High School and Lindisfarne College combined Symphonic and Concert Bands travelled to Whangarei to participate in the National Concert Band Festival held this year in Whangarei. Due to it being an incredibly long distance, the students arrived at Lindisfarne College at the crack of dawn. They loaded up the coach and were ready for departure at 7am! With a brief stop at Taupo for a stretch and comfort stop, we travelled on to Hamilton where the rain stopped just long enough for us to spend time exploring the beautiful Hamilton Gardens and have lunch. On arrival in Whangarei at about 5.30pm, we moved into the rooms that were to become our homes for the next few days and nights (Motel Villa del Rio) before going off to find a meal for dinner.
On Thursday, one of the highlights of the trip was performing at Tauraroa Area School to students from Year 0 to 13. It was an amazing experience to be able to share our music with so many young people and we performed to the full school; an enthusiastic audience, in their gymnasium. They even asked us to sign autographs afterwards! Another highlight was going to the various workshops provided by the Concert Band Association. Here we got to improve our skills and learn new techniques amongst like-minded instrumentalists from all over the North Island. It was a really valuable lesson for all of us and it was one we wouldn’t normally have been able to experience. We were able to listen to many very talented bands during the course of the weekend as well as evaluate our own performances and become more focussed on what we as a band want to achieve in the future.
We are grateful to the staff members from both schools who came with us on the trip and made the whole experience possible. Thanks Miss G, Mrs Frankum, Mr Wood and Mr Kristensen for everything. The planning and organisation for the five days included many other positive experiences such as having a buffet meal at the Kamo Club, dining and dancing at the local RSA, visiting the Whangarei Falls and getting Mr Kristensen’s aerobie stuck in a tree, cooking meals together in the motel and having a brief shopping opportunity at The Base in Hamilton on the long journey home on Sunday.
Ultimately though, our main purpose was to represent our respective schools at the National Band Festival. The Concert Band came away with a Bronze Award and the Symphonic Band a Silver; and we were pretty stoked! Next year, we can’t wait to head to Wellington for the 2018 Festival.
Georgia Huisman








NCEA Examinations
The timetable for the external examinations has been published by NZQA with NCEA examinations commencing on Thursday 9 November and finishing on Friday 1 December 2017. Students will receive individual timetables and further examinations details early next term. Not all students will start and finish examinations at the same time. A full timetable is available on

Parents are reminded that these examinations cannot be rescheduled, so students must be here on the right day at the correct time. If for some reason your daughter is unable to attend an examination, it is likely a year’s study will receive little credit. Please do not schedule family events over the examination time. Afternoon examinations finish as late as 5.10 pm. Please be aware alternative transport may be required.


Thinking about further study?

Students thinking about further study after they leave school have a lot of choices to make.

Sussed Online is a great way to get thinking about what it will cost to live and study. Will it be broadband and baked beans, or dial-up and dining out? Part-time job or parents helping? Hear from students about their experiences and the choices that need to be made. You’ll also find out more about StudyLink and what they do along the way.

There are some really important decisions to make. A little effort, planning and commitment now can turn into exciting jobs, higher wages and only having to pay back what you really needed to borrow to get there.

Figure out what things you’ll need for your tertiary education, and how you might pay for them.

We encourage students and parents to check it out at


Barista Course 
Hospitality Training Solutions NZ Ltd
Well done to the following girls who have recently completed a Barista Course with Hospitality Training Solutions NZ Ltd.
Aneti Faafiu Lafaele
Patyne Te Whaiti
Sophie Wallace
Morgan Hall
Caroline Howell
Bhupinderjit Singh
Tia Kimber-Jones
Emma Jacobs
Xanthia Lecusanu-Burns
Erin Henare-Murton
Gypsy Saker
Kate Rowland
Upuli Nanayakkara Gode
Olivia Bell


Are you interested in becoming more actively involved in the governance of our school? If so, being a member of the Board of Trustees is a way to show your support.
The board has the overall responsibility for the school. The board's most important responsibility is for student achievement. To achieve this, the board is also legally responsible for the curriculum (what is taught), property, personnel, finance and health and safety.

This means that the board is responsible for making sure that all students are getting a high quality education that will prepare them to survive and thrive in the world by the time they leave school. Being able to show that your school is doing this well is what they mean when they talk about "progress and achievement".

The board must be able to provide leadership for its local community and its Principal and staff. At the same time, the board is elected by the community to ensure that the community has a voice in how their school operates. An effective board needs to be able to balance these two responsibilities.

The board is also responsible for acting as a good employer to all the staff in the school.

Trustees are active leaders in their schools, just as your Mayor and Councillors are in the wider community. A Board of Trustees needs the same skills that a city council or other local body needs to work effectively. All trustees need to be able to:
  • work well in a team
  • understand and think about what they are being told
  • ask relevant and challenging questions
  • have good communication skills.
Boards also need a balance of specific skills and experiences to make sure that all the board's responsibilities are being met, and that the important business of preparing students for life beyond school is being done really well. Some of those skills are:
  • passion
  • energy
  • people skills
  • honesty
  • integrity.
Financial know-how and strategic thinking are also valuable.
If you are interested in becoming a member of our School Board of Trustees, please contact our Board Chairperson, Mrs Celia Dent –
You can also refer to the ‘School Trustees’ link from the ‘Links’ tab in this app for more information.
(NZSTA Website)


Summer Uniform
A reminder to all parents that your daughters will be required to be in summer uniform at the commencement of Term 4.

It may be useful for your daughters to try on their summer uniforms to check hem lengths and attend to any missing buttons.

Year 13 students will wear their navy skirts and white blouses with either the senior cardigan or the regulation school jersey. No variations are acceptable.


PB4L – Positive Behaviour for Learning


Do what’s right regardless of who's around.

Do what you say you will do.

Don’t deceive, cheat or steal.

Be someone others can trust.


This year our Senior Prizegiving will be held on Thursday 2 November in our School Assembly Hall starting at 7.00 pm. We only have classes for half a day and finish teaching at 12.10 pm so that senior students can prepare for Prizegiving and the hall can be organised. Junior students finish at 12.10 pm but are not expected to attend Prizegiving.


What is Strep Throat?
A 'strep throat' is a throat infection caused by the Group A Streptococcus (GAS).

The strep throat bacteria are highly infectious. It can be spread when the infected person coughs or sneezes.

A strep throat infection can lead to Rheumatic Fever, even if it's the first time or a one-off. The risk of getting Rheumatic Fever gets higher when a person suffers from repeated untreated strep throat infections.
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