Dear Parents & Caregivers

What is our why?

Over the past couple of terms, we have spent time examining our ‘why’. Why do we do the things we do? Do we even know why we do some things?

Here at Hastings Girls’, we believe that for something to be of true value, we need to place ‘our girl’ in the heart of it. When considering our ‘why’ we do the things we do, we also need to consider: is this the best way of preparing ‘our girl’ for her tomorrow?

To assist with this process, we invited students, staff and parents to share their thoughts on the values, knowledge and skills our girls need to become active and positive members of local, national and international communities. Some common threads have emerged from our findings; below is a summary of some key ideas:

Our girls need to know ... their cultural identity, their strengths and weaknesses, lifelong literacy and numeracy skills, how to be confident, resilient, empathetic, responsible, innovative … and how to collaborate, contribute and communicate.

Our girls need to know how to ... solve problems, maintain positive relationships, budget, be courageous, be resourceful, take care of their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. 

It is important for our girls to have opportunity to develop relationships with students across multiple year levels, to have a staff member who knows her well; her strengths, challenges, dreams and aspirations, and who can support her in setting academic goals and to assist her in monitoring her progress towards these goals.

This valuable feedback will help inform the shape of future direction in regard to our school curriculum and pastoral care. 

Recently the Education Review Office spent time visiting us. ERO’s role is to independently evaluate and report on the quality of education and care for our students. They are interested in our ability to reflect on our school-wide performance, our evaluative processes and outcomes, and to examine how to use this information to establish future goals and next steps. Feedback was very positive, particularly in regard to our current focus of reviewing the Curriculum and Pastoral systems.

Catherine Bentley


Monday 16 October
Term 4 Commences

Friday 20 October
Hawke's Bay Anniversary

Monday 23 October
Labour Day

Tuesday 31 October
Year 13 Graduation Dinner

Thursday 2 November
Senior Prizegiving

Friday 3 November
Senior Sign Out Day

Thursday 9 November
NCEA Begins

Friday 24 November

Year 10 Rec Day

Friday 1 December
Year 10 Beach Day

Friday 8 December
Term 4 Ends

CONTACT DETAILS                              

If you have had any changes to your contact details (address, phone, email or emergency contact details) please contact the School Office so we are able to update our records. It is particularly important for the School Office to have current contact details in case of an emergency.

2018 SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS                          

Congratulations to the following girls from our contributing schools who are recipients of Year 9, 2018 Scholarships and Principal's Awards.


Constance Miller Academic Scholarship     
Aashmeen Jalaf
Hastings Intermediate

Jean Kelt Sports Scholarship
Rakairoa Joyce        
Havelock North Intermediate                                                                                                                           

Jill Davidson Cultural Scholarship                      
Rosemary Jones      
Heretaunga Intermediate 

Liv Birnie                                          
Heretaunga Intermediate                                                                                                                                       

Principal’s Mathematics Award        
Ahnaliyah Maas                               
St Matthew’s School                                      

Principal’s Award for Academic Promise  
Olivia Gray                                        
Heretaunga Intermediate                             

Georgia Taylor                                 
Heretaunga Intermediate                                                       

Principal’s Award for Consistency
Shelby Wainohu                               
Irongate School                                          

Legacy Harrison                              
Peterhead School

Principal’s Award for Potential
Katie Lincoln                                                
Waipawa School                  

Principal’s Award for Problem Solving 
Harleen Kaur                                    
Hastings Intermediate                   


Friday 26 January - Friday 13 April

Tuesday 6 February
Waitangi Day

Friday 30 March
Good Friday

Monday 2 April
Easter Monday

Tuesday 3 April
Easter Tuesday

Monday 30 April - Friday 6 July

Monday 4 June
Queen's Birthday

Monday 23 July - Friday 28 September

Monday 3 September
Teacher Only Day

Monday 15 October - Monday 10 December

Friday 19 October
Hawke's Bay Anniversary

Monday 22 October
Labour Day



The Hastings Girls’ High School Basketball team have recently returned from competing at the Schik NZ Secondary Schools Basketball National Championships from 2 October through to 7 October 2017.

The team showed that they deserved to be there by backing up their top 4 finish in qualifying with a very creditable 14th at the National Tournament held in Palmerston North. This result is an improvement by two places on last year's tournament where they finished 16th.

Day one saw the team compete against New Plymouth Girls’ High School with Hastings Girls’ High School recording their first win of the tournament in a tight hard-fought game. The Morning game on day two was against an extremely strong Melville High School with Hastings Girls’ coming out on the wrong side of the scoreline. In the afternoon they played Rangitoto College in a thriller that saw Rangitoto win by one point.

Day three’s morning game was up against the power house of Mount Albert Grammar School who put on a display showing what is required at the top level. In the afternoon the Hastings Girls' team bounced back having learned their lessons well, with a 36 point win over St Andrew's College.

With pool play over, days 4-7 saw the team move into playoffs for the 9-16 positions. Injuries, which are the bane of every tournament team started to have some impact. However, the Hastings Girls’ High School team battled on with some strong performances from Jaylen Cooper, Leikyn Taito and Puaula Vaima’a that saw the team have close losses against Massey High School and Rotorua Girls’ High School and a good win against Rangi Ruru Girls’ School.

Special thanks to the Coach, Mr Dustine Sadler, and Assistant Coach, Miss Sina Au, along with Mrs Kim Hokianga who managed the team. It was great to see spectators who made the trip to Palmerston North to support the team.


Most pupils are celebrating the end of the school term because they have a chance to get away from school commitments. Four students from Hastings Girls' High School are celebrating their time away from school for another reason. On the last day of term Morgan Slade, Kate Rowland, Brooke Murphy and Isabella Jenkins boarded the Hastings Girls’ High School van and headed off to participate in the Clay Target National Championships in Hamilton.

The Team won 1st place for the North Island Points Score Championship.  The trophy is currently making its way to the school as the previous holders left it in their trophy cabinet.
Isabella Jenkins won a 3rd place medal for North Island Point Score and also won 4th place girl for the day resulting in a voucher for Killwell products.
Before going to the Nationals the girls team shot in a Killwell Postal shoot and won 3rd place team, with Isabella taking 3rd place as an individual girl.
Kate Rowland shot 2nd in The New Zealand Single Rise Championship, and also 2nd place girl for the day resulting in a Killwell voucher.

The team finished 2nd for the New Zealand Points Score Championship.
The team shot in the Regional Teams Match (which they won the ability to shoot in from their scores over the two days), they came 2nd in this event which is amazing as the weather was incredibly shocking, with winds so strong that it broke our tent poles!! Kate Rowland won 2nd girl in this shoot too.
Kate Rowland and Morgan Slade shot in the North and New Zealand Skeet Championships with Kate finishing 3rd in the North Island Championship. 
So a pretty awesome weekend for the girls shooting. The weather, as mentioned before, was a nightmare: huge winds, pelting rain, and then lots of sun too, which certainly played on the girls vision for seeing the targets. The girls did a great job of supporting each other as a team, and competed amazingly considering the conditions.


Congratulations to Winona-Jo Joyce who was the Senior Girl’s winner of the Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools Squash Championship held in August.


Te Aira Te Pou competed in the Intermediate Girls 4 x 100m relay and achieved 3rd place with a time of 52.08s. Congratulations Te Aira.


Congratulations – Te Aira Te Pou, Kaya Mareikura-Russell, Ashley Palu, Olioli Mua, Tuia Edwards & Irie Smith-Craig who won the Hurricanes Girls U15 Rugby Tournament.





Congratulations to Caroline Howell who competed very successfully over the holidays in 2 events.

Caroline competed at the Northern Hawke's Bay Horse Trial in the first weekend of the school holidays in a very strong CNC105 class and finished in 2nd place.

On Sunday 15 October she competed at the Flaxmere Pony Club One Day Event in her first start at NZPCA 110cm (1*) and finished in 1st place.
Over the middle weekend Caroline trialled for the Hawke's Bay Area Pony Club Dressage Team and was selected to compete in the Intermediate Grade at the NZ Pony Clubs North Island Championships in January.

Well done Caroline.  


A Team Award Winners

Most Improved Player - Kate Allen, Millie Tucker
Most Dedicated Player - Alex Potts-Tyro
Most Valuable Player - Hayley Cameron
B Team Award Winners

Most Improved Player - Libby Crawford
Most Promising Player - Greta Russell      
Most Valuable Player - Amiria Tamati    


Most Improved Player - Bernadette Christanti-Yafar                   
Most Dedicated Player - Aiyleen Heather                     
Most Valuable Player - Manraj Kaur

Target Shooting

Most Improved Player - Isabelle Jenkins
Most Dedicated Player - Morgan Slade              
Most Valuable Player - Kate Rowland
Most Improved Player - Lydia Puriri                    
Most Dedicated Player - Tarita Aiolupotea
Most Valuable Player - Te Aira Te Pou, Ashley Palu

1st XI Team
Most Improved - Ella Foskett
Most Dedicated - Holly Barclay 
Most Valuable Player - Guinivere MacDonald  
2nd XI Team
Most Improved - Leidy Santander Narvaez
Most Dedicated - Tia Kimber-Jones
Most Valuable Player - Brooke McCracken
Senior A Team
Most Improved Player - Puaula Vaima'a, Etana Luki
Most Dedicated Player - Sequoia Sadler
Most Valuable Player - Levani Taito, Jaylen Cooper
Junior A Team
Most Improved Player - Olivia Omur-Mackenzie
Most Dedicated Player - Geneva Harrison
Most Valuable Player - Etana Luki

1st XI Team
Most Improved Player - Katelyn Garbes                      
Most Dedicated Player - Tyla O’Neill        
Most Valuable Player - Caroline Howell

2nd XI Team
Most Improved Player - Gurmeen Kaur                        
Most Dedicated Player - Hena Dugh         
Most Valuable Player - Karmi van der Merwe


Senior A
Most Improved - Xharndaan Barnett, Frankie Stafford
Most Dedicated - Asher Grapes               
Most Valuable - Liana Mikaele-Tuu
Senior 1
Most Improved - Stevie-Lee Sylva
Most Dedicated - Ngahoe Karauria
Most Valuable - Beige Pere-Smith
Senior 2
Most Improved - Micaela Parkes
Most Dedicated - Chloe Macaulay
Most Valuable - Caitlin Stent
Senior 3
Most Improved Player - Celeste Tangiora, Amba Hancock            
Most Dedicated Player - Emma Kendrick            
Most Valuable Player - Shelby Te Aho, Ngaire-Anne Taku-Pera
Senior 4
Most Improved Player - Zara-Jane Maarhuis, Sariah Melville                  
Most Dedicated Player - Holly Dawson                         
Most Valuable Player - Maddi Kimber-Jones
Junior A
Most Improved Player - Ngahiraka Mataira           
Most Dedicated Player - Ashley Hart, Arkeylah Tuaine
Most Valuable Player - Etana Luki
Most Improved Player - Kataraina Te Whaiti                        
Most Dedicated Player - Zara Lloyd-Morrell                 
Most Valuable Player - Te Aira Te Pou
Most Improved Player - Zoe Smith           
Most Dedicated Player - Ngawaiatarere Kaa     
Most Valuable Player - Genasce Hokianga-Heather
Most Improved Player - Alexandra Malcolm                          
Most Dedicated Player - Anneke Maarhuis
Most Valuable Player - Melissa Dodunski
Most Improved Player - Alahzay Brown
Most Dedicated Player - Georgia Treneman
Most Valuable Player - Ataahua Smith
Most Improved Player - Mackenzie Potts-Tyro  
Most Dedicated Player - Harsimar Dugh
Most Valuable Player - Makelesi Veikoso
Most Improved Player - Rebecca Hall
Most Dedicated Player - April Vaima'a
Most Valuable Player - Libby Crawford
Most Improved Player - Tristan Phillips
Most Dedicated Player - Lily Harding
Most Valuable Player - Ocean Christy
Laurent Netball Cup: (For excellence, reliability, positive attitude, effort and team spirit in the Junior school) 
Etana Luki                 
Michelle Hirst Trophy (Most dedicated student netball coach) 
Asher Grapes   
McClelland Cup (For excellence, reliability, positive attitude, effort and team spirit) 
Liana Mikaele-Tuu


Asher Grapes, Verona Sio, Patyne Te Whaiti, Alex Potts-Tyro, Micaela Parkes, Alex Kerrisk, Raven Petuha, Frankie Stafford, Ottyleah Paku, Olivia Epplett, Katie Nichols, Maddi Kimber-Jones, Holly Dawson, Jessica Dawson, Brenda Palu, Rutasara Iulio Auvaa, Maria Walsh, Kenah Abraham-Smith, Paige Randell,
Target Shooting         
Morgan Slade
Canoe Polo                  
Alex Potts-Tyro, Hayley Cameron  
Levani Taito
Alex Turley
Brooke McCracken, Guinivere MacDonald
Aiyleen Heather
Zoe Holt, Caroline Howell     


This award is awarded to students who show reliability, attitude, sportsmanship, performance.
Kathleen Nahora, Jaylen Cooper
Gurpreet Rani
Grace Peia, Priscilla McLintock, Caroline Jones, Veronica-Lee Young 

Amiria Tamati, Ariana Matheson, Kelly Turfrey


This is a prestigious award that is awarded to a select number of athletes, who show excellence in their performance, reliability, attitude, sportsmanship.
Levani Taito        
Manraj Kaur, Bernadette Christanti-Yafar
Rose Morton, Guinivere MacDonald, Holly Barclay
Zoe Grupp, Caroline Howell, Kate Rowland               
Target Shooting   
Morgan Slade, Kate Rowland, Isabelle Jenkins
Frankie Stafford, Sophie Daly     



Squash Player of the Year

Rhiarne Taiapa
Winona-Jo Joyce

Female Canoeist of the Year
Hayley Cameron

Netball Player of the Year
Asher Grapes

Female Football Player of the Year
Rose Morton


Congratulations to Lia Horsley who competed in Level 6 Rhythmic Gymnastics this year and achieved the following results:

Auckland Championships - 1st Overall

Wellington Open - 1st Overall

Spiralz, Hamilton - 1st Overall

Midlands Championships - 2nd Overall

Lia also qualified to compete in the recent National Championships, held in Auckland. She placed 1st in Ball, 3rd in Clubs and a Bronze Medal for placing 3rd Overall. 

Congratulations Lia - an achievement to be proud of!


We were delighted that Te Waiwaia, our home of Maori language, was recently awarded a Landscape/Art and History Award at The Hastings District Landmarks Trust Awards.
The awards recognise outstanding examples of excellence in the Landmarks’ four tenets of History, Landscape, Architecture and Art in Public Places.

We are so fortunate to work with Mr Raj Patel from BSM Group Architects when designing our stunning learning spaces.




A ‘wearable creation’ is when you use the human body as a blank canvas and designs are brought to life in a world where theatre, fashion and art collide.

The following girls recently
 competed in their age groups at the CHB Wearable Creations competition in Waipawa. The theme for the show was ‘Movie Magic’.

Kym Sedcole, Gypsy Saker, Chare van der Merwe, Pelerose Vaima'a, Katie Voice, Kathleen Steffert, Holly Norfolk, Mao Peni, Gracelyn Harrison and Sharon Dunn

A huge range of different fabrics and fibres were used in their designs. For example, film tape, plastic bags, leather shoes, foam, old video tape. Skills used were weaving, sewing and constructing just to name a few.

Placegetters were

Kym Sedcole - Winner Years 9, 10 and 11 - (black and white with film canisters)

Chare van der Merwe - Runner-up Years 12 and 13 (Disney theme - castle headpiece)

   A beautiful creation by our very own                                                     Fabric Technology Teacher, Mrs Kirsty Taylor.




Congratulations Jasmine Norton who received a Gold Award placing her in the top 2% of 80,000 competitors from around the world.


Congratulations to the following girls who competed in our annual speech competitions held at the end of the term.

Year 11 Competition

1st Place - Bernadette Christanti-Yafar
2nd Place - Alexandra Kerrisk
3rd Place - Kym Sedcole

Senior Competition

1st Place - Hena Dugh
2nd Place - Nicole Douylliez
3rd Place - Rytasha Sekhon
Participation - Neve Duff

Senior Dramatic Performance

1st Place - Nicole Douylliez
2nd Place - Navratan Kaur
3rd Place - Courtney McLeod



A number of our students entered the recent Hawke’s Bay Science and Technology Fair hosted by EIT.

We were very proud of the following results:
Caeli O’Brien – Year 9 Commended, City Medical Award for excellence in the area of improvements in health and wellbeing – “Diabetes! How well do you know it?”
Karmi van der Merwe & Ruth Prasad – Year 9 Commended, EIT Award for Science and Technology for a student showing promise – “Memory”
Mae Gilmour & Hena Dugh – Year 11-13 Highly Commended, New Zealand Apples and Pears Award for a student showing great potential – “Shake It Off”
Trinity Hart & Emilee Scarborough – Year 11-13 Outstanding, EIT Award for Science and Technology for a student showing promise – “Torque About Cars”
Trinity Hart & Emilee Scarborough – Year 11-13 Outstanding, University of Otago Prize for the best application of a scientific method – “Torque About Cars” (Expenses paid attendance at “Hands on Science” at the University of Otago in January, 2018)

Exhibitors Included

Olivia Burney
Libby Bush
Hena Dugh
Ruby Foskett
Anna Gilmour
Mae Gilmour
Zoe Grupp
Eva Harper
Ashley Hart
Trinity Hart
Gurmeen Kaur
Jasmine Kaur
Ariana Matheson
Thea Morton
Jordan Mou
Caeli O’Brien
Olivia Omur-Mackenzie
Ruth Prasad
Diksha Sandhu
Emilee Scarborough
Ella-Rose Spooner
Ritika Sunder
Karmi van der Merwe

EIT Science Fair Torque About Cars
On 25 August, we had the pleasure of attending the EIT Hawke’s Bay Science Fair. Inside EIT building, there were many interesting projects and many more excited students. With approximately two hundred different projects entered across three different divisions, there was plenty to do and see.
For our project “Torque about Cars” we studied the application and use of torque in vehicles. Through the time spent researching this topic, we gained a far more advanced understanding of the physics relating to forces. Using this new knowledge to our advantage, we designed two car models, one for a police car and one for an ambulance or police car.
We were fortunate enough to gain an Outstanding award. As well as this, we also won the University of Otago Prize for the best application of a scientific method. Included in this prize is an all expenses paid trip, worth approximately $1,500 each, to the University of Otago’s Hands On Science Programme which will take place mid-January next year. We are absolutely thrilled about this opportunity and we are very thankful that we get to take part in this programme.
Other prize winners from Hastings Girls' High School include Caeli O’Brien, Karmi van der Merwe, and Ruth Prasad. These girls' projects were awarded Commended in the junior category. Mae Gilmour and Hena Dugh’s project ‘Shake it off’ was awarded Highly Commended in the senior category. Our School is very proud of all the students who took part.
Trinity Hart and Emilee Scarborough


Nicole Douylliez
Hena Dugh
Ella Foskett
Mae Gilmour
Trinity Hart
Erin Henare-Murton
Caroline Howell
Emma Jacobs
Isha Kaur
Anita Lu
Rose Morton
Devdolly Saini
Emilee Scarborough


From 6-8 September, ten Year 9 students, with Science Teacher Mrs Monique Goodson, attended a Science Wananga run by the University of Otago. It was hosted by Waipatu Marae and Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga. The theme of this year’s wangana was “Water is a Taonga”. During the two-night stay, the students got the opportunity to experience some hands-on Science including Pharmacology, Physics and Ecology, facilitated by graduate students from the university. In the Pharmacology sessions, students used dried orange peel (usually a waste product) in a gel to remove lead from water. In Physics, they learnt about the different types of light and built a colourimeter to measure the amount of nitrates in samples of local water. They were shocked to learn that some samples had very high levels. During the Ecology sessions they compared the life present in two different local streams using microscopes and they learnt how to identify a healthy waterway. The students worked with others from different schools to produce and present three performances (including waiata, kanikani and theatre) that reflected what they had learnt. It was all around, an excellent learning experience!



NCEA Examinations

The timetable for the external examinations has been published by NZQA with NCEA Examinations commencing on Thursday 9 November and finishing on Friday 1 December 2017. Students will receive individual timetables and further examination details early next term. Not all students will start and finish examinations at the same time. A full timetable is available on

Parents are reminded that these examinations cannot be rescheduled, so students must be here on the right day at the correct time. If for some reason your daughter is unable to attend an examination, it is likely a year’s study will receive little credit. Please do not schedule family events over the examination time. Afternoon examinations finish as late as 5.10pm. Please be aware alternative transport may be required.


Thinking about further study?

Students thinking about further study after they leave school have a lot of choices to make.

Sussed Online is a great way to get thinking about what it will cost to live and study. Will it be broadband and baked beans, or dial-up and dining out? Part-time job or parents helping? Hear from students about their experiences and the choices that need to be made. You’ll also find out more about StudyLink and what they do along the way.

There are some really important decisions to make. A little effort, planning and commitment now can turn into exciting jobs, higher wages and only having to pay back what you really needed to borrow to get there.

Figure out what things you’ll need for your tertiary education, and how you might pay for them.

We encourage students and parents to check it out at


Congratulations to the following students who performed particularly well in the recent UNSW examinations.


Zoe Grupp

Thea Morton

Jennifer McMahon
Jordan Mou
Chequetta Watson-Paul

Etana Luki
Ashley Hart
Melissa Dodunski
Libby Bush

Hannah Evans
Ruby Foskett
Amelia Haszard
Amy Heffernan
Tiana Holloway
Abigail McEvoy
Libby Spooner

Libby Crawford
Karmi van der Merwe
Caeli O'Brien
Sarah McMahon


PowerUP Plus: The Opportunity
What is Pasifika PowerUP Plus?

  • Pasifika PowerUP Plus is an ‘engagement strategy' that recognises the strength and influence of Pasifika parents, families and communities (PFC); and works to leverage this collective power for education success.
  • PowerUP Plus places parents, families and communities at the centre of the education system – and invests in building their capability over a sustained period of time – to increase their knowledge, voice and influence in the education system.
  • The key focus for PowerUP Plus is to enhance and facilitate parents’ knowledge and engagement on and in education, in particular the benefits of Early Learning, National Standards and NCEA.
  • PowerUP Plus is also a study programme that uses the power of our communities and channels it for education!
Why should I go and what are the benefits of attending PowerUP Plus?

Each workshop will be led by subject specific secondary school teachers, primary teachers, ECE teachers, academic mentors, champions and facilitators.

The PowerStation is a positive and friendly environment where parents, families and students can learn more about education issues and topics including:
  • Parents are provided with the most up-to-date and relevant information they need in order to better support their children’s education.
  • They have the opportunity to share strategies with other parents on what works for them and what doesn’t.
  • Get an understanding of the NZ curriculum: NCEA, National Standards, etc.
  • Have the opportunity to sit down with their children and create family goals and family plans that suit their needs.
Workshops for parents, families and communities covering a range of topics to help them better understand:
  • Why attending an early childhood centre is important for their child’s future learning,
  • What are National Standards and why it is important for their children to do well in reading, mathematics and writing?
  • What is NCEA and how parents and families can support their secondary school children to achieve their goals and aspirations by succeeding in NCEA.
  • Any other education-related information, programmes and opportunities that parents and families want to know about or need to know about.
  • Expert tutoring for secondary students and workshops that include examination and study tips, time management and mentoring, careers advice and more.
  • Secondary students Year 9 & 10 are better supported in preparing for NCEA.
  • Set short and long term goals.
  • Choosing the right subjects that align with their career aspirations.
  • NCEA students are supported with their internal assessments and external exam preparations. Develop new skills in time management and career goal setting.
  • Expert tutoring for primary children and workshops that include study tips, time management etc.
  • Primary children are better supported in National Standards: Reading, writing and maths to strengthen their skills in these subject areas.
  • An ECE space will be provided for children under 5 to take part in activities that will support their growth and learning. Qualified and current ECE teachers will be on board to lead these workshops with the children.
  • Parents, families, and communities (PFC) active engagement is expected to contribute to an increase in Early Learning participation, National Standards and NCEA achievement and also the overall Pasifika Education Plan target of Parents, Families, and Communities being more informed knowledgeable and demanding consumers of education services.
  • Pasifika parents, families and communities are better informed, more knowledgeable and demanding of education services.
  • Pasifika parents, families and communities support and champion their children’s learning and achievements.
  • Primarily parents, families, and communities are the champions and supporters of their children’s learning and achievements.
  • Plus hear about Pasifika success stories, talanoa and share a light meal together.




Congratulations to KJ Kemp and Alycia Harris who were both presented with Youth Potential Awards at a Hastings District Council Ceremony on Wednesday 11 October.

The awards are designed to celebrate the achievement and success of young people in provider programmes with a focus on youth from the Flaxmere and Camberley communities.

These awards will recognize those Rangatahi who have achieved in the face of personal adversity, in the hope that they will serve as an inspiration to others.


Are you interested in becoming more actively involved in the governance of our school? If so, being a member of the Board of Trustees is a way to show your support.
The board has the overall responsibility for the school. The board's most important responsibility is for student achievement. To achieve this, the board is also legally responsible for the curriculum (what is taught), property, personnel, finance and health and safety.

This means that the board is responsible for making sure that all students are getting a high quality education that will prepare them to survive and thrive in the world by the time they leave school. Being able to show that your school is doing this well is what they mean when they talk about "progress and achievement".

The board must be able to provide leadership for its local community and its Principal and staff. At the same time, the board is elected by the community to ensure that the community has a voice in how their school operates. An effective board needs to be able to balance these two responsibilities.

The board is also responsible for acting as a good employer to all the staff in the school.

Trustees are active leaders in their schools, just as your Mayor and Councillors are in the wider community. A Board of Trustees needs the same skills that a city council or other local body needs to work effectively. All trustees need to be able to:
  • work well in a team
  • understand and think about what they are being told
  • ask relevant and challenging questions
  • have good communication skills.
Boards also need a balance of specific skills and experiences to make sure that all the board's responsibilities are being met, and that the important business of preparing students for life beyond school is being done really well. Some of those skills are:
  • passion
  • energy
  • people skills
  • honesty
  • integrity.
Financial know-how and strategic thinking are also valuable.
If you are interested in becoming a member of our School Board of Trustees, please contact our Board Chairperson, Mrs Celia Dent –
You can also refer to the ‘School Trustees’ link from the ‘Links’ tab in this app for more information.
(NZSTA Website)


PB4L – Positive Behaviour for Learning


Do what’s right regardless of who's around.

Do what you say you will do.

Don’t deceive, cheat or steal.

Be someone others can trust.


This year our Senior Prizegiving will be held on Thursday 2 November in our School Assembly Hall starting at 7.00pm. We only have classes for half a day and finish teaching at 12.10pm so that senior students can prepare for Prizegiving and the hall can be organised. Junior students finish at 12.10pm but are not expected to attend Prizegiving.


What is Strep Throat?
A 'strep throat' is a throat infection caused by the Group A Streptococcus (GAS).

The strep throat bacteria are highly infectious. It can be spread when the infected person coughs or sneezes.

A strep throat infection can lead to Rheumatic Fever, even if it's the first time or a one-off. The risk of getting Rheumatic Fever gets higher when a person suffers from repeated untreated strep throat infections.
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