Ivory Flame by Humberto Pasart

Hello Fellow Quarantiners!

Are you staying extra healthy and sane during these turbulent times?

Dmitriy and I are still amazed that we actually managed to successfully UTadventure in Mexico this March - our tour was scheduled during the very beginning of this rapidly unfolding pandemic! :O

Was it easy? Oh no!

Was it worth it? Absolutely!

Considering the current state of things in the world, we are DEEPLY grateful for the opportunity to share one of the most beautiful Mexico tours we ever had, with these awesome people!

Our beautiful group against an epic background (Mayan ruins)
All things Coronavirus really started escalating AFTER we already began our tour, but with everyone already in Yucatan, away from the epicenters of the madness, we made a decision to proceed and focus on beauty and creativity while dismissing the rest even if only for 6 short days.

While we had to make constant changes to our usual impeccably organized schedule due to our locations closing one by one as many tourist sites we suddenly off limits, we thankfully always have a beautiful plan B, C, D and all the way to the Z. We even scrambled to fly out a local model from Mexico City after our super star Sienna Hayes had to depart in the middle of the tour, to make it home before the US border closed to non-citizens. Crazy!

Here is what our dear participants have to say about the "Art during pandemic" tour!
Sienna Hayes by Dan Nikkle
(Third time on tour!)

"I had a great time on this year's UTadventure in Yucatán. Despite the world wide health crisis chasing us along our way, we still managed to see some great sites and engage in some wonderful and fulfilling photography.

As the tour progressed, we lost one of our models due to the changing border policies with the health crisis, but an amazing replacement was able to be brought in on short notice, and with Dasha stepping into the gap, we ended up having the opportunity shoot with 5 models over the course of the tour, which was awesome. The Yucatán tour provides a diversity of culture, landscape, and nature, and this year we got all of that.

Due to site closures we lost out on a couple of planned sites, but the organizers deftly adjusted and we got some great replacement sites.
Sienna Hayes by Dan Nikkel
It was interesting that one of the replacement locations was the hacienda we stayed at last year, and I initially didn't have overly high expectations as I'd shot there a lot previously, but when we got there the mix of energy and new models and participants my creativity got pumped up and I got some of my favorite shots there.

Dasha and Dima do a great job running UTadventure, and this year with all of it's challenges really showed how well run and organized they are. I can't wait for my next tour with them."

Thanks dear Dan! See you later this year in Utah! <3
Ivory Flame by Humberto Pasart
(First time on tour with UTadventure in Mexico!)

"I feel incredibly lucky with our timing for the Yucatán trip. We all got to travel safely and meet in this blissful paradise to make beautiful images and memories in a week I'll always cherish.

I had seen so many amazing results from the stunning locations available and been beyond excited to see it for my own eyes and seize the possibilities. Last year Utah had blown my mind, but Mexico promised to feed my adoration for stunning colour, detail, texture and magic.

I can say completely that the divine beauty of the Yucatan met and exceeded my expectations!
Ivory Flame by Humberto Pasart
Back at home now, I'm holding my memories of Mexico closely, even if that idyllic place feels so very far away right now. :(

We were so fortunate that our schedule didn't face too much disruption, and the Utadventure team dealt with any obstacles so swiftly and impressively!

In the week where the world was turning upside down, we got to support one another, and be present, connected in the magnificence of nature and creation. I know one thing for sure, I would adore to go back!"
Sienna Hayes by Eric Scott
(First timer on tour)

“As I lay in bed in locked down NJ, it is eerily quiet outside with no car sounds or other signs of activity.  Reminds me of day after 9/11.  And, also, it makes me feel that what we all experienced together last week is so important.

The sharing of artistic purpose, the comradeship, building of future relationships, the fabulous art we will all create and share in the weeks ahead.
Ivory Flame by Eric Scott
These are all things that will sustain us through the difficult times ahead to eventually a better place because it is built on a foundation of strength and hope thru art created just before the world shut down.

Thanks to Dasha,  Dimitry. And Humberto for providing that opportunity so beautifully, the models for their inspiring beauty, strength and talents, and to the photographers whose sharing different styles and perspectives will bring sustaining joy and learning from each other as we share our results. Namaste to All“
Sienna Hayes by Eric Scott
(Oft recurring presence on UTadventure)

"Shooting art nudes in Mexico was as magical as ever this past March, but with the urgency of the coronavirus epidemic rising at the same time, it was especially unforgettable.

We arrived in sunny Yucatan just before the quarantine was put in place, so we knew that our time together might be the last opportunity to have creative collaborations for a while - and we surely took advantage of it!

During each photoshoot, we put all worries aside and reveled in the beauty of old haciendas, the most serene cenote, a striking wild beach, charming hotels surrounded by tropical flowers, and many more.
Femina by Eric Scott
Between shoots, we came together at small, authentic restaurants and discussed both the art we were making and news we were hearing over delicious local food. The ones who were especially concerned about the travel bans were comforted and reassured by the rest of the group, which truly banded our clan together like a family.

Now that I'm back home in the US, I especially appreciate the opportunity to gather with such an amazing bundle of people. We made memories that are not only getting me through these difficult times, but will also make me smile for the rest of my life."
Femina by Eric Scott
(First time traveling to a foreign country)

"I would like to thank Dmitriy and Dasha for the experience of a lifetime, for me anyways. I never thought I would embark on an adventure like that in my entire life. Even my friends and family did not believe that I was going to go. I was way out of my realm but I am glad that I finally did it.

You put on an awesome adventure, and UTadventure team really has their act together."
Femina by Cappa Photography
(First time with us on tour)

"I was very fortunate to attend the UTadventure tour in Mexico. The whole experience was awesome.  The locations were beyond my expectations as were the talented models. I don't know of another tour that will get you into private exquisite haciendas to create stunning images. I never heard of a cenote till this trip. The space is magical - add in beautiful nude models and photography magic does happen.

Dasha and Dmitriy have the knowledge to make the experience truly memorable. I was sorry to say goodbye to my newfound photographer friends and models. Definitely an adventure I'll never forget."
Ivory Flame by Bruce Wilder


Wow, judging by all these incredible photos, our participants surely weren't scarce on talent!

Not mentions they were also incredibly flexible, super supportive and highly optimistic, which enabled us to keep the stress level low, low, low, even while being bombarded by the news of toilet paper shortages.

Our friendships deepened, our joys doubled and we became one strongly connected family by the end of the tour.

In the words of one of our participants, Eric Anderson, "We are a team that battled a global pandemic to create art!"

How awesome is that? :)
Femina by Eric Scott

By the way, since you are probably super bored by now and are itching to get away from home when the time comes, we'd thought to let you know that as long as we are able to do so safely and responsibly, we intend to PROCEED with all of our scheduled 2020 tours! And if you want to experience some of the stunning locations featured in the images above for yourself, we still have spots available on out next Yucatan UTaventure this Fall.

We cannot imagine a better way to release the built up stress and tension than to spend time in the wide open spaces, making art in wild nature, at our beautiful secluded locations.

Take a look at our website to see what we have in store!
Meanwhile, keep editing and stay healthy! :)  We'll see you on tour!

With love and gratitude,
The UTadventure Team Dasha & Dmitriy
IG @UTadventure
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