Venus de Sierra by Lance Pressl

Hello photography lovers!

How is the beautiful month of May treating you?

Here in Utah, we are immersed in the most inspiring, blooming, fresh energies of the late Spring season.

Much needed after the CRAZY time we just spent in Mexico! For those of you who haven't heard, right after two incredible and highly fulfilling UTadventures, Auroraa (formerly Dasha) got sick with severe pneumonia and spent a few dreadful weeks in the hospital. 

(Btw, HUGE THANKS to all of you who so generously donated towards her medical bills and recovery! Auroraa is doing much better now, and getting stronger and healthier every day.)

But enough about us.

Today is all about Lance Patrick - an incredibly soulful and talented photographer, and, of course, a dear friend of UTadventure.

With his great eye for beauty and his refined taste, Lance creates exquisitely gorgeous, authentic and meaningful photographs that tell stories.

Many of his images contain the energy of zen-like sensuality while being simple, elegant  and somewhat ethereal in tone, connecting to the viewer on an intimate and emotional level.

We hope you enjoy our interview with Lance as much as we did! :)
Meghan Claire by Lance Pressl 
1. Was there one decisive moment when you realized you wanted to get into photography?

"I have been fascinated by photography since I was a kid.

A good buddy of mine was always taking pictures and printing his images in our high school’s darkroom. I watched him work and became fascinated with the process. Watching images suddenly appear in the developing tray was magical. My father was kind enough to buy me my first real film camera and to recognize my love of photography.

In college, I started experimenting with portrait, figurative, and landscape photography and also returned to the darkroom.

Years later, a trip to the shopping mall on a boring Sunday changed my life forever.

I was exploring books on the bargain table in a book store and found a copy of one of the many books published by Victor Skrebneski, "Portraits: A Matter of Record, published in 1978." His images spoke to me and moved me like no other photographer’s work.

Immediately, I felt a need and a deep passion to create art as good as his.
Venus de Sierra by Lance Pressl 
Over the years, I used his work as my North Star, trying to replicate his style and lighting to see if I could come anywhere close to his special gift.

I spent years studying everything he produced.

Even today, I see his influence in my images. I had the unbelievable privilege to became his friend, visit his home studio, attend his gallery openings, and work with him on a project. He was a very special man and a brilliant photographer. I’ll forever be grateful for my time with him and his influence on me.

Interestingly, when I told him I loved his work so much that I was trying to replicate it, he scolded me and told me to find my own style!

It was an unexpected response but I’ve come to understand why he did it and now sincerely appreciate his point of view and advice.
Eva Luna by Lance Pressl 

2. In your opinion, what makes a good photograph? Do you need the best gear to put out quality content?


For me, it’s all about the composition of an image and the way it makes me feel.

My eyes are drawn to seemingly simple images but images that stir something deep inside of me. Lines, shadows, and form are the most important elements to me and, literally, when combined in the right way, can take my breath away.

Skrebneski was a master at this. Easy to describe, hard to achieve!

I think gear can play a role in execution, but it’s really more about what your eyes see and what they’re telling you.
Venus de Sierra by Lance Pressl 
3. What would you say is the most important thing about taking photographs?


I think every person needs to answer this question for themselves, but for me it’s all about simplicity and pureness of form along with the interplay of shadows, lines and form.

Just the other day I was driving in a rural part of Illinois and observed a magical end-of-winter scene where the rays of light produced by the afternoon sun set low in the sky created an amazing row of stark tree shadows on a field of newly fallen snow.

It was truly spectacular.

I look for those rare moments when things come together in such a way that cause the human eye to stop and take notice.
Venus de Sierra and Fémina by Lance Pressl 

4. What do you try to express through your photography?


Interesting question and one I have never been asked before.

I suppose I am a seeker of beauty and try to capture it whenever and wherever I see its potential.

I’m especially drawn to the human form but see beauty everywhere.

I am fascinated by portrait work and love focusing on my subject’s eyes. The human eye is so mysterious to me. I never tire of photographing people’s eyes and trying to capture the stories and emotions held deep within those eyes.

Lately, I have become intrigued with fashion photography and have begun experimenting in this genre. I can’t wait to see how my work evolves.
Dasha U by Lance Pressl 
Plato and other ancient Greek philosophers believed that there was an ideal form of beauty that transcended anything on earth.

Beauty was, therefore, not subjective but a universal not dependent on individual tastes or preferences, i.e., beauty in its purist form.

I think a lot about this point of view and find myself in constant search of the many earthly forms of beauty so I can experience, capture and share its wonder.

Photography is the perfect tool for me to live and pursue this passion.
Jenn Jones by Lance Pressl 

5. So far, you have done both Mexico and Utah tours with us. What would be the most special image that really stands out from one of those trips and why?


There are so many great images from the two tours I have experienced with UTadventure.

You find the most amazing locations and match these one-of-kind natural backdrops with some of the world’s best fine art models. Hard to narrow it down to just one special image, so I’ll pick two!

The first, “Jenn with Fern”, features Jenn Jones in the Yucatan.

There is something so natural and simple about this image, yet for me, it’s packed with power and intrigue. Jenn’s skin is flawless, her curves statuesque, and her eyes and expression invite you to look closer. And, clearly, the placement of the fern and her right arm add a sense of mystery.

She is absolutely stunning!

The second image, “Dust to Dust”, features Venus De Sierra in Utah last November.

What can I say?

Venus De Sierra had the initial idea, but together we turned into a piece of art.

I love how the lines of her cut and finely tuned curved torso are juxtaposed with the crevices of the dried creek bed. A striking image for sure.
Venus de Sierra by Lance Pressl 

6. What was your favorite image created on tour? Tell us why?


Once again, so many to choose from but, if I had to select my most favorite, it would have to be Venus De Sierra’s “Blowing in the Wind”, also taken on tour in Utah last year.

I recall how it all came together.

I handed over the fabric which quickly came to life in the wind. I made a few minor adjustments and all of sudden, I felt like I was on top of the world with this majestic, larger than life figure before me--arms stretched to the heavens, fabric snapping in the wind, and a pose that made it look like Venus De Sierra was carved from the canyon wall.

Lines, shadows and form!

This is just one of more than a hundred images that would qualify as “my favorite” created on tour with UTAdventure Tours!

Thanks so much for the privilege of sharing a few of my images and some of my thoughts with you. I look forward to my next tour! "
Venus de Sierra by Lance Pressl 
Thank you, Lance, for sharing your beautiful art, as well as as a piece of your heart and mind with us!

We are deeply honored to have such a talented and soulful person as part of UTadventure family. We can't wait to have him back on tour with us!!!

Make sure to follow Lance on his IG to see more of his photography: @lancepatrickimages

Oh and by the way, the registration for our 2022 events in Utah is wide open on our website, just saying. ;)

Also, keep your ears perked up for the announcement for our next tours in Mexico - COMING SOON!
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Let's make those memories together!

Stay inspired,
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