Anoush Anou, Femina & Muirina Fae by Soul Craft

Hello photography lovers!

On UTadventure, we want you to create without boundaries

While a big part of the art produced on our tours is captured digitaly, our participants are ALWAYS encouraged to express themselves by creating images within any medium that makes their heart sing, and film is no exception.

More photographers are putting down their DSLRs and mirrorless cameras in favor of shooting the old-fashioned way. (In fact, some never stopped shooting film in the first place). Like vinyl, typewriters and other analog tech, film has an enduring, authentic appeal and is making a comeback among professionals and amateurs alike.

Check out some of the awesome analog images from UTadventure participants!
Meghan Claire by Dave Rudin

While film might make the creative process a little slower, many photographers argue there’s something romantic about that.

Some actually prefer the slower pace and the lack of instant gratification that shooting film demands.
Dasha U & Gwendolyn Jane by Robert Farnham

Because film has limited number exposures, photographers are also forced to use every frame judiciously. And that’s a good thing!

You can’t just shoot 2,000 photos and hope that a couple of them turn out. Because you have to think about every shot beforehand, it activates your creativity.
Kate Snig by Dave Rudin
Kate Snig by Dave Rudin
With analog, you have to be choosier.

You have to really want this image because you only have so many frames. It makes you plan out your photos.
Dasha U, Anoush Anou & Merrique by Theresa Maria
Dasha U, Anoush Anou & Merrique by Theresa Maria

Shooting film forces you to think of things in a new way: you have to throw out everything you know about digital, and learn a new set of skills that could make you a better photographer all around.
Sienna Hayes by Ron Skei
Sienna Hayes by Ron Skei
So yeah: film is definitely still holding on and is not going to disappear completely.

There are far too many people who want to use the retro style cameras to capture unique images that will stand out!

Maybe you could take a turn with a film camera if you haven't tried it yet? :) You will be happy you did, because they are something unique and truly special to use.
Gwendolyn Jane by Robert Farnham
Dasha U by Robert Farnham

Whether you prefer film, or digital, or both, you are probably in need of a perfect photography getaway this year!

If this is the case, then treat yourself to one of our upcoming UTadventures in either Mexico or Utah! Click below for all the info regarding dates, models, FAQs, and to sign up!
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Let's make memories together!

Stay cool out there,
UTadventure team, Dasha and Dmitriy
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