Kate Snig by Colin Ward

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Our September series of tours are just about to begin, but we still wanted to pop into your reality to share this insightful interview with one of our very talented photographers:

Colin Ward!

We absolutely love having Colin on UTadventure! He has such an eye for beauty, and is very skillful with capturing human form in a way that really speaks to the viewer.

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And now, enjoy our interview! :)
Anoush Anou by Colin Ward
1  What sparked your interest in photography and how did you get into it?

"I was given a Kodak Box camera when I was a kid and I learned to develop and print film in the bathroom when I was about 10 years old.

I always liked photography and shot slides for many years, but never as a professional.

I was traveling a lot when digital cameras first appeared and I jumped on the bandwagon because of the convenience. I still shoot film occasionally for a change, but my serious work is digital.
Anoush Anouh by Colin Ward
Anoush Anou, Melia Fina & Meghan Claire by Colin Ward

2.  What is it about nude photography that interest you the most?

“I consider myself a seeker of beauty when it comes to photography.

There is enough negativity and seriousness surrounding us so I want my work to be uplifting and a change from the journalism and focus on misery that we see every day in the media.

I visited places where nudity was common and accepted such as Orient Beach on St. Martin.  I thought it was a beautiful, freeing concept and I decided some years ago to try my hand at nude photography.

I also liked the "figure in the landscape" genre and basically I combine that with nudity to create my style.

Anoush Anou by Colin Ward
3.What would we find in your camera bag for a typical shoot? How do you get inspired? What are some of the things you do to get inspired to shoot? And your biggest inspiration is…?

“In my camera bag you would find a Fujifilm digital camera (X-T3 or GFX50R), and a number of prime lenses from very wide to very long.

I carry extra batteries and memory cards of course, and usually an off-camera flash and trigger (Godox/Flashpoint because they play well with Fujifilm). 

I own other accessories such as filters and tripod, etc. but they don't usually make it on UTadventure tours because of space and weight considerations.
I am inspired pretty easily!

Once I see a beautiful model and a beautiful setting, I am off looking for the best light, angles and poses to make something interesting and creative.

I do spend a lot of time at home studying new techniques and other peoples' work to generate ideas and improve skills.
My biggest inspirations are photographers like David Dubnitskiy, Damien Lovegrove and Lindsay Adler.
Kate Snig by Colin Ward
Melia Fina by Colin Ward

4. Is there a personal photography project that you desire to begin or to finish this year? Tell us more about it! :)


“I have a very large collection of photos I have taken in the style I described above.

One of my projects this year is to get the work seen somewhere better than Instagram!  I have been entering local show and have exhibited prints of my work several times in different locations.

I presently have five pieces in a gallery in Tampa and this weekend, two more in a gallery in Saint Petersburg.

I also have been designing and self-publishing books of my work.  Each book is focused on one particular on-location shoot.

 The newest book is from this spring in Mexico with UTdventure (with Meghan Claire, Kate Snig and Jenn Jones).
Meghan Claire by Colin Ward

5. What would you say is the most critical moment in the capture of your images?

“Well, after getting the lighting, exposure and composition set, it is the model's pose and expression. 

6. You have attended both our Utah and Mexico UTadventures. What is your favorite photo EVER from these tours? Why do you love it? Tell us a bit more about the process of its creation.


“I first signed up with UTadventure because I liked the idea of photographing Mexico's buildings and haciendas. I knew Sienna Hayes from her time in Florida and she invited me to a tour that she would be on.

But my favorite photo from all my UTadventures is one of Kate Snig from the last Mexican tour.

The hacienda we were shooting in has an orange wall with plants in front of it.  I saw the sun streaming down the wall from about 90 degrees, creating beautiful shadows.  I asked Kate to pose in front of it and bingo, there was my favorite shot.
Kate Snig by Colin Ward

6. Could you share one of your most memorable shoots from UTadventure and what made it special for you?


“On my first trip to Mexico with UTAdventure, we set off early in the trip to Merida to shoot in a hacienda.

We stopped on a non-descript city street with walls along both sides and were told to gather our stuff and head in a small doorway.

We did that and I was astonished to find out what was inside...a huge mansion with three stories, a roof garden, magnificent furnishings and fixtures, a pool, etc. etc.  You never know what might be behind a Mexican wall!

I got some great shots of Sienna, Olivia and Carley."

Olivia Preston by Colin Ward
Thank you so much Colin!

Make sure to follow Colin on his IG to see more of his wonderful art: @colin_ward_photography

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Stay inspired,
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