Dasha U & Jenn Jones by Sam Barton 
Are you craving to feel more alive?

Would you like to turn your photo dreams into stunning art and a lifetime memories?

How about a well deserved break from your every day routine?

We got you! :)

Finally, something you all have been waiting for:
Creating exquisite art and exploring breathtaking nature are only two important elements on our tours.

UTadventure is, above all else, about the connections we make to each other.

The experience offers a unique opportunity to join with like-minded creatives and discuss passions, inspirations, goals, travels, and of course, all things photography!

Over the past 7 years, we've collected an equal amount of friendships and photos, and couldn't be more proud of the family we've devised!
“ UTadventure is a family experience, one of shared friendship and a common desire to achieve the best in photography.

We had covered over 1500 miles together and visited some of the most incredible locations I had ever witnessed.”
                                                             ~ Sam Barton 
This summer, join us for our legendary, truly unforgettable 6 day photographic adventures in stunning Utah, every photographer's paradise.

Choose between the following brand new events, or give in to your creative urges and treat yourself to doing both back to back! :) 
Our Large Format UTadventure
May 31st - June 5th
  • A more relaxed pace with more rest opportunities in between shoots
  • Up to 8 photoshoots in our unique, off the beaten path locations (plus an optional 9th shoot, since the passion for photography can never be satiated!)
Our Medium Format UTadventure
June 8th - June 11th
  • 4 exciting, densly packed days
  • 3 professional art models: Jenn Jones, Gazelle Powers ( 1st time on UTadventure! ) & Lana Koz (debuting on tour as well! )
  • Up to 6 photographers
  • 6-7 photoshoots in our unique, off the beaten path locations
  • Same amazing experience as our Large Format Tour, condensed into the 4 days to conveniently fit your busy schedule!
Lodging for 4 or 5 nights (depending on which tour you select ) is included in your tour price, and you’ll be getting your beauty sleep in comfortable hotels. 
BTS by Sam Barton 

First, we are so excited to have Lana Koz, an exotic fine art model from Quebec, Canada, making her debut on UTadventure in 2023! 

Half-polish, half French-Canadian, Lana started her art journey by dancing and pursued in it with a 10 year training where she developed versatility and incredible body awareness.

Being a sensitive person, she likes to use dance and movement as a way to channel her emotions, which results in deeper, more meaningful images. 

When modeling, Lana flows gracefully through her feelings, creating lines and shapes that connect her to her surroundings.
"Modeling for UTadventure is a dream come true for me. I’ve been wanting to partake in such events since I first started my model journey 6 years ago.

Nature fine-art nudes is definitely my favorite type of photography. The human body has a way of connecting with nature that results in deep, beautiful, and truthful images.

Being from the countryside, I have a strong bond with nature. It makes me feel at peace, heard and grounded. Shooting on locations is something I wish to do more. I always love the process as much as the end results.

Modeling allows me to connect with others as well as with my true self. It fulfills me.

And I am looking forward to meet all the beautiful people that will join us next June for this incredible experience."
                                                           ~Lana Koz
Another beautiful muse that recently made a grand entrance on UTadventure tours is Alaina Wulf.

Alaina is a published traveling art and fashion model based in the Midwest, as well an artist, writer, enthusiast of classical literature, ancient cultures, archeology, and exploring the outdoors.

She has a ravenous appetite for knowledge, health, fitness, and expanding the boundaries of the psyche.

Her interest in modeling was kindled when posing for groups of artists which slowly fanned a flame to fine art photography wherein she discovered her true passion.
“When I think back to my earliest memories, ever since I could really formulate cognizant memories, the wilderness of the great outdoors was a quintessential part of me. I found myself always running to the woods. My lush forests would beckon me, I would hear my name whispered across the meadows and uttered deep within the ravens.

A spell was cast so heavily I couldn't wait to drop my chores and studies and become lost within my haven. This ingrained sense of longing for the unknown- the pull of the wilderness- is why I have felt I was born to be a participant of Utadventure's fantastic expeditions.

From my very first tour in Utah, I have felt as if I belong. As if from a dream, I felt I had always skipped barefoot in the slot canyons and had always wandered in Utah's deserts. I am overjoyed that I have found such belonging."
                                                                    ~Alaina Wulf
Another incredibly talented muse, both a professional model AND a photographer, joining us next summer, is the striking Shaun Tia!

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Shaun Tia fell in love with Utah after attending one of our tours first as a photographer, and she is currently residing in Salt Lake City.

A natural redhead, she loves being outdoor, whether that's camping, swimming, exploring or shooting.

As a lover of nature and art, Shaun Tia originally started modeling in 2009 so that she could have art pieces hanging in her home when she is 80, old and wrinkly.

Her modeling work is just as bewitching as her photography: Utah's otherworldly landscapes and rich colors create such beautiful synergy with Shaun Tia's unique look!
"Figure art modeling is my favorite type of modeling and UTadventure offers such incredible opportunities to be in breathtaking places with amazing people.

My first UTadventure was full of amazing experiences. If I had to choose one that was the most emotional - shooting the Milky Way with my good friend, Matt on our way back from one of the photoshoots.

Those are memories that will last a lifetime, and I could even get photos to hang on my wall from each trip."
                                                                     ~Shaun Tia
We are always thrilled to have our beloved Jenn Jones, who has been with us since the very first tour, join us again and again! 

Jenn is an enthusiastic model from California's central coast. Slender and flexible she is an avid yoga practitioner.

Most often working with fine art and fashion photographers, painters, sculptors, and figure drawing classes, her modeling is an expressive art form that she is very passionate about.

She really enjoys the meditative aspect of posing and getting into a flow of movement. When working outdoors she likes to let the locations inspire her posing.

"I really mean it when I say the photographic potential on these tours is endless.

Whatever your style is - fine art nudes, fashion, portraiture, even conceptual - there is not only ample opportunity for all of it on UTadventure but there is also so much to be inspired by to branch out from whatever your norm is.

The relationships formed and getting to know everyone on each tour is always a highlight for me as well. I have stayed in touch and often continue to create with most participants from previous tours that I have been on.

The many shared conversations on tour, shared meals together, and the fun (and sometimes wild off-roading) car rides provide so much opportunity for this."
                                                                   ~Jenn Jones
Finally, you'll have the pleasure of creating with Gazelle Powers, a published traveling art model and self-portrait artist, based on the East coast, with more than a decade of experience.

Gazelle also enjoys modeling for life drawing classes, art workshops, and events when she isn't in front of a photographer's lens or her own.

Modeling is one of her mediums as a multifaceted artist for creating art.
When she isn't modeling, Gazelle designs and sews clothes for herself and for others on commission, when she has the time. She especially enjoys drawing inspiration for this from vintage and period clothing.
I am excited to be invited to join the Utadventure in Utah!!
I have visited Utah many times, and every time I feel as if there is something new to experience and explore when I am there.

Really looking forward to exploring and experiencing Utah in collaboration with the creative individuals attending UTadventure.

I know there will be some amazing and beautiful art created!"
                                                          ~Gazelle Powers

Let nature fuel your soul, heal your stress, and spark your creativity!

To ignite your creative juices, prepare to get showered with endless inspiration at our exclusive locations in the best lighting condition, most of which are lesser known wonders, scouted just for you!

Natural stone arches, massive fins and giant balanced rocks in the striking desert landscapes in and around Moab

Highly exotic limestone slot canyons and epic, vertigo inducing gorges in San Rafael Swell

The alien world of the Bonneville Salt Flats: brilliantly white landscape, complimented by the mountain peaks

An endless sand sea of the surreal golden dunes


"I guess I've gone a bit overboard, but I've been on 5 Utah model tours, 3 Yucatan model tours (with plans
for a 4th later this year), and one Utah non-model nature tour in 2021 when much of the world was
locked down.

I just checked my catalog and I've produced more than 35k images on UT adventure tours, featuring a dozen different models from 8 different nations of origin.

My UTadventure interactions have also provided me with most of the on-going connections I have with traveling models."
                                                                    ~Dan Nikkel
The price for the Medium Format Tour on June 8th - 11th is $3,595 which includes: 
  • Lodging for 4 nights in a comfortable hotel
  • All transportation while on tour 
  • All model fees (releases provided)
  • All location entry fees 
  • Snacks and even water! 
  • Our Meet and Greet lunch

What’s NOT included:
  • Your flights/transportation to and from Salt Lake City
  • Your meals while on tour (prepare for delicious lunches and dinners at our hand picked restaurants)
  • Model tips (we highly recommend tipping our hard working muses at the end of your tour)

The price for the Large Format Tour on May 31st - June 5th is $3,795, please reference all the above, minus your lodging will be provided for 5 nights instead of 4.


If you are ready to experience the ultimate photo adventure next summerCLICK HERE to fill out our Sign Up Form.

We will then give you a call to discuss the details, welcome you on board, answer all of your questions and finalize your registration with some simple paperwork and a streamlined payment process! :)

If you have any questions, simply reply to this email - we always love hearing from you!

See you in 2023!
Stay creative!

With love and gratitude,
The UTadventure team Auroraa & Dmitriy
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