Vivian Cove by Craig Colvin

Hello photography lovers!

How about we surprise you with another captivating interview today? :)

You'll get to hang out with Craig Colvin, an incredible award winning photographer and educator.

His work has been published in numerous magazines and books, and exhibited in galleries and shows worldwide. Craig teaches photography workshops throughout the US and online photography courses through This Week in Photography School.

We are pretty lucky to have him as a UTadventure veteran, and it is always such a treat to have him on tour!
Sienna Benton by Craig Colvin
1. Tell us about your first introduction to photography. What drew you into this world? When and how did your passion for photography start?


"I had my own darkroom in High School and loved the technical aspects of photography. It was magical watching photos appear in the development tray. But the photos I took were just snapshots, I knew nothing about composition, depth of field, lighting, etc.

In 2008 I was at an event with a friend, and we were both standing side‐by‐side taking photos. When I later saw his I was blown away by how much better his photos were than mine. I immediately started taking online classes and learning everything I could about photography.

It became an obsession that has not abated since.
Sienna Benton by Craig Colvin 
2. What do you think makes a successful photograph?


To me a successful photograph is one that has an impact on the viewer and is one they remember long after they initially saw the photo.

That impact can be the result of a variety of different reasons; telling a story, being visually interesting, freezing a moment in time, or showing the world that the viewer has never seen.
Vivian Cove by Craig Colvin

3. Who or what influences your work? Where do you draw your inspiration?


I get inspiration by consuming a lot of different media and observing the world around me.

Sometimes inspiration comes from the architecture of a building, how a shadow falls on the sidewalk, an abstract sculpture in a museum. I believe you must feed the creative part of your brain so look at different types of art, look at photographers that don’t shoot your genre, etc.

Movies and TV commercials often inspire me. I’ve gotten dozens of ideas watching commercials for American Horror Story and their use of light and strong graphical elements. Music videos are also great because they often spend a lot of time on the visuals, and some small element will spark an idea for a picture.
Sienna Benton by Craig Colvin
4. What camera and lighting gear do you use for a typical shoot?

My primary camera is a Canon 5DmkIII.

When outdoors I almost always rely on natural light, for studio work I have a set of Alien Bee and Einstein strobes.
Femina by Craig Colvin
5. Could you share with us an image that you’ve taken recently and talk us through the idea and how you shot it?

(Check out Craig's selected image below.)


I often struggle to shoot models in sand dunes. I find it difficult to show the scale of the dune and not have the model be a tiny portion of the image.

So, on my latest trip to the dunes, I decided to concentrate on really tight shots. I’ve always loved the lines the wind creates in the dunes and wanted to incorporate them in an image.

I found a dune with some nice lines and had the model lay on top of the dune. I chose a very low angle so that the background behind the model would be nothing but blue sky. I had the model stretch her arms over her head so that her ribs were prominent.

The goal was to show how the lines and curves of the body mimic the lines and curves in nature.
Sienna Benton by Craig Colvin 
6. What is the best piece of advice you've been given?


Don’t shoot for your intended audience, shoot what you love, and an audience will find you.
Femina by Craig Colvin
7. How have your style, practice and techniques evolved over the years?


It’s changed dramatically over the years.

I started off shooting glamour and pinup. The nudes were more boudoir and intended to be sexy. I then shifted into the fine art nudes that are more about shadow, form, and abstraction.

I tend towards strong shapes and graphical images and try to make the model mimic the world around them.
Femina by Craig Colvin
8. How did being on multiple tours with UTadventure influence you as an artist? What makes you keep coming back? :)


The first time I go to a location I will come up with a dozen ideas of how to shoot it. Then when I get back home and review my photos it triggers another completely different set of ideas, so by going back to that location or similar locations I now have more ideas in my toolbox.

The concepts for my photos improve every time on a new tour.

Besides the above I keep coming back because of the people, the models, the other photographers, and Dasha/Dmitriy.

Making art in epic locations with others who share my passion is the highlight of my year.
Femina by Craig Colvin
We hope you enjoyed our insightful conversation with Craig, as well some of his truly incredible photography (all created on UTadventure of course!).

Make sure to follow Craig on his IG: @craigcolvinphoto

Oh and by the way, the registration for our 2022 events in Utah and Mexico is wide open on our website, just saying. ;)
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