Sienna Hayes by Amr Mourad

Hello our dear creatives!

How are you doing? :)

Having successfully wrapped up our first series of INCREDIBLE summer tours here in Utah, now it is time for Dmitriy and I to start getting ready for the next round!

If you want to join us, there is still only a spot or two left on these very special UTadventures:


Considering the current state of things in the world, we are DEEPLY grateful for the opportunity to share many awesome moments during last week's adventure with these awesome people!

Our wonderful group creating together!
Since Utah is away from the epicenters of the pandemic madness, we made a decision to proceed with our UTadventures here, and focus on beauty and creativity while dismissing the rest even if only for 6 short days.

And we are so glad we did!

One of the many things we loved about this past tour is that every participant was an experienced fine art photographer, who knew exactly what they wanted to achieve artistically, skillfully directing our models to execute their exciting concepts.

Since UTadventure’s inception,  over 5 years ago, our goal was always to have our models enjoy the hell out of their experience with us, and we are so happy to see that this goal is being achieved over and over again! :)

Here is what our dear muses have to say about this UTadventure:
Vivian Cove by Amr Mourad
(First time on a full tour with us!)

"One of my highlights of the experience was simply being able to leave the little bubble I have been confined to in Santa Cruz. On top of halting my tours and local shoots, I felt a lot of uncertainty hanging over my head. All of my community spaces had been shut down, I felt distant from my friends, and I had personal health and family challenges.

Coming on tour with UTadventure helped me to breathe fully again. It felt edgy to come on tour given our current health and social climate. Furthermore, being fairly new to the tour, I was fearful of not fitting in. Quite the contrary, I immediately felt a sense of belonging and community with the UTadventure family. I attribute that to the warm welcoming of the organizers, the photographers, and the other models!
Vivian Cove by Dmitriy
I deeply appreciated the strong communication and artful nature of each of the photographers on tour.

Everyone displayed respectfulness towards sharing the environment and the models with one another. Not only did it contribute to the easeful dynamic and sense of safety in our small community of artists, but it also rendered AMAZING photos!

Probably some of the best I have modeled for so far in my modeling career.
Vivian Cove by Dmitriy
Also, I was floored by the golden light, specifically at Bonneville Salt Flats.

It had been overcast that evening, but the sun came through for us by peeking through the clouds right before it set, which offered epic lighting that lent itself to creative posing and elegant photographic captures!"
The muses <3

"My favorite moment on this tour was during the very first shoot at the Salt Flats.

After being stuck inside for months, watching the sky turn pink and purple over the mountains felt incredible!
Sienna Hayes by Allyn Saroyan
I also loved the group of photographers we had on this tour. Everyone was extremely intentional with their photography, and brought their own unique vision to each of the locations.

Even if I shot with more than one photographer in a particular place, I noticed that the photos they captured were entirely different.
Sienna Hayes by Don Albonico
It was also the first chance for Vivian, Femina and I to pose together as a group, and I loved the synergy we were able to achieve!

The whole experience was super refreshing, and a perfect reentry into modeling after such a long break!"
Vivian Cove, Femina & Sienna Hayes by Dmitriy
Our beautiful group :)
Since you are probably super bored by now and are itching to get away from home when the time comes, we'd thought to let you know that as long as we are able to do so safely and responsibly, we intend to PROCEED with all of our scheduled 2020 tours!

(And if you want to experience some of the stunning locations featured in the images above for yourself, come join us!)
Photo bomber :)

Also - those of you who want a more private, customizable experience, ask us about our mini tours tailored just for you.

We cannot imagine a better way to release the built up stress and tension than to spend time in the wide open spaces, making art in wild nature, at our beautiful secluded locations.

Don't forget that, for your peace of mind, we are currently waving all cancellation fees if you have to reschedule due to anything pandeic related.

Click below to see what we have in store! :)
With love and gratitude,
The UTadventure Team Dasha & Dmitriy
IG @UTadventure
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