Jenn Jones by Randal Yokomoto
In our series "The Models"  we are giving you a deeper look into the amazing muses we have on UTadventure.

We asked our dearest darling JENN JONES to pick out her favorite images from the recent UTadventures, as well as to chat with us about her experiences creating them.

Enjoy! :)
Jenn Jones by Fotoflair

"In my attempt to choose just five of my favorite images from previous UTadventure tours and write a few thoughts about each, I really struggled to narrow it down.

I have the privilege of having worked with UTadventure since its birth, therefore I have more favorite images than I can count, and I'm honored that Dasha and Dmitriy continue to have me back year after year to collaborate in the creation of even more.

While the variety of photographic potential is infinite on its own and enough could never be said about it, UTadventure is about so much more than just the photography alone.

I hope to adequately express this through my words here so to do so, rather than five images, I instead am choosing to share my experience with 5 photographers and feature a couple images from each one. 
Jenn's fav photo by Fotoflair

I'll start with Lars ( FOTOFLAIR )  who I met on the most recent June 2022 tour.

Lars has sent me so many beautiful photos that it's hard to even say that these two are my favorite from him but I chose them because they best exemplify an overarching theme that I saw in many of the images we created together.

I'd describe that theme as a feeling of connection - connection to self, earth, ether, and something higher and grander than ourselves, yet simultaneously a part of every one of us and all things.

Lars wasn't directing me but I noticed that he repeatedly captured this feeling in so many images, and I feel a deep sense of reverence towards the unspoken synergy that occurs in these moments, which are SO FREQUENT on tour between all the individual styles and strengths of each model and photographer and the many ways they combine into collaborative flow states.
Jenn's fav photo by Fotoflair

Next there's Randal Yokomoto, who I also met on the recent June 2022 tour.

Randal's work is incredible (gallery show worthy!) and I couldn't believe it when he told me that he doesn't do anything with it. Randal, if you're reading this, I am happy to see that you've started sharing your work on Instagram recently at least.

He took the following image of me at Professor Valley and I just think it's beautiful. I love how it seems to be moving. Nothing was actually moving in this photo, besides maybe my hair, but something about the directionality of all the textures just gives it movement.

This image is a great example of how the full scenery, while beautiful, is not always needed. I love it when photographers get in and take tighter frames. 
This next one by Randal is actually a shot I had envisioned at this location every time I saw these vertical formations in the rocks at Crack Canyon.

I had tried to do this shot with a couple other photographers before but we just never got it quite like I was hoping and since there is no shortage of jaw-dropping rock formations at this site, we'd often move on pretty quickly.

With Randal I just pointed out the vertical formations and got into a pose and he got it on the first capture.

Again, synergy.
Jenn's favorite photo by Randal Yokomoto
Jenn's favorite photo by Randal Yokomoto
Then we have Andrew H, who I used to work with a lot in 2012 back when he was more new to photography.

I hadn't heard from him much since then, then randomly he reached out to hire me again to shoot in March of 2021. During our shoot he was asking about UTadventure and after listening to me rant about all the things I love about these tours he just nonchalantly said "Oh, good, because I signed up for the tour that you're on in June."

I laughed and smacked him pretty hard on the shoulder I think. 
love the movement in the image at the salt flats. I think it also echoes the aforementioned connectedness (to self, ether, etc.) that I pointed out in the images Lars took of me.

The other one is a bit religious themed, which is not the typical style of photography that occurs on UTadventure, but hey I like variety.

We just walked up and saw this circular stick on the ground and I just had to get some Jesus shots in there.

Andrew provided a lot of comedic relief on tour too between his tongue-in-cheek wittiness and his loud fashion sense which was better than caffeine at 7am. 

Jenn's favorite photo by Andrew H
Jenn's favorite photo by Andrew H
Next is Joe Symchyshyn, who graced us with his presence on the September 2019 tour.

Joe is one of the most kind-hearted people I have had the pleasure of meeting and I quite enjoyed getting to know him on tour.

I also love how his photography so well captures the sheer majesty of the locations we shot in, as you can see in the following images. Joe is also, to my knowledge, the only photographer to have shot panoramas on UTadventure.

He did so by taking three separate images and digitally stitching them together. I enjoyed how he shot in a very slow and deliberate way.

He would see the shot he wanted, get his gear set up and point out where he wanted me in the frame. I'd jump in and do a few different poses and that was all he wanted.

He didn't waste time by just clicking away.

All his shots were very intentional and I'm sure it saved him a ton of time later going through images because he had less to go through and they were all winners.
Jenn's favorite photo by Joe Symchyshyn
Jenn's favorite photo by Joe Symchyshyn

Last we have Fred Ramoni, who joined us for the August 2018 tour.

I remember Fred and I bonding over talks of our families, whether it be things that we felt joyful about or difficulties that we had with them, which I found very endearing.

My family is a big part of my life and our talks showed that Fred had a huge heart that contained so much care for his loved ones which, to me, just spoke volumes of his character. 

I also loved that Fred wanted to shoot both nudes and fashion. Again, I love variety and he brought this gorgeous red gown with him that I was so excited to shoot in.

I remember Fred's tour being one that had the most dynamic skyscapes in my UTadventure experience. We had one of the most gorgeous pink and purple sunsets I've ever seen during one shoot that we got some great silhouette shots in front of. We had some fairytale-esque cloudscapes and a stunning full moon rise at another location.

At one of the overlook locations we started out with dark clouds that quickly turned into a short-lived rain then the sun broke through and the clouds dispersed which resulted in a gorgeous rainbow.

This all happened within a 30 minute window and provided for such a variety of shots in such a short time. I wish I could share them all here but I am choosing to feature this group shot that Fred captured during the full moon rise that looks like a ceremony of celestial worship.
Jenn's favorite photo by Fred Ramoni
Jenn's favorite photo by Fred Ramoni
I really mean it when I say the photographic potential on these tours is endless.

Whatever your style is - fine art nudes, fashion, portraiture, even conceptual - there is not only ample opportunity for all of it on UTadventure but there is also so much to be inspired by to branch out from whatever your norm is.

The relationships formed and getting to know everyone on each tour is always a highlight for me as well.

I have stayed in touch and often continue to create with most participants from previous tours that I have been on.

The many shared conversations on tour, shared meals together, and the fun (and sometimes wild off-roading) car rides provide so much opportunity for this."
Jenn's favorite photo by Fred Ramoni
Thank you for sharing Jenn! We simply adore you! :)

Touring with Jenn for all these years has been such a joy and a privilege! We can't wait to give her a big hug so very soon, and adventure with together through the vast landscapes of Utah all over again.

If you want to shoot with Jenn Jones alongside two other incredible muses Ivory Flame & Alaina Wulf, there are still spots on our upcoming September 22nd - 27th UTadventure.

See you then!
I want to SIGN UP

See you on tour!

With love and gratitude,
UTadventure Team
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