Sienna Benton by Matt Brucker

Hello photography tribe!

How are you?

Many photographers come to our Utah tours attracted by the famous red and orange hues of the phenomenal rock formations.

But for some of our participants, saturated colors tend to be a distraction! Their photos are all about light and shadow, form, emotion, and movement.

Check out this selection of incredible black and white photos that came from our Utah tours in the past few years!

We hope you enjoy! :)
Femina by Dave Rudin

Black and white images have the tendency to distance the subject matter from reality.
Femina by Shaun Tia
Removing color from a picture helps the viewer to focus on the subject's emotional state. Without color, the viewer's attention is focused on the eyes and face.
Kate Snig by Theresa Maria
One of the most common reasons people want to shoot in black and white today is because it lends a certain timeless quality to the images.

This is because we still think of black and white as being a throwback to the photographic past.
Sienna Benton by Dmitriy
Black and white is a very effective medium for landscape photography.

It draws attention to the shapes and forms of the elements within the landscape, and the quality of light.
Anoush Anou by Rod Brayman
Black and white nudes are timeless, and by removing color, help elevate the subject matter from something that is potentially smutty by treating the naked body as an art form.
Dasha U by Dave Pruett
Taking the color out of a picture lets the subject speak for themselves.

It is raw, it is stripped back, it is honest and allows you to show the true person.
Anoush Anou by Robert Farnham
Black and white is a medium that adapts really well to any lighting situation.

Whereas color photography often works best on sunny days, low light just makes a black and white image moody.
St. Merrique by Rod Cadenza
By removing color, you remove the detail that does not matter, and allow the viewer to concentrate on the textures, patterns and tonality that drew you to the scene in the first place.
Muirina Fae by Ron Skei
We hope you enjoyed this awesome variety of images created by our talented participants on UTadventure.

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UTadventure team, Dasha and Dmitriy
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