Anoush Anou by Theresa Maria
In our series "The Models"  we are giving you a deeper look into the amazing muses we have on UTadventure.

We are SOOOO EXCITED to share today's interview with one of our favorite muses, and UTadventure's veteran models: Anoush Anou!
Anoush Anou by Humberto Pasart

"I’m Anoush, I’m an Art Model from rural New Zealand and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with UTadventure since 2017!

These events have been the absolute highlight of my working calendar since moving to the U.S. in 2014. Aside from creativity, my main passion is environmental protection and this is the field I plan to dedicate myself to someday soon.

Until then, I enjoy creating images that showcase humanity’s connection to the natural environment.

Art is such a powerful vehicle for helping us remember who we really are! So many of my favorite ever photographs in nature have been created on UTadventure.

Read on as we ask Anoush a few questions to pick her brain and heart a little! We talked about her ideal photoshoot, what does it mean to truly connect to her photographers, why a community of artists is so important in our day and age, and so much more!
Ivory Flame by Marie Otero
1. What would be your ideal photographer to work with? Why?


Honestly, I crave variety and one of my favorite things about model photography is that each person’s energy and vision are a little different, so no two shoots are the same!

I love the relaxed pace of film photography, but also love working with motion, which often feels easier with digital.

I enjoy the masterful results that experienced photographers consistently achieve but also helping newer photographers break down barriers and come alive when they surpass their expectations.

I love working with people who have a strong idea about what they want, but also with people who approach photoshoots as a journey of discovery.

There’s no one ideal type of photographer for me.
Shaun Tia, Sienna Hayes & Anoush Anou by Shantia Veney
2. Describe your most perfect photoshoot. :)


It’s hard to beat a shoot in nature when the elements are just right.

I mean, shooting in nature is always amazing, but there’s something so magical that happens when the temperature, light, and weather all come together just perfectly...’s those moments when the lines between myself and the environment feel most blurred and I feel so happy and alive and at peace and...


excuse me while I run outside for a minute, haha.
Anoush by Animal Magic Photography
3. Did UTadventure ever come close to providing you with that most perfect photoshoot experience? :) Share with us your most memorable shoot on tour!


Oh my gosh yes!

So many times!

I feel like the majority of my shoots on UTadventure fit into this category! Even on the hottest days in Southern Utah, the conditions are usually just perfect inside the canyons, or at sunset.

I couldn’t choose just one!
Shaun Tia & Anoush Anou by Shantia Veney
4. How important is it for you to connect to your photographer? What kind of connection would it be, if you could choose?


To me, this is almost the most important thing of all!

If I were to describe my job in two words, they would be: be present.

To me this means being tuned into each photographer and sensing what they are seeing and hoping to create, being tuned into the environment and feeling how to work within it, and, most of all, being present in myself and putting down my barriers and insecurities for the camera.

This may sound kind of out there, but I feel like a photograph acts kind of like a porthole that transports the viewer to the moment that happened when the shutter clicked.

If there’s a true connection and emotion there, they will feel that.

On the other hand, if I’m thinking about my shopping list or the photographer is feeling distracted by their lights or gear, I think that shows as well.

I try to be as authentic and connected to the photographer as possible during a shoot because I believe that’s a large part of what makes for a compelling image.
Anoush Anou by Theresa Maria
5. What advice would you give to a photographer who wishes to provide the most memorable, satisfying, and impactful experience when shooting with a model outdoors?


I think the most important thing that a photographer can do is to be present as well.

I know that photography can sometimes require a technical mindset but, once the camera is set up properly, I think a kind of magic happens when the model and photographer relax and tune into one another.

Aside from this, being aware of a model’s physical and emotional comfort is of course important!

Working outdoors is amazing but can sometimes necessitate warm-up/shade/water breaks a little more regularly than an indoor session.

When working with digital, I personally love being able to stop and see the images from time to time as when I see the scene from the photographer’s point of view: it often inspires me to try things I’d not previously thought of, or improve on things we’ve tried.
Anoush Anou by Eric Grapher
6. Can you share with us why being connected with a community of like-minded creatives can be beneficial in this day and age? In your opinion, what role does UTadventure play in providing that community to others, if any?


In these times when we are all so distracted by glowing screens and constant digital demands, I think community connection is more important than ever.

Genuine, in-person connections are crucial for human health and, in my opinion, there are few ways better to connect meaningfully than through art!

All photoshoots feel nourishing to me, but there’s something about the immersive experience of 6 days with a small group of people, surrounded by exquisite natural beauty, that takes everything I Iove about the creative experience to another level.

UTadventure has been a wonderful source of community for me personally, and of all of the gifts these tours have given me, the friendships and the moments of true contentedness are by far and away my most treasured.

I will be forever grateful.
Anoush Anou by Theresa Maria
I’m beyond excited to be joining UTadventure later this month, from August 24 - 29 alongside the amazing Jenn Jones and Sara Scarlett.

This is an epic line-up and the perfect time to join if it’s something you’ve been considering... we still have a couple of spots left!

I truly can’t recommend these tours enough and it would mean so much to share this beautiful experience with you. :) "

Thank you dear Anoush!

We are beyond excited to UTadventure with you in just a few short weeks as well!  <3

There is still some availability on our upcoming tours in both Utah and Mexico, and we would love to have you join us: click below for more info!

See you on tour!

With love and gratitude,
UTadventure Team
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