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EORNA News - September 2020 

A Word from the President

The operating theatre is a very complex universe. 

In a few words, this is how a registered operating theatre nurse sums up their job: "It's really about being able to advocate for patients when they are most vulnerable and cannot advocate for themselves”. 

Indeed, the priority of nurses working in an operating theatre is the safety of the patients undergoing surgery.

We know that there is a shortage of nurses in several European countries. We also know that general trained nurses can travel and work throughout Europe; their education is being recognised. 

Unfortunately, it is not yet the case for specialised nurses; there is no automatic recognition for them. 

Ensuring safe and quality patient care in operating theatres cannot be improvised and requires specific knowledge provided when nurses follow additional training to specialise. 

To specialise in nursing means developing one's knowledge and skills, becoming an expert and achieving excellence in a field. It also means being happy in one's work.

One of EORNA’s objectives is “to standardise the level of perioperative nursing education across member countries”. The Educational committee worked on the third edition of the core curriculum, which is necessary to set standards which are recognisable across European countries. 

Besides that, the EORNA perioperative Nursing committee achieved the “EORNA Best Practice for Perioperative Care” a document that can be found on the EORNA website.

Please visit the EORNA website regularly and do not hesitate to share your experience on the forum.

The 10th EORNA Congress is being prepared and in 2021 join us in Stavanger, Norway to participate and share your experience with colleagues from more than 40 countries.

May Karam
EORNA President
EORNA Best Practice for Perioperative Care - Edition 2020
Dear colleagues,

EORNA is the voice of perioperative nurses in Europe and aims to promote perioperative care in various ways.

EORNA recognises the various settings in which surgical procedures are performed and where perioperative nurses practice.

The “Best Practice of Perioperative Care” book has been developed by the EORNA Perioperative Nursing Care Committee (PNC). The first edition was published in 2015 as a hard copy. EORNA Board decided to revise and update the book and published it digitally on the EORNA website. This download is free of charge for perioperative nurses.

The PNC committee will continue to update and write new recommendations as part of EORNA's commitment for Best Practice of Perioperative Care in Europe and internationally.

Thank you to PNC committee chair and members and to the EORNA board members who help me to revise and update this version.

Yael  Edry
EORNA Past Secretary
EORNA Board Member
IPNA President

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EORNA Core Curriculum for Perioperative Nursing - Third Edition 2019

Re-launch of Third Edition 2019

EORNA is proud to re-launch its Core Curriculum for Perioperative Nursing, with an updated design and layout!

“…To facilitate the free movement of nurse specialists within the European community and to ensure an excellent and safe perioperative care, a European core curriculum is necessary to set standards which are recognisable across European countries.

EORNA has developed a core curriculum as a guiding framework to be used to facilitate the improvement of existing national perioperative nursing programs or to initiate an adequate education program based on identified essential topics and core competencies when one does not exist.

EORNA produced and published the first edition of the “European Common Core Curriculum for Operating Department Nursing” in 1997 and updated it in 2012.

It is now a great pleasure to launch the third edition, revised and updated. We hope that you find this document helpful and that it will be a complimentary guide for all perioperative nurses across Europe.”

We encourage all perioperative nurses to share this document widely with their local training institutions in Europe.

May Karam
EORNA President 2020

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EORNA-3M Webinar: The Prevention of Surgical Site Infections
The European Operating Theatre Nurses Association EORNA, in partnership with 3M, organised for the first time a free webinar in French called The prevention of surgical site infections.

The webinar took place on Saturday 19 September from 09:00 to 12:00 AM  CET. The French-speaking members of EORNA who participated are AESOP (Portugal), AFISO (Belgium), SIDOPS-SIGOP (Switzerland) and UNAIBODE (France). Four topics have been presented (20 minutes for each), and the four speakers (from Belgium, France and Portugal) answered the questions sent by the participants at the end of the four presentations.

Here is the scientific programme of this webinar:
  • SPICMI: Surveillance and prevention of the infectious risk linked to surgical procedures, Mrs Caroline DANIEL - Mrs Katiuska MILIANI (Paris, France). 
  • The place of surgery in the prevention of surgical site infections, Professor Emilie LERMITE (Angers, France).
  • Surgical site infection, prevention is better than cure, Mrs Esmeralda NUNES (Porto, Portugal).
  • Happiness at work, Mrs Audrey DEDONDER (Brussels, Belgium).
The participants had a “coffee break” and could visit the “Exhibition” and learn about EORNA’s activities. A total of 97 participants registered to follow this webinar. This webinar has been a success, and we hope to be able to organise other webinars, in French or any other language spoken by EORNA Members.

Thank you to 3M for their support and for working on the technical aspect and thank you to EORNA members who worked on the content.

News from EORNA Members

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated 2020 as the “International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife,” in honour of the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth. Therefore, the Finnish Operating Room Nurses Association (FORNA) decided to look for nurses from its members who have developed nursing by their example and have a positive attitude towards perioperative nursing care and developing one’s competence. Altogether, three Finnish operating room nurses were rewarded with the FLORENCE 2.0 award which included a scholarship (400€) and access to the FORNA annual congress.
Congratulations to the awarded nurses:
  • Anu Rajala, Central Finland Health Care District, Operating Department
  • Sari-Mari Salonen, HUS Helsinki University Hospital, Meilahti Hospital, Operating Department
  • Tiina Pitkänen, HUS Helsinki University Hospital, Jorvi Hospital, Operating Department
The incidence of coronavirus cases has increased in Finland during the past week. Several coronavirus clusters and transmission chains have been reported in many hospital districts. However, the situation has been relatively calm compared to other European countries. There have been about 9000 Coronavirus cases and 339 deaths in Finland (population 5.5 million). The 14-day cumulative number of COVID-19 cases per 100 000 is now 12.6, the second-lowest in EORNA countries (variation between 8.3 to 300.5). Related to this topic, Jaana Perttunen, the president of FORNA, gave an invited presentation in 31st Panhellenic Congress of Greek Operating Room Association (“COVID 19 pandemic in Finland – how we have managed so far?”).
In Spring 2020, measures to slow down infections was complete. This included school closings, limited public gatherings, bar and restaurant closings, and border lockdowns. During the summer, the situation nearly returned to normal. In healthcare, the aim was and still is to prevent overloading of healthcare capacity, which has been quite successful. The amount of hospitalised and ICU patients were evenly distributed.
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In Belgium, by the end of quarantine, the operating programmes have returned to normal. The programme is increasingly busy due to postponed operations.

There are no more operating theatres reserved for COVID patients or put on stand-by to be transformed into intensive care units. During the crisis, many OR nurses have been working in care units and intensive care units reserved for COVID patients. This proves, once again, the incredible versatility of the OR nurse!
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The operating theatres have resumed their activities 100% after this difficult health situation. But COVID 19 is once again present in our country. Preventive measures have been put in place, but each canton is responsible for health decisions in the face of the pandemic.
Training Robot Assists SIGOP-SIDOPS / Surgical Intuition
This training, at different levels, aims to bring together all the professionals involved in this system: nurses, internal or senior surgeons, nurses' assistants, sterilising agents, etc.

During this day we observe the specific dimensions of the robot :
  • Social (communication is different in the operating room)
  • Geographic (the surgeon is no longer in the centre with the patient but in a console)
  • Economic
  • Logistics
  • Practical and theoretical
The satisfaction of the participants encourages us to continue in this way and we will soon propose you a new calendar.

EORNA’s COVID-19 Forum

EORNA's COVID-19 Forum was created to make space for discussion, questions, points of view, exchange of practices, and support in difficult situations.

These are some of the most popular threads on the EORNA Forum: COVID-19 Testimonials from EORNA Board Members; Protection of Nurses and Doctors; Type of mask protection in OR (COVID-19 patients); Robot vs SARS-CoV-2; Testimonials from the frontlines; OR preparation for COVID-19 patients; and ten scientific puzzles to solve about COVID-19.
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EORNA Congress 2021
The EORNA promotional toolkit is now available. If you wish to promote the 10th EORNA Congress, you will be able to download flyers, posters, banners, PowerPoint slides and roll-up designs here.
EORNA Congress 2021

Upcoming Meetings

Due to the evolving situation related to COVID-19, most events have been canceled, rescheduled or postponed to 2021. Check out EORNA Website for updated information.
National Congress NVKVV
September 30 - October 5, 2020

AEQQ Webinar: Innovation and Security in the Surgical Area
October 6, 2020

FORNA Annual Congress
Oulu, Finland
October 8 - 9, 2020

IPNA National Congress
Herzliya, Israel
October 22, 2020

VVOV National Symposium
Edegem, Brussels
October 22, 2020

French National ORN’s Congress
Tours, France
October 28 - 30, 2020

34th AFISO Congress
Mons, Brussels
November 7, 2020

SEORNA 56th National Congress
Stockholm, Sweden
November 26, 2020
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