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Upcoming Rhizome workshops

Facilitation masterclass

Rhizome, in partnership with Cooperatives UK invites you to a one-day workshop to practice and extend your skills and confidence as a facilitator.  Learn how you can help a group thrive, so together you can climb mountains.   More info

Managing Conflict in Coops

Rhizome, in partnership with Cooperatives West Midlands presents a workshop to understand the role of communication in working with conflict, and learn how to effectively manage conflict in your organisation.  More info

Rhizome workshops to take collective action

Rhizome, in partnership with Reclaim the Power and Seeds for Change, is running workshops on building resilient groups, avoiding burnout, power dynamics, and decision-making. More info

What's hot in our field

Community conversations

Rhizome is involved in facilitating open discussions in different parts of the UK on the key issues of today, such as Brexit and Islamophobia.  Subscribe to our blog to keep abreast of the work we're doing, and read more about it in this post.

Class matters

Class issues play out all the time in our organisations, mostly below the radar. We're developing our skills further to improve our practice. Read more about our work on class, and here's some good resources from Class Matters and Class Action.

Featured resources

Intrigued by consensus?

Read Rhizome's famous whirlwind tour of some of the historical movements and peoples upon which consensus draws. Join us on our blog discussing what consensus means and whether it needs unity or unanimity...

Reflect Action

Rhizome now hosts resources from the defunct website, to keep alive this innovative approach to adult learning and social change, developed in the global South and inspired by Paulo Freire and participatory methodologies.  Read more.

Further afield...

Cooperatives Fortnight

Coming up soon, two of the themes for 2018 - Inspiring Participation and Building Community - are at the core of our practice all year round.
Co‑ops make a difference to people’s lives right around the world.  Whatever kind of organisation or group you are, the #coopdifference is what Rhizome offers you.

About Rhizome

Rhizome brings together the skills and experience of a co-operative of professional facilitators, trainers, community builders, and mediators, with almost 200 years experience between us for your benefit.  Download resources, get involved commenting on our blog and tweet us.

We work with you to make your organisation – and the people within it – more resilient, effective and sustainable.

Read more about us and the ways we can support you.

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