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The ESNS conference offers more than 150 panels, keynotes, interviews, workshops, drinks, award ceremonies and dinners, all focussing on the latest developments in the European and international music, media, live music production and interactive industry. We'll give an abstract of the conference programme below, the full conference programme is available on our website. 

Besides the extensive conference programme, ESNS offers excellent networking facilities within De Oosterpoort; the conference centre that serves as the central meeting place for networking, doing business and exchanging  knowledge during the festival. We've extended our seating capacity with 20 percent this year! 

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The live music industry is as vibrant as ever before. During the conference several lives music developments will be discussed, such as the current state of bookings agencies, the future of promoting shows with three of the biggest german promoters, and we also are celebrating MOJO's 50th anniversary.
The Agents Panel & European Agencies Panel

Agencies continue to build their rosters and taking on more staff, as agents deal with more aspects of their artists' careers as well as building their own. In the agents panel we invite four well known UK based agents from US-owned agencies to talk about the current state of flux in their business.

At the same time booking agencies are a sector that has been consolidated a lot in recent years. An illustrious selection of independent agents will meet at ESNS to talk about the state of their business, and its current challenges and opportunities.
Keynote Interview Tom Windish by Gordon Masson

Prior to joining Paradigm Agency (US) as a Senior Executive in 2017, Windish had grown The Windish Agency from his Chicago apartment with two employees to more than 80 employees with offices in six cities.

He is known for developing the touring careers of such artists as Lorde, alt-J, and The xx. Working with these acts from the early days of their careers, Windish has seen clients grow from playing small venues to dominating stages at major festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza and Electric Daisy Carnival. 


With the ever growing amount of festivals in Europe, there's more variety and diversity in programming as well as in the creative set-up. We'll be looking into what the Festivals of the Future will look like, and celebrating the ones who've already adapted innovation like no other. Pinkpop director Jan Smeets will be doing a keynote interview about the events rich history, the 50th anniversary and the future of the longest running festival in the world. 

The Festival Panel &
The Boutique Festival Panel

What does it take to become Best in Class? And how much energy and creativity goes into keeping a market-leading event on top? With a series of video presentations and insight into their programming and philosophy, four major players go through an hour of cultural comparison, and the highs and lows of being a market leader. 

While major festivals around the world battle it out to secure A-list headliners, boutique events are becoming ever more popular with fans trying to add meaningful experiences to their musical calendars.
Festivals of the Future & Music as a Platform for Change

Making a huge impact with a low impact on the planet: this is how the future is being built. This panel will show some of the latest ideas, goals and the progress of various smart systems, modules and solutions. 
Music really is the perfect tool to promote change and create a better world. Initiatives, NGOs, and international organisations all use partnerships with artists and events to raise awareness and move people. The panel will show success stories and best practise cases, discuss purposes and challenges as well as how our industry can help to achieve the ambitious goals.

Labels & Publishing

During the conference we will discuss the role of collecting societies, labels and publishers in a digital era, looking into what Article 13 really means and how will it effect the way platforms deal with copyright-protected material. As well as De-mysifying the Holy Grail Called 'Sync'
Labels in the Digital Age

All the music in the world is only a few clicks away. The advent of streaming, combined with the use of smartphones, held the promise of a new world where all music would be equal. But are people exploring more music than before? And is it easier today for independent artists to break through the noise? 

At the same time streaming platforms mature as businesses, and it is merely logical that they should seek to expand and deepen their relationships with artists. But where does that leave the labels, and  what can they do to stay relevant and useful? 

Music Syncs

Making Music for Games serves artists both creatively and financially. But what are the biggest challenges and what do you need to know to get started? The panel Building their brand through the power of music will share best practice and case studies along with practical advice for artists and brands alike.

As a follow up on the Sync Songwriting Camp, where 24 musicians will be writing a brand new composition for a full-blown ad campaign, a team of specialists will (together with the audience) will analyse and discuss all the tracks written during the camp, as well as giving key insights on the sync industry. 


Artist management: a tough but vibrant job, and perhaps the only one in which you have to deal with every aspect within the music industry.  ESNS offers various panels about innovative management strategies and management workshops & masterclasses
Keynotes from Richard Jones and Peter Jenner

Richard Jones currently runs the worldwide artist management company Key Music Management representing various clients including the Pixies, Agnes Obel and Dead Can Dance. During his keynote Richard will go into the importance of successful application of sales and ticketing data and digital sales models in building artist careers. 

Peter Jenner is the legendary manager of amongst others Pink Floyd, Ian Dury and The Clash. Peter today advises artists and governments on the music industry. During the keynote he will not only go into the juicy details of events like the free Rolling Stones concert in Londons Hyde Park, working  with Syd Barrett, Marc Bolan and Joe Strummer, but also give his views on innovation, disruption and where the industry is heading to. 
The future of management IMMF Managers Masterclasses, meet the experts

Within the timeframe of two hours, participants will meet 8 experts who will share their experiences concerning 4 topics: Brand, Songs, Live, Deals, and reflect through tips and insights on what they wish someone had told them earlier in their career. There are still some spots left so sign up here.

MMFnl is working on a new model contract in which the interests of both artist and manager are balanced proportionally. The professional association for author-musicians BAM! will judge this from the artist side and the MMF from the management perspective. Goal is to have a model contract at the end of the panel that both parties support and which should serve as a guide for future management contracts


Curated by digital music leader Stephen O’Reilly, the ESNS Tech programme will guide you through the most impressive technological developments. Bringing together some of the world’s most exciting music tech companies, with contributions from artists, managers, marketers, investors, and many more at the intersection of the music and tech business.

Keynote Scott Cohen: What Comes After Streaming?

In 1999 MTV reigned, CD sales were strong but then the Web disrupted everything. In 2018 Social Media dominated and Streaming exploded. But The Orchard's Scott Cohen is predicting that we are speeding towards the next big disruption. So how will we prepare ourselves this time?
Ten Years From Now

The pace of change and technological development is currently super-heated and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Will we be computing on our wrists? Will our cellphones be implants? Will people accept being chipped? How will we get to work, or, more to the point, will there be such things as dedicated places of work, a.k.a. offices, ten years from now?


A good infrastructure in venues and stages where upcoming artists can perform, is crucial in developing talent and maintaining a healthy music industry. In an ideal world all European venues would work together on the circulation of emerging European acts.

European Venues United

Liveurope proved a solid mechanism to increase the circulation of emerging European artists supported with EU funding. The question for the future is: how to increase that support for more artists by including more venues? Especially at a time when the discussions on a dedicated European policy for music are moving forward, it is time to realise new artist mobility schemes on large scales. To boost the international careers of emerging European artists by facilitating touring opportunities in iconic venues all over the continent.
Venue data

Pollstar will lead a discussion and present its exclusive European and global touring box office and ticket sales data from the 2018 Year End Special issue. Panelists will be looking at the 2018 trends in the international touring, venue and the live entertainment industry. The panel will focus on leading European touring acts from the Top Worldwide Tours playing globally, the ticket sales, box office grosses, average ticket price, booking agent and will also take a closer look at the leading European venues from stadiums to clubs.


EPIC is entirely dedicated to production and innovation at festivals and venues. Hot topics include sustainability and Festival Analytics, the restrictions as far as privacy ruling and laws are concerned as well as integral safety of event production and the great need for recruitment within the sector.
Green and Sustainable Solutions for Events

Whether it is bio-based hardcups, circular toilets or artificial intelligence to predict energy consumption, EPIC will present the most viable solutions and  innovations for festival and event productions. Find out more about plastic use at events,  substitution of diesel generators at festivals, waste free festivals and many other innovations that will improve the overall festival experience. 
Counter Terrorism Measures

As a follow up of what has been discussed during the Yourope Health & Safety Seminar, this panel will explore some of the complex urban and non-urban event and festival sites such as Eurosonic Noorderslag, MaMA, Roskilde and Paleo Festivals as well as lessons learned from Royal Weddings and the Trump visit in how we apply solutions and work from lessons learned from not so successful event situations.


Celebrating 20 years of collaboration with the EBU, we have a special focus on radio stations and innovations in the world of radio with Keynote by Ben Chapman (BBC Sounds), amongst others.
Radio & Music, a Marriage Still Going Strong

Quite a few radio stations have defied the odds these past few years. Being in a fairly difficult situation, they have found the right formula and are enjoying a promising new media life. Streaming radio is flourishing and radio broadcasters are exploring new territories whilst still providing quality programming. What can we expect for the future and how can the medium leverage its reach to help break new acts?
Music Magazines

Is music journalism an endangered species? Are we happy with just the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Youtube?
Yes, we are. But what comes next and what else will survive? Where and how do you promote music in these times, when radio will also be gone and journalism has been replaced by bots and algorithms?

Politics & Policy

Developments for a dedicated European policy for music are moving forward, notably through the 'Music Moves Europe' initiative, which should strengthen European music export and exchange programmes and develop structural ways to analyse and measure the cross-border flows of music. 
Music Moves Europe

The European Commission has renewed its commitment to culture as a catalyst for more cross-border exchange and dialogue, notably through the “Music Moves Europe” initiative. In this panel, our speakers will explain this commitment to boosting the EU´s support to the music sector, how it works in practice and what this could mean in the next years. Studies, awards, innovative projects, funding and policy perspectives: you will know everything about the EU’s new policies for music and be able to ask questions to those who play a key role in the process.
Is Regulation the Answer to Secondary Ticketing?

The week after Eurosonic, the European Commission’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee will propose amendments aimed at tightening up regulation on ticket resale. While these are significant wins, is legislation the only way or even the right way forward? Glastonbury devised an ID-based ticketing system which ended touting for tickets in one fell swoop. And various blockchain companies are preaching similar solutions. Does the live music business just need to get better at working together to solve the problem?

Marketing & PR

Obviously social media marketing with a focus on getting airtime on streaming platforms and getting booked, have replaced the traditional way of 'music marketing'. And how do festivals restructure their marketing integrity to turn music fans into ticket buyers? 
European Festival Marketing Seminar

EMAC is hosting a special seminar for professionals in the difficult world of festival marketing. The EMAC committee provides insights of the 2-day European Festival Marketing Seminar during the follow up panel. If you didn't make it to the seminar, here's your chance to stay up-to-date about the key topics of festival marketing scene these days.
Social Media Sucks

Social media platforms are under enormous pressure. They make young people depressed and in some cases socially disturbed, and create more isolation, alienation and contradictions than connections. Happily, there is a better online alternative to communicate with your audience. Cor Hospes knows will provide you with the answer.

More to discover at ESNS 2019


Apart from the festival and conference, check out showcases, exhibitions and after parties hosted by our partners. A full list of all ESNS EXTRA activities can be found
European Music Awards

For the first time ever, ESNS will host the European Music Awards Night; a celebratory evening during which multiple awards ceremonies will be hosted. The night will kick-off at 21:00 hrs with live music perfomances by Music Moves Europe Talent Awards winners.All ESNS delegates are most welcome to attend. Please RSVP here. Tickets for the European Festival Awards are still available here

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