March 2021 Newsletter
It's been an exciting week in community capital! The updates to the rules governing investment crowdfunding took effect March 15, making it easier to raise money - and possible to raise more. (Here's a brief 1 minute overview of a few of the highlights of the new rules from our friend Zach Fallon of So.Capital.)

Though that's not all that's happening! Here are a few more things we'd thought you might like to know...
We're Hiring!

We're hiring at the National Coalition for Community Capital! If you think you might like to work remotely on democratizing the economy with an amazing team of inspired innovators from across the country; if you're passionate about economic justice; and if you think you might have the right administrative skills to help the organization grow and expand its reach and impact, take a look at this job description for the just-announced Director of Administration position!
Introducing our Newest Board Member

We're excited to announce that Carla Mannings joined the NC3 board in January. The Chief of Strategic Initiatives at Partners for the Common Good, Carla brings an incredible depth of knowledge and experience in community development financing, and we look forward to her leadership as NC3 continues to grow.
Community Investment Fund (CIF) Task Force News

Since publishing the book on Community Investment Funds (CIFs) last year in partnership with the Solidago Foundation, we've been working hard to develop the CIF field. Currently, we're advocating for updates to the Investment Company Act of 1940 that would expand opportunities for grassroots investors to pool capital in the sorts of Community Investment Funds needed to meet this moment - and lay a foundation for a more inclusive, equitable, democratic, and resilient economy. Specifically, we're urging the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs to introduce new legislation, and we're asking the SEC to issue a ruling that would allow for the formation of state-regulated CIFs.

We expect to have more news in coming weeks, so stay tuned! If you'd like to know more about the details and/or about how you can help with advocacy efforts, drop us a line at

For those interested in exploring the possibility of launching a CIF in your community, we're happy to share that we've made significant progress developing tools to help you assess the possibility and chart a course - and we expect to have them available soon!
Meet the Champions of Community Capital: Camille Johnson, CEO of Cooperative Capital

In an effort to elevate the stories of some of the sheroes and heroes of the community capital movement who are working day in and day out to make the American economy more inclusive, equitable, and democratic, we'd like to start sharing interviews with folks about what they do, why they do it, etc. Here's a brief 5 minute glimpse into the life and mind of Camille Johnson, CEO of Cooperative Capital:

Want to hear more from Camille and learn more about Cooperative Capital? Check out the complete full-length interview here!
Resource Development News

NC3 recently acquired the Local Investing Resource Center (LIRC) from our friends at the Initiative for Local Capital. It's a wonderful educational resource for exploring ways for various stakeholders to participate in and help develop local investment ecosystems. We hope you'll check it out, and we hope you'll direct others to check it out as well!

For investment advisors, there's a great new section that our friends at values-based investment advisory firm Revalue Investing put together. (Thanks Angela and team Revalue!) You can view it here.

As with all aspects of the community capital movement, the LIRC is a work in progress. If you'd like to get involved in developing it, drop us a line at
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