MADvice #67
Interesting stories about marketing and digital


3 stories worth sharing this week:
  1. 52 Things I Learned In 2018
    Every year Tom Whitwell shares 52 unrelated things he learned in 2018. This year's edition includes interesting facts like "54 percent of Chinese born after 1995 chose influencer as their most desired occupation” or that "air crews are exposed to more radiation than people who work at nuclear power stations". [Medium, 7min]
  2. Forget Human Truth, Brands Should Be Talking Human Fiction
    In an industry obsessed with human truth, surrounded by a world in love with fiction, does advertising need to leave the facts behind? Asks Mel Arrow, Strategy Director and Partner at BBH. [BBH Labs, 2min]
  3. How to Trick People Into Saving Money
    Inside Walmart’s curious, possibly ingenious effort to get customers to build up their savings accounts by exploiting the power of lotteries. [The Atlantic, 15min]

A quote I'm thinking about:

“The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.” 

René Descartes

MADvice is curated by Filipe in Lisbon Tokyo.

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