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Issue #84

Walking away from mobile.

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Welcome to issue #84 of MADvice with a new and improved layout! The first newsletter was actually sent 2 years ago, on July 7th 2017. If you're curious you can read it here. In the first year I sent the newsletter every single week, no exceptions. In the last couple of months I haven't been able to be as consistent, but today marks a turning point 🤞

In addition to the new design, I would love to also make the content better. I just need you to tell me how 🙏

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3 stories worth sharing this week:

The End of Mobile


📝Ben Evans
There are about 5.3bn people on earth aged over 15. Of these, around 5bn have a mobile phone. Time to stop making charts and work out what the fact that almost everyone on earth has a phone or a smartphone really means. The next fundamental trends in tech, today, are probably machine learning, crypto and regulation….but it’s probably too early to make charts for that.

The Glorious Boredom of a Six-Week Walk in Japan


Craig Mod went on an epic walk, 620 miles alone across Japan, almost-disconnected from the internet. He wanted to experience the walk as the walk, in all of its inevitably boring walkiness. He wanted to experience time. His rules extended beyond the internet to other sorts of mental transportation, including audiobooks and podcasts. “Boredom” was the goal, the antipode of mindless connectivity, constant stimulation, anger and dissatisfaction.

The Mediocrity Of Middle Distance Insight


The middle distance is a place of corporate wishful thinking and cliché, about categories and the people they serve. A place of statistics and not data, of averages not outliers. This is marketing’s comfort blanket, a kind of make-believe land of middle distance mediocrity. And we need to get the hell out of this place. We need to move further away from our subjects so we can see and appreciate the vast sweep of humanity and able to mark the turning of culture. And at the same-time we need to get closer to them, serving people as people, individual and idiosyncratic.

A quote I'm thinking about:

“Never write an advertisement which you wouldn’t want your family to read. You wouldn’t tell lies to your own wife. Don’t tell them to mine​.”

David Ogilvy

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