MADvice #79
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3 stories worth sharing this week:
  1. The Real Heroes in Game of Thrones: The White Walkers
    We’ve been looking at it all wrong. Since the first scene of the first episode, we’ve seen nothing but a cartoon version of the White Walkers: They are just sinister outsiders, camped out in the far reaches of Westeros just biding their time until they can kill for killing’s sake. They’re bloodthirsty. We don’t understand them. They’re different. All wrong. The White Walkers are the greatest  hope for Westeros. [Medium, 5min]
  2. The Psychological Importance Of Watching Game of Thrones
    Feeling guilty about binge watching every Game of Thrones episode? Don’t be. There will always be an endless list of chores to complete and work to do, and a culture of relentless productivity tells us to feel terribly guilty about any time wasted. But wasting time is about recharging your battery and de-cluttering. Taking time to be totally, gloriously, proudly unproductive will ultimately make you better at your job. [Quartz, 3min]
  3. Disney and the Future of TV
    The premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones showed the unmatched drama and cultural impact that makes television the most valuable medium there is. The greatest drama of all in the television world, though, was on the surface far more banal: on Thursday Disney webcast its Investors Day 2019, where it not only gave details on its upcoming Disney+ streaming service specifically, but also clarified the future of TV generally. [Stratechery, 14min]

A quote I'm thinking about:

“Fear cuts deeper than swords.” 

–  Arya Stark

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