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Issue #85

3 stories worth sharing this week:

12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech


Technology isn’t an industry, it’s a method of transforming the culture and economics of existing systems and institutions. Given all the time we spend with our gadgets and apps, it’s essential to understand the principles that determine how tech affects our lives.

Advice On How To Create A Strategy


📝Anna Shipman
When Anna Shipman needed to create the tech strategy for her team at the Financial Times, she asked Russell Davies for advice. This article is a list of short, but very useful, points on how to make sure everyone is aware of what they are doing and why.

Too Fast To Think: Why Switching Off Unlocks Creativity


📝It's Nice That
There’s plenty of articles claiming smartphone (ab)use is damaging our health, relationships and attention spans. But our always-on culture could also be suffocating the part of our brain where ideas come from. When do we get your best ideas? Most people say that they are not at work, probably alone and not trying to have ideas. This is because our brains are only open to subconscious thoughts when they are relaxed. But with down time and quiet space disappearing from daily routines, we are limiting the opportunity to have ideas to the tiny moments of the day when we are truly relaxed. This is why so many people describe having epiphanies when they are in shower, for example.

📈 Stat of the week:

Close to 40% of American couples now meet through online dating apps. Source

💬 A quote I'm thinking about:

“Creativity is the residue of time wasted.”

Albert Einstein

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