MADvice #82
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3 stories worth sharing this week:
  1. Influencers Have No Influence Anymore
    The social influence market lacks transparency, ethics, trust, and, increasingly, humans. A single day’s worth of posts tagged #sponsored or #ad on Instagram contained over 50% fake engagements, while other study claims that only 4% of people trust what influencers say online. In the $6.5 billion social influence market, there are too many influencers not influencing anything. Maybe the next iteration of the modern influencer economy won’t be about hiring existing influencers, but creating our own. [Fast Co, 4min]
  2. The Dark Side Of A/B Testing
    As modern marketers, we love the clarity that comes from A/B testing. We have an idea; we implement it; then, we let the users decide whether it’s good or not by running a controlled experiment. Thoroughly impressed by our own analytical rigor, we then scale up the winning treatment and move on. If you don’t do any A/B testing today, you’re clearly behind the curve: you’re making HIPPO-driven decisions (those driven by a Highly Paid Person’s Opinion). But, as Alex Weinstein outlines in this article, there are some tactical issues you should consider when adopting A/B testing as a philosophy for your marketing and product teams. [Venturebeat, 6min]
  3. A Modest Proposal: Eliminate Email
    In this provocative HBR article, Cal Newport makes the case against email.He points out that email, as a technology, is not intrinsically bad. But the unstructured workflow it engenders is disastrous and we need to fix it. It can lead to a state where constant email checking, during work hours and beyond, become necessary to keep the wheels of progress turning. And this state, in turn, is transforming knowledge workers into exhausted human network routers who are producing at a fraction of their cognitive capacity. [HBR, 10min]

A quote I'm thinking about:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 

–  Thomas A. Edison

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