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The Quote

"A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water."
~ Eleanor Roosevelt


The Quirky Fact

The populari-tea of tea as a beverage in the U.S., is fifth after water, coffee, soft drinks, and juice. Even then, Americans prefer it fros-tea, i.e., iced, (the only nation that does and on a scale of 4 to 1.) Most Americans, according to some statistics, prefer bottled iced tea, a practice that would be considered a traves-tea to most Brits. But then, the British often prefer their coffee instant, which is a perversi-tea to most Americans.

The Quirky Observation

Did you realize Winnie the Pooh has an affini-tea for tea? Perhaps because he is English, you are not totally surprised, but according to this article, he takes every opportuni-tea to drink it from breakfast until dinner, and isn’t persnicke-tea as long as it has plen-tea of honey in it. “As Piglet says, tea, as much as honey, is the ingredient that always helps Pooh feel like Pooh again.” Try it; its simplici-tea may make you feel like you again, too.

The Quiz
Part 1:
1. China is the largest tea exporter.
True ___  False ___

2. The largest tea-consuming country per capita is:
   a. England ___
   b. Iraq ___
   c. Ireland ___
   d. Kuwait ___

3. In 1849 tea wholesaler Henry Charles Harrod took over a London grocery store and grew it into one of the world's largest department stores.
     True ___ False ___

4. In 1876 Thomas Johnstone Lipton opened his first shop in New York City starting a company that would bear his name on tea for more than a century.
     True ___ False ___

Part 2: Can you think of a word that has “tea” within it to fit these definitions?

1. To take without permission __________
2. Water in the form of invisible gas __________
3. A cut of beef that is relatively expensive __________
4. A toothless animal that vacuums up termites and other insects __________
5. A land mass that is flat, but considerably higher than the area around it __________

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The Kiosk of Resources

To jump start my brain on words ending in “ty” that I could turn into “tea,” I went to which listed almost 1900. I wrote down more than 80 of the most common/fun words and dearly hoped to at least include agility, amenity, chocolaty, curiosity, duty, empty, familiarity, honesty, liberty, modesty, necessity, novelty, party, personality, positivity, quantity, royalty, serendipity, salty, toasty, trusty, and variety, but my guess is you are glad I didn’t.

I’ve written quite a lot about tea as a trivia quiz, discussion topic, and word game. Contact me at if you’d like a copy.

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Answers to quiz:
Part 1:
  1. False; it’s the world’s largest tea-producing nation, but it keeps most of what it grows for its own consumption. The second largest consuming nation, India, is also the largest exporter.
  2. c. Ireland
  3. True
  4. False; He opened his shop in Glasgow, using American merchandising methods he learned working in the grocery section of a New York department store 
Answers: Part 2:  
  1. steal
  2. steam
  3. steak
  4. anteater
  5. plateau
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