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The Quirky Quote

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawnmower is broken.” ~ James Dent

The Quirky Fact

Yes, Virginia, there really is a difference between dry heat and humid heat. I grew up in a northern state where I was almost always cold, so living in Florida suits me. But even I am wilted by the summer humidity.

What’s the difference? You can get a more scientific explanation here, but basically, when it is hot, we perspire, and it is the perspiration evaporating from our skin that helps cool us. In a hot dry place like Phoenix, our perspiration evaporates quickly, cooling us quickly; in a hot humid place like Tampa, the humidity causes perspiration to evaporate more slowly and therefore heat relief comes more slowly, too. According to the chart accompanying the article, 100° F and 4% humidity “feels like” 92° but 92° added to 60% humidity “feels like” 105°.

The Quirky Observation

Have you noticed how many words related to hot begin with S?
  • scalding
  • scorching
  • searing
  • sizzling
  • smoking
  • steaming
  • sultry
  • sweating
  • sweltering

Featured Product

The 123 slides in this show are not just weather-related, but include:

~ 3 trivia quizzes on hot and spicy foods, hot places, and volcanos
~ 3 word games on hot doublets, hot wuzzles (word puzzles), and hot Tom Swifties
~ 3 exercises of imagination and reminiscence related to feelings about hot, expressions related to hot, and memories of warm foods
~ Lots of hot tidbits in between all the rest

It doesn’t cover hot flashes, hot (as in stolen) jewels, or anything likely to make you hot under the collar. You may even feel warm and cozy when you finish! Order it here.

The Quiz 

Only one of the following techniques is NOT among those recommended for staying cool (we can’t promise calm and collected) during hot weather. Can you guess which one?

1. Eat hot soup

2. Eat spicy foods

3. Put your feet in an ice bath

4. Put your elbows in an ice bath

5. Spritz yourself with peppermint iced tea

6. Put your cotton sheets in the freezer

Answers at the end of this document.

The Quirky Imaginative Question
There are lots of clever ways to finish the line, “It was so hot that . . .” such as cows gave evaporated milk, chickens laid hard-boiled eggs, and birds were pulling worms out of the ground with oven mitts. Can you come up with your own?

The Shameless Request

Please share Wiser Now Wednesday with anyone you think might be interested, and if you represent an organization that would like a customized version, please send me a note at

The Kiosk of Resources

Answers to Quiz
#4 may do some good but wasn’t on anyone’s list. Instead, soak your wrists in cold water (or run cold water over them for a minute or so). Essentially, you want to chill your pulse points, so a cold washcloth on your neck or forehead can also help. As for the others:
  • Both hot soup and spicy foods cool you by causing you to sweat.
  • Because the soles of our feet are especially sensitive to temperature changes, a foot bath of ice and water will cool you off quickly and reset your body's temperature, so you feel comfortable even a few hours later.
  • Here’s the logic behind the iced tea: Fill a spray bottle with the tea and spritz it on. The soothing properties of the tea can calm down angry skin and the cold spritz will help you cool off quickly. No word on what to do about the clothing stains.
  • The freezer cooled sheets won’t last the night, but perhaps long enough to get you to sleep.

Other suggestions (See Resources) included popsicles, a fan attached to your smart phone, and this yoga breathing technique: Curl your tongue and focus on inhaling through your mouth. Exhale through your nose fully and repeat. Take your pick.

My multiple goals are to amuse and inspire you, to share what I and people whom I admire am doing, to stimulate your curiosity and spur you to action. I hope you enjoyed this offering. You can access previous issues here. We welcome your feedback. (
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