Welcome to Wiser Now’s weekly email blast which reflects my eclectic interests and, I hope, yours. This week, my focus is on Humor Month in combination with Stress Awareness Month. During these trying times, a focus on humor may seem misplaced, even callous, but on the contrary, humor is how we survive. Humor gives us a moment of freedom from our pain, a moment of hope, and in that moment, we know that this too shall pass. Lifting others’ spirits is an act of compassion. Wiser Now Wednesday is my attempt to activate my compassion toward you. I hope it works.

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The Quirky Quote

A prominent doctor discovered that cheerful people
resist disease better than chronic grumblers.
He concluded that the surly bird gets the germ.

The Quirky Observation

One of the quirkiest miracles inherent in the human body is our ability to laugh. Laughter interrupts the panic cycle of whatever we’re facing. When we are stressed, our bodies release cortisol, which suppresses our immune system. By tapping into our sense of humor, we temporarily distract our bodies from stress. As little as five minutes of focusing on the funny can inspire us to reframe the situation into “I’ve got this,” and refuel our bodies so that we can face life again. Humor isn’t a cure, but humor heals.

The Quirky Fact
Tapping into your sense of humor and laughing has proven health benefits. According to a Mayo Clinic article, it:

  • Boosts your immune system
  • Enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, thereby stimulating your heart, lungs and muscles
  • Stimulates circulation that results in relaxation of muscle tension
  • Reduces pain
  • Improves your mood

All of which contribute to resiliency!

Featured Products
I am highlighting two slide shows this week because Golly, We’re Gullible is perfect for April Fool’s Day (or any day you’ve been fooled) and my most recent offering, Nifty Names, has loads of content to amuse you. Both are available at, and the latter has a free excerpt on the home page to whet your appetite.

Golly, We’re Gullible includes trivia quizzes (one excerpted below), a word game, discussions on hoax vs. humbug and being trusting vs. gullible, plus much more. Nifty Names reflects my lifelong addiction to funny names, punny names, and the evolution of names, all in the form of trivia and word games, plus discussions and reminiscence. No fooling, you’ll enjoy these. Order them now.

The Question
Do you have a humor-in-troubled-times story to share? Please write me at and do share it with your friends as well. It’s a great way to connect with others.

The Quiz
This week’s trivia quiz is an excerpt from one in the slide show Golly, We’re Gullible. (See above to order the whole shebang.)

Chances are you have heard at least some variation of all the following statements and might have been fooled into believing them, but only one is true. Can you figure out which one?
Which is a myth? Which is true?

1. If you visit a replica of an ancient Roman home in Italy you will see a vomitorium where people went to purge themselves after eating gluttonous meals.
True ___  False ___
2. If you go to a Scandinavian museum, you will learn that Vikings wore horns on their helmets to invoke the strength of oxen in battle.
True ___  False ___
3. London deserves its reputation for rainy weather; never venture out without an umbrella there.
True ___  False ___
4. The Eiffel Tower grows and shrinks according to the temperature.
     True ___ False ___
5. If you dug a hole straight through the Earth from Chicago, you would end up in China.
True ___  False ___
6. There is a top-secret city beneath Disneyland.
True ___  False ___

Answers and explanations are at the end of this document.

The Shameless Request

  1. I believe these weekly posts could be used by activity leaders in senior centers and residential care settings, as well as home health aides with their patients. If you know one – or know a senior – please pass this post on.
  2. I also believe these weekly posts could be used by families and homeschooled students. If you know one of those, please pass this post on.
  3. If you represent an organization that would like a customized version of Wiser Now Wednesday, please send me a note at

The Kiosk of Resources
The links to resources I used when I first wrote about being gullible are no longer active, but here are two that you might find fun:

Answers to the quiz

Answers: Only 4. Is true.

1. False. Vomitoria were the entranceways through which crowds entered and exited a stadium.
2. False. There is no evidence that Vikings ever wore horns on their helmets.
3. False: The truth is that Miami, Florida gets 2-1/2 times the rain each year that London does. But London, being on the coast, is drizzly and foggy, particularly in winter.
4. True: It shrinks up to about 6 inches in the cold.
5. False: This legend, common to the childhoods of many, ignores the impossibility of such a feat, and the fact that the opposite side of the earth from most land masses is an ocean. Northern Chile, however, is opposite China, so try starting there.
6. False, but in Disney World there is a huge system of tunnels beneath the Magic Kingdom that allows for, among other things, costumed characters to appear in specific sections of the park like – ummm – magic.
My multiple goals are to amuse and inspire you, to share what I and people whom I admire am doing, to stimulate your curiosity and spur you to action. I hope you enjoyed this offering. You can access previous issues here. We welcome your feedback. (
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