Welcome to Wiser Now’s weekly email blast which reflects our eclectic interests and, we hope, yours. January 1, 2020 is the start of a new decade, a good day to talk about time. Our newest slide show is “Time Will Tell” and this issue of WNW provides a sampling of its contents. Check out the excerpt and other offerings at We welcome your feedback. (

The Quote

Einstein explained his theory of relativity by saying “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity."


The Quirky Fact

If the sun stopped shining suddenly, it would take eight minutes for people on earth to be aware of the fact. (Light travels at the rate of 186,200 miles a second.)

The Quirky Observation

There were woolly mammoths on the planet when the Pyramids were being built.

I love facts like this, but I don’t trust them, and it frustrates me when no verification is given, so here’s the dating: The last wooly mammoths disappeared from Wrangel Island in the Arctic Sea north of Russia about 4000 years ago. Egypt’s Giza Pyramids were completed about 4500 years ago.

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The Quiz

This is an excerpt from a longer quiz in the Wiser Now slide show “Time Will Tell.” For the following timely expressions, which answer is true? Answers are at the end of this document.

1. Donkey’s years
  1. Because domesticated donkeys usually live longer than horses (about 40 years), this was a common expression in the early American West when they were highly valued. (“I haven’t seen you for donkey’s years!”)  ___
  2. This was originally cockney rhyming slang and referred to donkeys’ long ears. ___
2. Red letter day, a day when good things happen
  1. One of the few common phrases in English that originates in Asia where red is the color for weddings and other happy events ___
  2. Originally referred to Christian festivals (Christmas, Easter) marked in red in the Book of Common Prayer calendar beginning in 1549 ___
3. Fast as a blue streak
  1. Refers to falling stars ___
  2. Refers to lightning ___
4. Legend in her own time
  1. Meaning someone who is so famous for her (or his) feats or good deeds in her lifetime that they may be exaggerated (legendary), it was first used to refer to Florence Nightingale ___
  2. The origin of the phrase is older and goes back to Joan of Arc ___

The Bonus

The reality is that time IS relative. One exercise I often do in my staff development sessions is called, “Fuzzy Meanings.” It does not fit into my slide format, so I couldn’t include it in Time Will Tell, but you can access it with this link.

The Question
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The Kiosk of Resources

The Wiser Now slide show “Time Will Tell” has a LOT more timely questions and discussion suggestions, and can be shown on your computer, tablet, or large screen TV for individual or group use or any place you have to wait and need lighthearted distraction.

Check out the many offerings at and We are posting regularly now at our Wiser Now Facebook page and if you’re interested in caregiving issues, check out our site which also provides links to our weekly LinkedIn “Dementia Minute” articles.
Answers to quiz:
1.b    2.b    3.b    4.a
Our multiple goals are to amuse and inspire you, to share what we and people whom we admire are doing, to stimulate your curiosity and spur you to action. We hope you enjoyed this offering. You can access previous issues here. We welcome your feedback. (
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