November is Native American Heritage Month and Role Models Month. We welcome your feedback. (


The Quote

"...If you do not talk to them you will not know them,

and what you do not know you will fear.

What one fears one destroys."

Crazy Horse aka Tashunkewitko (1845 – 1877) was killed by American soldiers.

The Quirky Observation

Some people call me crazy. I prefer the term “happy with a twist.”


The Odd Fact

Ahhh, November. The months of overeating have arrived, but you may be surprised to learn, Weight gain around this time of year may not be from all the food. Researchers have found that lack of vitamin D reduces fat breakdown and triggers fat storage. So, the lack of sunlight can have more to do with the extra gain than that extra slice of pumpkin pie. The bottom line for reducing your bottom is to get outside and walk. Even 15 minutes spent outdoors in natural light each day can help lighten body and soul.

The Quiz

There are many words in the English language that settlers since the 1600s have borrowed from the Indians who named things first. English colonists, encountering unfamiliar plants and animals — among them moose, opossum, skunk, and chipmunk — borrowed the Indian terms, although they generally corrupted the pronunciation in the process. Below is an excerpt from a matching game of Indian place names that Americans and Canadians have adopted or adapted. Access the whole quiz here for free and order the entire Remembering November slide show featuring 142 slides and many more trivia quizzes, word games, and discussions here. Chances are you can only guess at the answers, but have fun doing so.
Guess which name belongs with which place:
  1. Alaska ___
  2. Illinois ___
  3. Iowa ___
  4. Ohio ___
  1. Best people
  2. It is beautiful
  3. Place the sea crashes against
  4. Sleepy ones
  1. Manitoba ___
  2. Ontario ___
  3. Saskatchewan ___
  4. Yukon ___
  1. Beautiful lake
  2. Great river
  3. Strait of the spirit
  4. Swiftly flowing river
Answers at the end of this document

The Request 

Given my choice of careers, I have been fortunate to have avoided the affliction of writer’s block, but I do have a strong mental block regarding the actual posting of material on social media. Fortunately, I have hired someone younger than my daughters to curate and navigate for me. She is posting my content and telling me when I need to respond, but her efforts don’t automatically bring eyes. Please check out my Facebook pages for Wiser Now and Creating Delight, my Wiser Now and Kathy Laurenhue LinkedIn pages and my Creating Delight Pinterest page and like them, comment on them, and share them. I promise I will never tell you what I had for dinner and will always aim for an Aha! or Ha, ha reaction.

The Question

Next week in anticipation of the U.S. Thanksgiving, we will be talking about gratitude rituals. Does your family or community do anything special to give thanks? Please share it with me:


The Kiosk of Resources

The source of this week’s quirky fact is
If you would like to know more about the Native American origins of place names, here are a couple of resources:

Quiz Answers:

  1. Alaska – c – Place the sea crashes against
  2. Illinois – a – Best people
  3. Iowa – d – Sleepy ones
  4. Ohio – b – It is beautiful
  5. Manitoba – c – Strait of the spirit
  6. Ontario – a – Beautiful lake
  7. Saskatchewan – d – Swiftly flowing river
  8. Yukon – b – Great river
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