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The Quirky Quote

"I have always believed that writing advertisements
 is the second most profitable form of writing.
The first, of course, is ransom notes. . . "

 ~ Philip Dusenberry (advertising executive)

The Quirky Fact

According to this delightful website, all food advertisements look appealing thanks to a food stylist whose tricks of the trade include: stuffing enchiladas with instant mashed potato, sunscreen instead of milk on cereals, acrylic ice cubes, and incense to create the steamy appeal of freshly made pasta.

The Quirky Observation

Advertisers often use a technique called “affective condition,” which means they take a product and place it next to positive images. A detergent ad, for example, will often include babies, sunshine, and flowers. But the oft-cited notion that most watches displayed in advertisements are set to 10:10 because the hands create a smiling face is false unless you have a good imagination. They are set to frame the watch brand name.

The Question
What do you think of humor in advertising? According to this article, it can be a huge positive, but is tricky to effectively link to a product brand. Here are 10 humorous ads from the 2020 Super Bowl. Do they make you smile? Do you have other favorites? Share them! (Photo comes from this compilation)

Featured Product
Wiser Now has produced more than a thousand trivia quizzes, word games, reminiscence activities, and discussion exercises, which we’ve begun to put either in the Freebies section of the Wiser now website or as inexpensive individual exercises. If you need such content for your group, please check them out. You are encouraged to share WNW with your mail list, and if you want to use any of this material as newsletter filler, I ask only that you quote the source (Wiser Now Wednesday) and provide a link to my website:

The Quiz 
These days it seems like pharmaceutical companies have a monopoly on television advertising, but in the 1950s and 60s (when there were only three TV stations) a variety of consumer products were so widely promoted that anyone who lived through those years can likely still identify their slogans. The following is a shortened version of a longer quiz that can be found here.

Do you know which product each of the following slogans is advertising?

1. Good to the last drop ___
 a. Folger’s coffee
 b. Maxwell House coffee

2. The pause that refreshes ___
a. Coca-Cola
b. Pepsi

3. Does she, or doesn’t she? ___
a. Clairol hair dye
b. Revlon hair products

4. Keeps going and going and going ___
a. Duracell batteries
b. Energizer batteries
5. Ring around the collar ___
a. Tide detergent
b. Wisk detergent
6. Look, Ma, no cavities ___
a. Colgate toothpaste
b. Crest toothpaste

7. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking ___
a. Bulova watches         
b. Timex watches

8. If I have one life to live, let me live it as a blonde! ___
a. Clairol                           
b. L’Oreal
Answers at the end of this document.

The Shameless Request

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