Happy New Year!
The first fast for peace of the year arrives on Saturday, January 15th, which is the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., a student of Gandhi’s lessons in nonviolent resistance. After visiting India in 1959, Dr. King incorporated fasting into his personal routine. Whenever he was arrested, he would abstaining from food for 48 hours to refocus himself. You can refocus yourself for 2022 and pledge for this month’s fast at:
For those looking to do more for peace in 2022, I am seeking 78 volunteers to join me in deescalating the November election. (For the small percentage of this list that are outside of the United States, sorry, this particular campaign isn’t for you.) The Gandhian satyagraha campaign will awaken the American people to their own power, and offer a constructive alternative to the divisive and destructive politics which threaten the stability of our nation. By offering the voters a package of legislative solutions, developed by this group over the last few years through the monthly surveys, we can bring millions of Americans into the big tent of practical nonviolence. For those interested in joining the effort this year, more details are in this article:
It was on January 13, 1948, that the 78-year-old Mohandas Gandhi began his final fast. The religious violence in Delhi, the capital of the newly independent India, left him feeling overwhelmed and helpless. His fast of moral pressure on the citizenry lasted for five days, and succeeded in restoring peace to the city. It worked, because the people wanted it to work. In the spirit of inspiring peace and harmony, I have begun a commemorative five-day fast. Please join me and other people from around the country for 24 hours on January 15.
Each month, invites people to donate the money they’ve saved on food to help others. Habitat for Humanity has been building homes for people in need for more than 40 years. They now have projects in all 50 states, 70 countries, and have helped more than 20 million people. You can learn more on their website and make a donation at:

Last, we’re asking for donations to fund operations in 2022, as we continue to promote the fast for peace. If you can make a one-time or monthly pledge, please visit:

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