We've begun a new year, and the first for peace will take place on Sunday, January 15th, the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. This is a great opportunity to honor his legacy and the power of nonviolence by participating in a peaceful and meaningful way. As always, just drinking water for 24 hours is free and has many benefits for both our bodies and minds. Fasting has been shown to improve overall health, including weight loss, improved brain function, and a stronger immune system. By committing to this monthly fast, we can start to develop good habits that will benefit us throughout the year. You can add your pledge at this link:

Each month, participants in the fast for peace are encouraged to donate the money they save on food to help others. This month, the King Center was selected. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving for future generations the legacy and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through education, research and events. Donating to the King Center supports the continuation of his message of nonviolence, promoting racial reconciliation, and social justice. Learn more on their website,

In addition, this month marks the 75th anniversary of Gandhi's final fast, from January 13-18th, 1948. It was a protest against the communal violence in the wake of the partition of India, and a call for unity and peace between religious communities. He believed that the violence was a result of the failure of the leadership on both sides, and Gandhi saw his fast as a way to appeal to the conscience of the Indian people directly. It was a powerful demonstration of the strength of nonviolence.

Want to learn more about how the fast for peace serves as an opt-in for developing a better social contract? Join our monthly Zoom meetup from 8-8:30 on the 15th. Meeting ID: 847 7380 7294  Passcode: peace
We hope you will join us in this peaceful and meaningful observance on Sunday. Happy fasting!

Yours in peace,


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