"The 15th is the day of our trial. Observe a fast on that day." 
-Gandhi, August 1947
Dear <<First Name>>,
It started simply enough on August 15, 2017 - a challenge to go without food for 24 hours. Over the last five years, the fast for peace has been observed in all fifty states and dozens of countries across six continents. (Let us know if you have peace-loving contacts in Antarctica.) Thanks to everyone who participated along the way; and join us Monday at 8pm ET for a Zoom social to celebrate - food will not be served!
While the fast for peace is simple - just drink water for 24 hours - last week was the fourth annual 72-hour fast for nuclear disarmament. Thanks to everyone who joined in, like S.W. from Florida, whose reason for fasting for three days was "History is doomed to repeat itself if we continue to believe that war is the answer. The answer is always love -- and fasting is a gentle way to share this powerful message." You can read a short thread on Twitter with more quotes and facts here:
In the coming weeks, there are two more 72-hour fasts for other causes: starting August 21 is a fast for prison reform. We'll be fasting with incarcerated people, demanding improvements such as more equal access to the judicial system, reforms to solitary confinement, striking mandatory minimums from the US Code, and restoring voting rights. Add your pledge at this link:
Then, a fast for universal basic income (UBI) begins on September 1. Proposed legislation would send regular cash payments to American families, lifting all of them above the poverty line. With $1,300/month for adults, plus $433 for kids, UBI would establish a safety floor under all citizens, unlike the current safety net that allows 37 million people to fall through the holes. We'll be fasting with UBI advocates willing to demonstrate that it's not about greed, but ending poverty. Pledge at this link:
Each month, participants in the fast for peace are encouraged to donate the money they saved on food to help others, and nominate charities or causes during the post-fast survey. As a young man, Gandhi volunteered for the British Army and served under fire; in his later years, he spoke out against war. Many men and women have gone through similar transformations; Veterans For Peace was selected for August’s #fastforpeace charity. Members of Veterans For Peace pledge to use their experiences and nonviolent means to build a culture of peace by informing the public of the true causes and costs of wars, advocating for a dismantling of the war economy as an instrument of national policy. You can learn more about their efforts and make a donation through their website,
Finally, you're invited to join the monthly Zoom social at 8pm on the 15th. 75 years ago, Gandhi's fast for peace brought out the best in the people of riot-ravaged Kolkata. Come hear more of the inspiring story and chat with others working to deescalate tensions in 2022. Zoom Meeting ID: 886 7983 3914 and passcode: 089525 or this link:
Yours in peace,
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