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June 2020

Welcome! What a crazy month!

We are officially halfway through 2020 now and I hope everyone has made amazing progress on their annual goals. I am currently at 38/60 books and well on my way to flying past that original goal of 60. Since I have SOOOO many updates, I will send out a series of newsletters this month so that I can cover everything. Positive momentum and progress everywhere :)

Shoutout to all the hustlers out there!

Favorite Book - June

- Although it was my second time through, I will put Essentialism by Greg McKeown at the top spot for June. This book came at the perfect time.
- I have been feeling very...very busy...for the entire month. Normally, I love the feeling of progress. If I am making progress, I am fulfilled. During early June, I started to see diminishing returns on the additional work I was putting in.
- In preparation for my podcast episode with Greg, I decided to give the book another shot and WOW. Greg taught me that for people who have a decent baseline of productivity, there can be diminishing returns if you work too much. This was a breathe of fresh air and since rereading the book, I have implemented tons of Greg's recommendations. Thank you Greg!!

Favorite Life Hack - June

- Back in late 2019 and early 2020, I was focused on improving my sleep. I would now consider sleep to be one of my superpowers. I am consistently tracking 40% deep sleep and 20+% rem sleep on my Oura ring.
- One of the big improvements was buying oxygen producing plants that also filtered out pollutants. These plants had a very positive impact on my sleep so I thought...there must be a better way to double down on this.
- The picture you see here is my Hathaspace HEPA Air Purifier. I love it. It filters 99.97% of pollutants like allergens, dust mites, pollen, mold...etc. I wake up every morning with no congestion. Can't get enough of this thing.
- PS: This is NOT a paid promotion email. I am now a true fan.

IG Highlights - June

One of the biggest changes was the release of our Life-Changing Books Podcast. Check out this guest list:

  1. Evan Carmichael
  2. Russell Brunson
  3. Jim Kwik
  4. Bob Burg
  5. Howard Berg
  6. Alex Banayan
  7. Brandon Webb
  8. Nir Eyal
  10. Greg McKeown
  11. Vanessa Van Edwards
  12. Elena Cardone

Video Summary - June

- Jim Kwik's Book Recommendations
- Jim Asks Nick about His Favorite Books
- Meet My Mentor... Evan Carmichael
- BookThinkers is now on 10X
- Greg McKeown Introduces Essentialism
- Jim Talks Speed Reading and Smart Reading
- Meet Nir Eyal, Author of Hooked and Indistractable
- Don't "Stay in Your Lane"... Own the Whole Highway!
- What do the most successful speakers do with their hands?
- Meet the Amazing Russell Brunson
- Check out Bob Burg's Book Recommendations.
More news coming a few days from now!!!
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