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We are thrilled to announce that we were able to bring: Dani Weinberg's Teaching People Teaching Dogs back in print, as more and more emphasis has been placed on the human side of things. Dani focuses on improving communications with your clients and what you can do to adapt your training style to meet the variety of learning styles you will encounter.

Certainly every successful dog trainer knows that along with training a dog behaviors, you almost always have to teach the human how to train their dog(s) as well. Here are a number of other books that can help you while out working with people:

Coaching People to Train Their Dogs by Terry Ryan.
The Human Half of Dog Training by Rise VanFleet.
Don't Nag - Tag by Theresa McKeon.
It's Not the Dog - It's the People by Nicole Wilde.
People Training Skills for Pet Professionals by Niki Tudge.
The Family in Dog Behavior Consulting by Lynn Hoover.
Changing People Changing Dogs by Dee Ganley.
Newest books and DVDs

Service Dog Training Guide: A Step-by-Step Training Program for You and Your Dog

By Jennifer Hack

Bone up on everything from basic exercises to essential service dog tasks that will guide you and your dog on the best training path. You’ll also find an overview of different types of service and support dogs, breeds, and equipment for training. 

The Rosetta Bone

Khris Berry and Josh Aaron

Using a numerical 1-10 scale with 1 being extremely fearful and 10 being extremely dominant, general catagories of social dynamics are identified along the continuum. Of course behavior is infinitely more dynamic than any linear scale can fully encompass but this is a good basic system for developing your observation skills and helping you to apply them correctly to meet your dogs needs.

Serious Fun - Play Like A Dog

By Sue Sternberg

AVAILABLE AGAIN! When you are the source of the fun, your dog likes you more, pays you more attention and you have more control over other situations having nothing to do with play. Sue shows you how true power is obtained not through domination, not by being feared, but by being revered, and by being the source of play.

Thanks from the staff at Dogwise!

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