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Many of you, like most of the staff here at Dogwise, are in the unfamiliar situation of working from home or, sadly, at home but not working. Its pretty hard to ignore what is going on in the world with 24/7 coverage of events on TV and online. What may work is to turn off the world for a bit and do some fun or interesting reading - but being a dog enthusiast of course - it is probably will work better is the subject is something you really enjoy.

Frankly we don't have a lot of "escapist books" books to offer you, but we do have very absorbing reads that you may enjoy without taxing your brain! Here are some ideas:

A Borrowing of Bones by Paula Munier. It has been a long time since we have carried a dog oriented mystery, but this new mystery won the "book of the year" award at the Dog Writer's Association and we think you will enjoy. Features a bomb-sniffing Malinois named Elvis and any of you who do tracking or scent work should find the book entertaining.
From Hoofbeats to DogstepsRachel Paige Elliott's memoir is a fun read. Learn how a horse crazy young woman became a pioneer in canine gait research and one of the founders of the modern day Golden Retriever breed.
Bones Would Rain From the Sky by Suzanne Clothier. One of the best loved books we sell, a real classic!
Plenty in Life is Free by Kathy Sdao. Another one of our best loved books, part memoir, part training book. 
Tales of Two Species by Patricia McConnell. Everyone knows about her best selling booksbut Tales is a series of stand alone essays on loving and living with dogs.

Between Dog and Wolf by Jessica Addams and Andrew Miller.  This book is fascinating to read but despite the title it is not focused on wolf hybrids. Instead it is an in-depth comparative study comparing and contrasting modern pet dogs and wolves and how you can determine what you are looking at when you see a 'dog 'that you are not sure about. On sale for $15.00. 
Newest books and DVDs

Mission Control: How to train the high-drive dog

By Jane Ardern

Instead of relying on old-fashioned methods of coercion, author Jane Ardern, KCAI dog trainer of the year, has devised an emotionally-centred, choice-based training programme to tackle these issues.

Agility Bible: A practical guide for handlers

by Bonny Quick

Top international trainer and handler Bonny Quick reveals how to get the best from your dog – from foundation training through to the competition ring. Her success comes from treating every dog as an individual, and her unique insights make for effective and enjoyable learning.

Listen To Me! Exploring the emotional life of dogs

by Tricia Hollingshead

This new book, endorsed by well known Dogwise Publishing author Turid Rugaas, contains more than 200 photographs that illustrate how dogs communicate to each other and to us what they are experiencing.

Thanks from the staff at Dogwise!

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