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Handouts and take-home information are a great way to extend your clients learning. These are simple and helpful reminders for your clients that they can reference at anytime after you've met with them.

They come in a variety of shapes, formats and sizes. We have many to choose from covering all sorts of different topics, here's a sampling of what we have:

Puppy Passports by Operation Socialization
The Puppy Survival Guide by Sarah Whitehead. Bulk discount available too!
Gentle Hands Off Dog Training by Sarah Whitehead. Bulk discount available too!
Mind Games by Sarah Whitehead. Bulk discount available too!
Adolescent Dog Survival Guide by Sarah Whitehead. Bulk discount available too!
Small Paws by Sarah Whitehead. Bulk discount available too!
Teaching Fido to Learn to Earn by Sophia Yin. Also available in 10 packs.
How to Greet a Dog and What to Avoid by Sophia Yin. Also available in 10 packs.
12 Keys for Successful Training - 100 Sheet Handout
Tips for Perfect Potty Training Every Time - 100 Sheet Handout
Puppy Socialization Checklist - 100 Sheet Handout
Newest books and DVDs

Your End of the Lead: Changing How You Think and Act to Help Your Reactive Dog

By Janet Finlay
Your End of the Lead will show you how to shape your thinking and adjust what you do so that you can be successful in helping your dog. Taking a holistic approach and bringing together ideas from a diverse range of disciplines, Janet offers practical ways to change your mindset, so that you can really enjoy life with your dog again. 
*Books, Barks and Banter Facebook group upcoming book!

Pepper Becoming: The Journey of an Unwanted Dog and the Man Who Wanted Her

By John Visconti

Pepper Becoming humorously, tenderly, and sometimes painfully recounts the unlikely true story of two kindred souls -- a dog no one wanted and a man not interested in owning a dog-- helping each other navigate life's challenges.
*Books, Barks and Banter Facebook group upcoming book!

Mental Illness in Dogs: A Guide for Trainers

By Linda Scroggins

The idea that dogs can be afflicted with mental illness is fairly new but growing. Author, Linda Scroggins had years of experience working with dogs with behavior issues when a little yellow dog named Tom entered her life and home. Living with a dog who had been diagnosed with mental illness was her wake-up call to the challenges families sharing their lives with these dogs face each day. 
From the Dented and Dinged Bin

Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0: New Practical Techniques for Fear, Frustration, and Aggression in Dogs - Shopworn

By Grisha Stewart

BAT 2.0 builds resilience and self-reliance by giving dogs safe opportunities to learn about people, dogs, or other triggers. Clear enough for all readers to follow, this book also includes technical tips and bonus chapters just for dog behavior professionals.. Pick up a copy today for only $10.00.

Thanks from the staff at Dogwise!

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