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Handouts and take-home information are a great way to extend your clients learning. These are simple and helpful reminders for your clients that they can reference at anytime after you've met with them.

They come in a variety of shapes, formats and sizes. We have many to choose from covering all sorts of different topics, here's a sampling of what we have:

Puppy Passports by Operation Socialization. Available in 10 & 20 packs.
The Puppy Survival Guide by S. Whitehead. Bulk discount available.
Gentle Hands Off Dog Training by S. Whitehead. Bulk discount available.
Mind Games by S. Whitehead. Bulk discount available.
Adolescent Dog Survival Guide by S. Whitehead. Bulk discount available.
Small Paws by S. Whitehead. Bulk discount available.
Teaching Fido to Learn to Earn by S. Yin. Available in 10 packs.
How to Greet a Dog and What to Avoid by S. Yin. Available in 10 packs.
12 Keys for Successful Training - 100 Sheet Handout
Tips for Perfect Potty Training Every Time - 100 Sheet Handout
Puppy Socialization Checklist - 100 Sheet Handout
Body Language of Fear in Dogs - 100 Sheet Handout
Newest books and DVDs

Positive Herding 101: Dog-friendly training

By Barbara Buchmayer with Sally Adam

This book provides clear explanations, step-by-step training plans, and troubleshooting suggestions that create savvy trainers and thriving dogs. It’s almost like having your own herding dog trainer on retainer!

Starve Cancer - Feed Your Dog!

By Jo Cowden PhD, Connie McMillan DVM

In this important book, the authors present a nutritional regimen that helps dogs diagnosed with cancer maintain their body weight while at the same time denying the cancer what it needs to grow. The recommendations in this book are not going to cure them, but it improves their quality of life and extends life expectancy.

A Dog's World: Imagining the Lives of Dogs in a World without Humans (Hardcover)

By Jessica Pierce and Marc Bekoff

Pierce and Bekoff show how dogs are quick learners who are highly adaptable and opportunistic, and they offer compelling evidence that dogs already do survive on their own—and could do so in a world without us.

Thanks from the staff at Dogwise!

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