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We carry hundreds of dog training books, many quite academic and technical, but we do have quite a number that are suitable for trainers just getting started or to recommend to clients and friends who need a good foundation going forward.

Some of these we don't mention as often as we should but you should consider these as additional resources. As some customers tell us, if they find one good new idea in a book then its worth it!

You Can Train Your Dog by Pamela Dennison.
Taking the Lead Without Jerking the leash - The Art of Mindful Dog Training by Pat Blocker.
Juvenile Delinquent Dogs - The Complete Guide to Living with Your Adolescent Dog Sue Brown.
A Guide to Living With and Training a Fearful Dog by Debbie Jacobs.
Puppy Start Right - Foundation Training for the Companion Dog by Kenneth Martin and Debbie Martin.
The Toolbox for Building a Great Family Dog by Terry Ryan.
Newest books and DVDs

The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever: A Step-by-Step Guide to 118 Amazing Tricks and Stunts

By Larry Kay and Chris Perondi
Teaching your dog tricks will not only reveal more of your dog’s real personality, including hidden talents, it will also improve your pet’s behavior, reinforce socialization, prevent boredom and restlessness, and instill your pet with greater confidence.

Pepper Becoming: The Journey of an Unwanted Dog and the Man Who Wanted Her

By John Visconti

Pepper Becoming humorously, tenderly, and sometimes painfully recounts the unlikely true story of two kindred souls -- a dog no one wanted and a man not interested in owning a dog-- helping each other navigate life's challenges.
*Books, Barks and Banter Facebook group upcoming book!

K9 Obedience Training: Teaching Pets and Working Dogs to Be Reliable and Free-Thinking

By Susan Bulanda

In K9 Obedience Training, certified animal behavior consultant and veteran search and rescue (SAR) dog handler and trainer Susan Bulanda shares the secrets of building an effective obedience training program. SAR dogs need “thinking” obedience: they sometimes need to exercise intelligent disobedience in the field. 
From the Dented and Dinged Bin

Citizen Canine - The Essential Skills Every Well-Mannered Dog Should Know (Shopworn)

By Mary Burch

A beautiful new 256 page book with informative full color photos on almost every page, Citizen Canine goes way beyond the basic 10 steps of the Canine Good Citizen Test.  Pick up a copy today for only $14.95.

Thanks from the staff at Dogwise!

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