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We are very lucky to have good relationships with dog book publishers in Europe, especially Great Britain and Germany. As you might guess, shipping books from Europe to North America (and vice-versa) is expensive but working with our partners we have figured out how get the books here so we can sell them to you at reasonable prices. Two new books now in stock are particularly noteworthy:

Fear in Dogs: Theories, Protocols and Solutions by Lynda Taylor. This new book looks at one of the more troubling behaviors owners face (fighting, flight, reactivity, anxiety etc.) It is a very comprehensive book and has garnered lots of positive comments.
Sports Dog New Tricks - Training to Sharpen Performance by Richard Curtis. Trick training to help competitors with motivation, body awareness, and focus. 

A few of our other International finds are:
Dog Parkour by Anna Louise Kjaer.
Predatory Behaviour Management by Pia Groning and Ariane Ullrich.
Retrieving for All Occasions: Foundations for Excellence in Gun Dog Training by Elsa Blomster and  Lena Gunnarsson.
Keys to Top Breeding and Keys to Top Breeding Volume 2, by Pekka Hannula.
Any of the DVDs by Silvia Trkman. 
The Dog Vinci Code by John Rogerson. 
Newest books and DVDs

Treat Everyone Like a Dog: How a Dog Trainer's World View Can Improve Your Life

By Karen London, PhD

The suggestion to treat everyone like a dog is a result of the love and respect she feels for people. Treating people as good dog trainers treat dogs is a thoughtful, kind approach to influencing behavior whether you call it teaching or training.

The Rosetta Bone

By Khris Berry and Josh Aaron

Back in stock! The Rosetta Bone is a useful structure to help identify, understand and communicate about dogs social dynamics and cues. Using a numerical 1-10 scale with 1 being extremely fearful and 10 being extremely dominant, general categories of social dynamics are identified along the continuum.  

Hunting Together: Harnessing Predatory Chasing in Family Dogs through Motivation-Based Training

By Simone Mueller

Predation Substitute Training (PST) is a motivation-based and need-oriented training program, designed to stop uncontrolled predatory chasing and to provide safe outlets for your dog's natural drive.

Thanks from the staff at Dogwise!

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