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Croydon COVID-19 community mobilisation - Update 4

Dear friend,

We had confirmation yesterday that the lockdown will be extended for another 3 weeks. We knew this was likely, but it doesn’t make it easier. It’s important to stay motivated – we will get through this – and to keep helping where you can do so safely.

Today’s update has four parts (click to skip to that part):
  1. Sharing messages of positive and inspirational stories.
  2. Croydon Mutual Aid interactive map.
  3. Supporting through Croydon Voluntary Action.
  4. How the different volunteer/support networks fit together.  
All best wishes,

Sarah Jones
Member of Parliament for Croydon Central
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1.  Sharing messages of positive and inspirational stories

We were all touched by the story of Captain Tom Moore walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday, and raising millions for NHS charities. We should celebrate and share these inspirational stories as well as the incredible work volunteers are doing across our community to help each other. 

If you have pictures or videos showing what a difference you or other volunteers have made, we would love to share them. Please do email them to me at and Croydon Voluntary Action at

2. Croydon Mutual Aid interactive map


Croydon Mutual Aid have created an interactive map to indicate their presence across the borough. Click the map below to see where your local groups are and join up to help if you have not already. The map is broken down into the most localised groups, be that road or ward area.

After clicking on your area (if marked) you should then get access to the local contact who you can get in touch with and enquire about volunteering.

Croydon Mutual Aid have also now established a centralised helpline that is live and acts as a contact point for those in the community who may need support. If you or someone you know needs help, please contact 020 3322 8379.

Note: for more specialist support you may need to contact Croydon Voluntary Action or Croydon Council – click here to skip to section 4 of this email for a handy guide on who to contact for different levels of support.

I’ve been so impressed by the efforts of Croydon Mutual Aid, their organisation and ability to quickly support those who need help has been astounding. I want to personally praise everyone involved; you have done Croydon proud.

3. Supporting through Croydon Voluntary Action

Croydon Council are working with Croydon Voluntary Action (CVA) to coordinate volunteers across the borough. These volunteers will be supporting Croydon Council’s work to deliver food and essential goods to those in Croydon who cannot leave their homes and are vulnerable.

Croydon Council and the CVA are coordinating with a number of food hubs across the borough, ensuring those most at risk are supported. If you know someone who needs support, you can contact the CVA on 020 8253 7076 or 07540 720102; Monday to Friday 10 - 4pm; or email


The CVA is coordinating the community sector effort to maintain social connections across the borough by:

  • Compiling a directory of services and activities still running - so please email with brief details of whatever support your group is managing to provide.
  • Running a telephone helpline for vulnerable people who need support to contact them on - 0208 253 7076
  • Signing up volunteers here - please complete and submit the form to their Volunteer Centre team who will contact you between 10am and 4pm from Monday to Friday
  • Sending out weekly newsletters updating organisations on 'live' services in the borough and funding opportunities linked to the outbreak – sign up to receive it at

Please do sign up to support this work. There is particularly high demand for people who are already DBS-checked, although this is not a requirement.


4.  How the different volunteer/support networks fit together. 

I know that having multiple different volunteer networks might seem confusing. However, there are good reasons for having different levels of activity, as some people are more vulnerable and therefore need more specialist support, with additional safeguarding. 

The organisations involved in supporting people in Croydon have created a useful table to show who is being supported by which organisation – and how to get in touch with them. I hope this is helpful.

 As always, please feel free to forward this on to friends or family who may find it useful.
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Contacting me

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak I will be continuing to work on constituent cases via email, and my office will be increasing the opening hours of its telephone line. I will, however, be closing my office to members of the public and holding my regular advice surgeries by telephone until further notice.

This is to ensure that we maximise the number of people we can help remotely and minimise the risk of spreading infection.

If you or someone you know needs to get in touch with me - please contact me at this email:
Safeguarding, keeping healthy and contacting me

As I mentioned above, I will never share your data, or the data of vulnerable people, with this list or with third parties for legal and safeguarding reasons. Our first priority during this time is to keep our most vulnerable healthy and safe.

Therefore, if you or someone you live with are not feeling well please follow the guidelines on self-isolation and do not take part in any volunteering activities. There may be an opportunity later for those self-isolating to help in some way (e.g. calling elderly people to ensure they aren’t lonely) but this will need to be worked out over the coming weeks.
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